Thursday, October 23, 2008

Luscious Legwear

Warning! Very image-heavy post, darlings! CC couldn't resist, as there are just TOO many fab tights to be had! The season of haute hosiery is upon us, and we couldn’t be more thrilled about it! CC guarantees it will be impossible to pick a fave in this bunch. Heard recently on Gossip Girl:
Freshman, ruefully: “…But I didn’t realize…”
Blair, incredulous: “That tights are not pants????!”
Truer words were never said! Opaque tights do not equal leggings! But this Boudicca bodysuit totally works! Photo at right via W.
At top left, a lovely leggy look by Gossip Girl stylist Eric Daman; photo via
Handpainted tights at Christian Lacroix Couture (at right).
Sachio Kawasaki, via
Viktor & Rolf - geometric genius!
Michael Angel
Sonia Rykiel color block leggings, via French Vogue
Gai Mattiolo’s sheer stunners, courtesy Vogue Paris
Nina Ricci loves monochrome mustard.
Bead-embellished at Lacroix Couture (at right)
Gareth Pugh sparkles! This photo courtesy
Anna Sui's pretty patterns
Louis Vuitton logo hosiery
Chanel’s coveted bicolor beauties
Striped street style via
Anouck Lepere in Playboy
Avril Lavigne combines sporty and sexy with her signature layered legwear look; photo courtesy
Get the look with these American Apparel stripe thigh-high socks!
Bebaroque Feather 80 Denier printed red tights. Go to Asos for lots of fab legwear!
Libidex Kinky Boots thigh high stockings. Visit

VPL blue and gray thigh-high stockings with stirrup. Go to for these and the LNA zipper leggings shown below.

CC loves these Chloé floral print tights, shown on the runway and available at
Even better? Floral and fishnet at once! Visit
How to style your patterned tights? If you’re feeling adventurous (or gearing up to be a showgirl for Halloween), take a cue from Karolina Kurkova and layer fishnets over printed hosiery. Photo by David LaChapelle for Vanity Fair, August 2001.
Free People over-the-knee pointelle socks, $24 at
Gipsy lace-up back thigh-high socks at
If you’re not into thigh-highs, how about cut-off tights, a la Chanel? Photo at right via
Or knee-highs? CC is a tad skeptical about this look, at Charles Anastase.
CC loves stripes! Kate Beckinsale, pictured at right via
A fab flower-esque pose that evokes the Wicked Witch, courtesy Fellow Fashionista Paper Schmaper.
Miss Sixty Spring 2009
Chain Reaction leggings from Fellow Fashionista Jillian, available at

CC is totally enamored of Rodarte's footless “hanging chad” tights for Spring 2009. Here they are in white on the runway (above) and in black, backstage. Photo at left via
In CC’s experience, DKNY, Gap, H&M, and Hue have the most affordable and durable tights.
Stockingirl has the most amazing patterned legwear (see photo at left – how fab are those Pucci-esque tights?).
What is your favorite legwear brand?
Do you think Wolford is worth the splurge?
Are you a fan of Lindsay Lohan’s new line? Extra credit for anyone who can name it and the story behind the name...


Cupcakes and Cashmere said...

i was honestly hoping you'd do a post like this! thanks for all the great ideas, love :)

Tuesdai Noelle said...

The looks: Outrageous, daring, bold and unusual.

caroline said...

omg! I now know what to buy next time shopping, I really need to get a pair og tights with stripes and a pair in some crazy colour.that surely does an outfit!

rachel said...

I have a thing for textured tights, they are all I want to wear as of the moment! I love all these tights you put up here.. great post! :)

♥ R

Puebla Chic said...

I was just talking about leggwear, I like everyhting, and every color, and I think this will las maybe for like 3 o 4 more seasons

Tu-Anh said...

oh if i could afford those LV leggings i'd live in them. your blog always has such good inspirations!

Sharon S said...

Hi there-the lace up back thigh socks are gorgeous!!

