Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Leather or Not

October is the ideal month to sport a fab leather jacket! And styles run the gamut from couture-embellished to tiny and bright to long and dark.
At top right, Christian Lacroix’s embroidered antiqued gold leather coat, via Check out these amazing runway creations (courtesy except where noted). Then see how to get the look with CC’s shopping guide; there’s even something for all CC's vegan readers!
At left, Christian Dior Couture
At right, a Fendi menswear look, via
Jean Paul Gaultier mahogany madness
Temperley biker chic, courtesy
Hermés Fall 2008 (left) and Spring 2009 (detail, right)
Miu Miu, via Glamour UK.
CC loves this blazer silhouette and the rich rose shade!
Gucci Resort 2009
Christian Dior's shiny patent coat is expertly paired with a poufy sheer skirt.
Todd Lynn’s look for Spring 2009 is a tad reminiscent of the Matrix, non?
Jean Paul Gaultier Couture - CC adores the strappy leather accents on this fur trench!
Celebs adore a leather coat, natch. At left, Taylor Momsen in a Doma leather biker jacket. Photo courtesy
Naomi Watts rocks a mahogany Dolce & Gabbana look. Photo courtesy
Need a primer on the wardrobe staple? Pick up a copy of The Leather Book.
The long and short of it:
Diane von Furstenberg Hitchcock double breasted leather trench, at
3.1 Phillip Lim cropped gray leather jacket. Go to
Blazer Style:
Akris antiqued leather jacket, at
Double Breasted:
D&G Dolce & Gabbana leather swing jacket, at
Aminaka Wilmont pleated leather jacket, at

Madison Marcus black cropped studded leather jacket - autumn's Rocker Chic at its finest!
Cropped leather ruffle jacket, at
Fendi ruffled caramel leather jacket with plissé detail and moat collar, at Neiman Marcus.
Prints, Patterns & Interesting Details:
L.A.M.B. Checkerboard leather jacket. Visit
Elise Overland ombré leather jacket. Go to
Gucci asymmetrical chocolate leather bomber, at
Cute and colorful:
Chloé cropped leather military jacket. CC is enamored of this look! Go to to buy.
Tory Burch Sgt. Pepper vintage lambskin jacket, available at
See by Chloé leather vest. Visit
Alloy PU leather side zip motorcycle jacket, $69.50 at
At right, pleather jacket, $49 at Tripp NYC; featured in Elle.
At left, CC and sister Mindy at the pumpkin patch on Sunday. M is wearing a Target “pleather” jacket!
CC’s wardrobe details: Urban Outfitters hat, Missoni scarf, vintage blazer, Habitual jeans.
M’s jeans are from Delia’s – one of the few places she can find her 36” inseam!

So, darlings: Do you have a fave leather coat in this collection, or in your own closet? Do you wear leather year-round?


MimiSaeger said...

I just loooove leather jackets!!!
D&G is my favorite!!!

La Belette Rouge said...

For years I have not longed for leather. This year a leather jacket has been calling to me. I haven't found the one yet. But, you have found many amazing options.

Cupcakes and Cashmere said...

i love that little ruffly one that miranda kerr is wearing. too cute!

S (formerly of Modern-Guilt) said...

Leather jackets are absolutely the BEST in the fall. I have been wearing mine to death...which thankfully only makes the coat look better instead of worse - wish all clothes were like that, but alas, it just seems to be leather :P

Great roun-up as always, and did I mention that you are your sister are superbly gorgeous? Because you two TOTALLY are! Good gene pool there :)

Angela said...

yah for leather! let see, in my closet: i have an Ann Taylor long leather coat in black, a Versace leather biker jacket, brown suede Christian Lacroix jacket. I am looking for a short one button leather jacket now to wear, maybe almost year round.

Meaghan said...

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Seeker said...

Well, there's not a better way to tell this... I've a duality...
I love leather, but I'm against fur and leather.
The good thing is that they are great faux leather pieces.

A thing that makes me nervous is when people say that a woman over 40 shouldn't wear leather... but why???

Great stuff dear

Sharon S said...

Hi there-I love leather and this post, haha!! My favourite is a black cropped jacket, thankfully I picked one up not so long ago!

Bella Harris said...

Wow, first things first... Naomi!!!! And not only am I truly elated to have at last coined a noteworthy term (Yay! xox), but Christian Dior's leather Ballerina has me in a state of awe. But then again, Aminaka Wilmont's pleated leather jacket...

I've added you to my sphere of lovelies, as well.

Reena Rai said...

I love a classic black biker, the Temperley one is gorgeous. I've tagged you dear

Nette91 said...

