Friday, October 3, 2008

Time to Buckle Down!

One two, buckle your . . . skirt? Perhaps it's fashion's recent tendency toward tough chic, or the delight in embellishment for embellishment's sake; whatever the reason, buckles are more prevalent than ever!
What CC loves about this trend is the unexpected (and sometimes needless) placement of fasteners once left to the domain of the trench, the belt, and the shoe.
Left: Comme de Garcons buckle coat and skirt... The straightjacket gets a runway makeover?
This photo via All other runway pics courtesy Assume Fall 2008 where no season is specified.
Right: Christian Dior quadruple buckle-back dress
D&G double buckle plaid skirt
Salvatore Ferragamo double buckle leather coat
Oscar de la Renta Spring 2009 maillot

Jean Paul Gaultier Couture buckle-back vest (left) and side buckle jacket (right)
One Two, Buckle My Shoe!
What CC loves about this footwear is the fact that the buckle it not a mere utilitarian element, but an objet in itself, often proliferated for effect rather than out of necessity.
At left: Anna Sui blue wood heel pump with oversize antique buckle
Jean Paul Gaultier Couture multiple buckle shoe - CC adores how it's paired with monochrome tights!
Viktor & Rolf green metallic strappy sandal
Gucci Spring 2009 triple buckle metallic platform
Jimmy Choo patent multi buckle sandal, at Bergdorf Goodman
Manolo Blahnik buckled d’Orsay, at Neiman Marcus
Juicy Couture Else patent flats, at
Naughty Monkey Colorful Talk heels - just $95 at L.A.’s Kitson Boutique. Visit
L.A.M.B. Hamura instep strap square toe sling back, at
Michael Michael Kors Macdowell double buckle sling, at
Gucci multiple-buckle glad, at
Sergio Rossi purple quadruple strap bootie, via Japanese Vogue – CC looooooves!
Zen and the Art of the Motorcycle Boot:

Marc by Marc Jacobs bump toe boot; this and next 4 at
Jean Paul Gaultier red strap back zip bootie
Marc by Marc Jacobs belted boot
Givenchy suede wedge ankle bootie
Anna Sui patent overlay pebbled leather boot with jeweled buckles
Dolce & Gabbana buckled flat boot, at
Oscar de la Renta metallic python boot. Go to
CC's fave!

If buckled boots aren’t your thing, try a fab fastener on your apparel!
CC loves this look – the buckled ACNE pants are unexpected and sexy! At
Michael Kors wool sheath; this and next at
Stella McCartney slouchy D-ring cardigan
Marc by Marc Jacobs Funnel Neck top with adjustable front buckles. This and next at
Maison Martin Margiela polished brass bracelet with interlocking buckles.
Marc by Marc Jacobs buckle digital watch. Visit
John buckle-knit cap, at
Raina double buckle corset belt, at
Frankie Morello oversize buckle bag; photo via
Fendi white patent beaded B. Fendi bag, at
Luella buffalo leather bag. Visit to buy. Photo via


Songy said...

I love all manner of buckles. The bigger the better.

do you have post ready for zippers as well? or have you done one already?

Cara Mia said...

CC, I am LOVIN' those Gucci shoes!
Actually, everything in the Gucci 2009 Resort and RTW I am just enthralled with!

Couture Carrie said...

Thanks for your wonderful remarks, darlings!

Cara Mia - Gucci's collection for Spring 2009 totally rocked my world as well!

Hey Songy! Glad you liked this fastener post. I did one on zippers a few months ago, but it may be time to revisit the theme!

Have a fashionable weekend, everyone!


Bombchell said...

the swimsuit is hot!!!!

love the scarf (lol yeah not the focus)

omg reminds me of how much i was the Mochino lettering vintage belt & an Hermes belt. well 2. and a ferragamo one too.

yeah I really should consider getting a job. lol

Emily said...

unexpected buckles are unbelievably sexy...even on that knit hat, i thought it was such a great touch! xxx

Siljesfashion said...

Love buckles! I will have the Marc Jacobs boots and the Givency wedges, thank you.

Siljesfashion said...

Love buckles! I will have the Marc Jacobs boots and the Givency wedges, thank you.

Lisa said...

LOVE. the marc j boots.

buckles on boots give them a wonderful edge!



rachel said...

I luuv the Gucci gladiators! I really adore Frida Giannni; since that spring show of black, purple, and fuschia last 2007, she's become one of my fave designers!

luv the buckles on the plaid D&G skirt too, and the ones on the knit Michael Kors dress made for a really interesting touch! It's little quirks like that that really make me fall in love with the piece :)

The Seeker said...

Loving buckles!