Shay said...

Fun post! As usual, you're making me want to go shopping... :)

Tricia said...

gorgeous, I love all the new leg coverings! esp. that boudicca bodysuit, and the nina ricci's are the most beautiful yellow ever.

La Belette Rouge said...

Terrific tights!! Love so many of these. I would love to have those Chanel tights. But, at $200 plus I will have to pass.

Seeker said...

Oh wow, loving this post!!!!
Thanks for that.

Well I don't know Lindsay Lohan’s.
Here I'm a fan of Calzedonia.


Hunters Glory said...

This post has legs!

great post cc!


Angela said...

yes wolford is worth the splurge. i adore chanel tights, i can't wait to wear them.

Elizabeth said...

CC, you officially blew my mind. What a great post.

WendyB said...

Tights have basically turned into pants and to say otherwise is to be in denial. It still amazes me that the hosiery business was practically dead just a few years ago.

Nazarina A said...

I love tights and your pics sent my mind racing! Some I must admit are very racy but really enjoyable for my viewing pleasure!

I have another award for you because something tells me that you are an outrageous cacao lover!!!

La Clocharde said...

I want flowers in my legs!!

Excellent post, as usual.


LenoreNeverM♡re said...

Avril Lavigne what choo doin in CC blog?... love the $200 plus tax Chanel pair !
;) or );

Marian said...

Carrie darling those Rodarte chad leggings are yummy!!!!! both in black and white.I have a box full of tights an leggings but every season i want more as they are getting more and more innovative.FANTASTIC POST!
Miss Lohans collection is 6126 which is reportedly named after her icon Marilyn Monroes date of birth.I have seen a few designs but its all stuff thats been done like foil prints,th use of metallic lame fabric and zippers at sure they are going to sell like crazy despite that.
kisses and have a lovely wknd

Songy said...

Since blogging made me go 'crazy' (as in abandoning boring office gear) I will have to seriously consider how I'd incorporate them. I saw Susie and Queen Marie wearing them a lot.. Maybe I should branch out! you reckon? :)

Lil Midget said...

I saw a pair of wet look footless tights at Supre for AUS$25. So tempting!
I love tights..I even wear them during spring or summer. :P


Patri Jorge said...

Pero que post más adorable...lo tomo como dedicado.....

Estoy de cumpleaños, pásate por el blog, hay un sorteo de unas botas.

Un abrazo grande

S (formerly of Modern-Guilt) said...

Oooh I love it, the Viktor & Rolf, Sonia Rykiel and Anna Sui are too wonderful, I want them all!
Legwear is such a great way to give a little punch to any outfit, so glad you did a round-up of this :)

MakeupByRenRen said...

i'm a hugeeee fan of tights...they're an essential!

Couture Carrie said...

Thanks for all your fab remarks, darlings! I am so glad everyone is as excited about legwear as I am!

Nazarina - I am such a chocoholic; thanks for the award!

Is Avril not cool? Sorry about that one, Lenore . . .

Wendy, I think you are right; Blair must be in denial :)

And WOOOOOO HOOOOOOOO! Congrats to Marian for knowing all the Lilo 6126 deets. You are my hero :) I wish I could send you some Rodarte tights as a prize but sadly all I can afford is the hanging chads that fell off of them . . .

Smooches to all!


P.S. I thought those Chanels were "only" $140?

Unknown said...

I have to admit that when I saw those LV tights in a Nov. magazine, I kind of fell in love with them. :)

Aliena said...

I've spent a fortune on tights this winter... The last ones, a version of the black and white ones form Chanel (far off my leage). From Urban outfitters, each leg in one colour... hope to post about them soon!

kokostiletto said...

i am sooooooo in love with the tights and leggings etc LOVE.
i've wanted to try wolford so let me know if you do!!! great post! makes me want to go out and buy some new ones!

Aliena said...

just posted the black and white tights on my blog, if you'd like to see them...