I own a leather jacket - and i just LOVE it :D

Gonzalo Rossello said...

Me parecen fabulosas las camperas de cuero, para usar a comienzos del otoño y no quitarsela nunca!


Crave said...

Gucci and Namoi Watts have my love!


Hi CC!

Oh I love the leather jacket! I think I am a bit obsessed with it :-) Fendi's leather jacket rocks!


♥ Marta ♥ said...

Although I love the look ... I don't feel comfortable wearing fur and try to limit buying lather to shoes, purses, and sometimes gloves ... and fake is not an option ( I'm against anything fake)... But I really do love that edgy look that you can easily achieve just by throwing on a leather jacket :)

miss vintage love said...

Ooooh yes, my bf has the coolest vintage 60's black leather jacket!

Anna-Maria said...

I say yes for leather! I was lucky enough to find myself a leather biker jacket for this fall. Next I would like to get a leather pants and vest. Just haven't seen any affordable ones anywhere. Good post, "everything is under one roof". :)

Make Do Style said...

I have a great leather jacket that is very 1970s and cost me a mere £45 from New Look - I was wearing it today!
I loved the See by Chloe vest.

K.Line said...

Oh, I love the leather! I have a phenomenal Sisley butter-soft chestnut coloured leather jacket. Not unlike the D&G you posted except more extreme: The sleeves are funnelled, the neck is a strange button up cowl and it's very fitted. Sounds hideous - and it is pretty noticeable - but I think it's gorgeous. Would never have bought it for myself (too $$$) but my mother got it for me last Xmas.

You and your sister look adorable, btw.

Anonymous said...

i am dying to find the perfect leather jacket!!

i have yet to find it.

La C

♥ Cara Mia ♥ said...

the christian lacroix is beyond beautiful! i love the first signs of cold weather, i finally get to break out my vintage leather jackets! :)

Samantha Smikle said...

that men's jacket is amazing! and i'm going to be dreaming about the wilmot one...:)

leeselooks said...

ah. i hate that i love leather so much, as i am a HUGE animal lover.

but a shrunken moto is pure bliss.
its edge is unparallel.

you look so sweet cc. love the scarf.


Unknown said...

leather mmmm, so nice.

chauss said...

is this a trick question? i wear leather in 85 degrees routinely... today is no exception.
btw, herve leroux reads my blog :)i know you will understand this...i will post about it soon.

Unknown said...

mmmm.. leather? YES YES YES!

Anonymous said...

leather on darling!! i love these pix,buh i just cant wear leather...:(. i'm soo brrrrrrrrrrrr!!
p.s:thanx for noticing the typo n tellin me!! linked yew!! love love!!

carolina @ patagonia gifts said...

Great post! I love absolutely leather. I posted about leather love 2 days ago. My fave: Hermes.

Elizabeth said...

Oh, this is terrible, I want everything in this post.

Marian said...

This was a super yummy post for me Carrie as I love a leather jacket.Ok they are not always made from leather.. hehhe
Ive quite a few but my fave of the moment is synthetic but works never the less. Despite that I still want more.I'm leaning towards a vintage one,simply because I think leather looks even better the older it gets.It is amazing how varying designers translate the basic leather jacket.From the sweet ruffled ones,to the hard biker,the austere ones...honey you showed them all and further intensified my lust for a new one ;o)
Love the photo of you and your sister,your both uber pretty! Please let her know that Topshop does a 36 inch inseam for trousers in their Tall section.

Siljesfashion said...

Looking good! I am still searching for that perfect black soft leather one.

La Clocharde said...

I wish I could buy Hermés fab leather clothes...
I'll keep dreaming.


Sydney said...

the checked leather is fabulous!

so are you!

Songy said...

Is that you,CC in the last pic? How gorgeous!

Sad news.. I was waiting for a pair of leather lace up boots and the seller basically refunded the money today and said she was sorry that the box didn't arrive. Dang!?

Good news...I thrift'd a long tan vintage leather coat for AUD 30 also and just got it cleaned.. which cost me 80? Anyway.. you will get to see it soon very soon.

Leather is my fav material. Sorry for animals but I do love anything leather.


I'm looking for a jacket and your selection helps me a lot. But I know I will keep on wearing my old leather coat I love so much.

Annie Spandex said...

I've been on the hunt for the perfect leather jacket. That vest and the jacket next to it are very cute..

MakeupByRenRen said...

leather jackets are just so chic...i dont have one in my closet yet...not quite at baller status!

agnes said...

mmm.. i will get a leather jacket this fall anyway. But what to start with???? sooo many variations there,,, why can't i just took them all back home with me???