Cara Mia said...

yes, spring was awesome as well! i know frida giannini has her critics, but i think she's doing a great job.
have a wonderful weekend :)

Penny said...

a very keen eye cc!! i looove that Dior buckle-back dress Maegan said...

the red shoes

♥ fashion chalet said...

Thank you, Couture Carrie. I always envision myself talking to Carrie Bradshaw when visiting your blog! :)

Thanks for the LOVELY comment. You are such a darling! ♥

xo/ fashion chalet

TRISH said...

Omg. I love buckles!!

So Yun Um said...

i think its the marc jacobs shoes but wow, im dying. sometimes belts work but with large bulky couture shoes, they look orgasmic.

and thanks. i actually never had someone tell me i had a fantastic attitude. hahaha i just like to appreciate everything and anyone..

Jillian said...

The back of that Dior dress is incredible!

Absolutely Unique said...

Love that swimsuit! Gorgeous. Love you blog too! Great finds!

this wheel's on fire said...

love all of these, but those patterned tights are calling my name :)

lisa said...

I love the look of buckles on shoes!

La Belette Rouge said...

There are soooo many great things here. I love buckles. I have shoes on that have buckles and I have buckles on the handbag I am currently using.

Savvy Mode SG said...

i love that pair of MJ boots. another classic is burberry check skirt with 2 belt buckle details. have a savvy weekend.

enc said...

Buckles. I never considered them until now!

Lil Midget said...

Buckles are HOT!



Loving the buckles big or small!
actually bigger is better hee*
Thanks for your kind words...I need to get well soon...hope to hear fm you have a good weekend too dear...

You r so fab as usual!

Cammila said...

Oh my goodness, yous saved the best for last! That bag is a work of effing art!

chuckles said...

Amazing post!
I love the lace dress.

ooohmaureen said...

WOW! nice blog :) x

Tia said...

I love the big-buckle shoes. I think they make a real statement. x x x

hollyshambles.x said...

eee :) something about your blog just gets me all excited about stuff that i wasn't at all excited about before! =D

i love the commes des garcons & anna sui, here (:

Caro said...

thanks for the comment :)

I'm convinced - buckles are hot!

Miss Karen said...

I love buckles in every shape and form on aboslutely anything! So I totally love this post :D

Claudia said...

I don't like belts and buckles, but I have to admit this is okay. Still hate buckles on shoes though, I just can't stand them, they make me think of tackyness

Sasi said...

The Viktor & Rolf sandal is amazing!!! Love it! And I also love the idea of the shoes paired with monochrome tights: that's exactly what I wanted to do yesterday, but everyone disapproved, and I gave up..but I'll definitely do that next time!

fashion herald said...

I really want those viktor & rolf buckle sandals! i'm all for the buckle trend, esp. flat buckle boots, very mod.

the Yellow Elephant said...

CC, I still love reading your blog! Thank You. I love wearing buckles, and I'm definitely going to buy some new ones now! I love the clothes from Stella McC, and John buckle-knit cap!

Catherine Ashley Talks fashion said...

i LOVE that dress at the top.
the buckles are so nice touch to the whole look
great post!


Susanna-Cole said...

Wow, buckles galore! :D That Christian Dior quadruple buckle-back dress is pretty clever! :)


Nemerae said...

I like buckles in shoes :P
The Gucci multiple-buckle glad are just perfect!!!

MR style said...

lots of buckles at karl lagerfeld !! good point !

Juliet said...

In shoes I love it.

juliet xxx


I'M IN LOVE with the Dior quadruple buckle-back dress! And those Jimmy Choo's & Gucci multiple-buckle glad... <3
Ah, CC, you're the greatest.

we wear things said...

i'd have to say i do love this trend!

Missa said...

Oooh, that blue buckle shoe with the swirly blue tights is soooo good!

ivoreece said...

Oh, my old boots looks so similar... Try to find them. xD

Dana (MODAna) said...

I friggin love your eye candy posts
and I love Anna Sui and Matthew Williamson

amy said...

fabulous buckles!!! perfect for fall!

Diana Coronado said...

I want all of it !!

Great work !!


I seem to have a love affair with buckles so your TIME TO BUCKLE DOWN was purr-fect for me my dear! Is it or do designers seem to have a love affair/obsession with buckles!? they seem to use them not even in singles any more but constantly in multiples.
That Sergio Rossi purple quadruple shoes are HOT to TROT! I am in love.Well I hope this buckle trend never dies,although it drives Steve(hubby) up the wall as they take forever to do up! hahahah
cheerio sweetie!

p.s trust Maison Margiela to come up with the interlocking buckle design,always innovating.

Equipo Dash and Cash said...

I LOVE the D&G silver dress!! And this post is funny and inspiring, thanks for share, honey!!