Friday, October 10, 2008

Get vertical!

Pin. Rugby. Candy. White. Awning. Variegated. Skunk. Tiger. The types are innumerable, but there is ONE fail-safe way to wear stripes: from top to bottom. Vertical stripes are a runway phenomenon that we actually want to wear! They are as arresting as they are slimming. Check out the spectacular variety, beginning with this detail shot at left from Christian Lacroix’s spring show.
Roberto Cavalli, right
Temperley London, left
Rubin Singer, via – CC adores these wide vertical rugby stripes!
Carmen March, via
Tommy Hilfiger; this and next via
Bottega Veneta
Hermés (at right)
Miu Miu
Toni Maticevski floor length duster, via - so elegant!

SUITS GET JAILHOUSE CHIC... even jumpsuits! At left: Basso & Brooke's purple predilection
Vivienne Westwood Red Label
Duyos, via
Jean Paul Gaultier
Ann Demeulemeester – See! The boys are getting vertical, too!
Charles Nolan
Right: Emporio Armani's divine duo. Photo via
Vivienne Westwood
Right: Loewe's striped silk blouse

Giorgio Armani
Emporio Armani
Just Cavalli
At right: Paul Smith orange polka dot scarf and Club Monaco blazer, via – CC loves this pairing!
Runway inspiration: agnès b., via
Forever 21 has lots of cute striped blazers, like the one pictured at left, for around $20 each!
Nicole Miller Techy stripe dress with jeweled neckline and asymmetric hem. Visit
Ports 1961 bandeau sheath, at
Deal of the Day: Victoria’s Secret striped shirtdress, on sale for $28.99 – note the necktie as belt – so cute!
ADAM landscape stripe halter dress at
Haute Hippie sequin stripe tank dress, at
Marc by Marc Jacobs striped silk cami at
Coach Legacy Stripe cashmere scarf. Visit
At right: Missoni scarf at
Runway love: Chloé weekender
Miu Miu Nappa hobo at
Marc Jacobs Collection calfskin Sethi Stripes Suvi bag at
Paul Smith signature stripe card case at
Anya Hindmarch Marano box clutch at
Haute Home?
Mackenzie-Childs Courtly Stripe Bombay Chest, at
So cute!


Aliena said...

Oh, how I've missed your posts!!! For some reason, your blog wouldn't charge up either on my pc or my laptop for weeks... seems to be sorted now (fingers very very crossed!).

Emily said...

i love all these vertical's weird that they're harder to find than horizontal options, even though they're SO much more flattering!


Your posts are ALWAYS delicious! I am such a fan of Basso & Brooke and need,want,must have that divine prple jumpsuit of theirs !
I think your blog is defo a must read for everyone,in all your posts you make sure there is something in such varying tastes. How Haute are the Emporio Armani cropped peg pants and with stripes? Even better!
kisses my dear,


p.s Darling thank you for your lovely birthday wishes,will sure;y pass them unto him. He's heard all about your blog ;o),somedays I read the posts aloud to the poor fella ,hehheehe
x toodles for now!

Dana said...

Are vertical lines the ones supposed to make you look skinnier? I love your blog!!

we wear things said...

love love love the stripes! they are very lengthening!


♥ fashion chalet said...

You know it. The day their book hits shelves, I'll be in picking up my copy, or two! ;)

PS: Suspenders rock! :)

xo/ fashion chalet

MakeupByRenRen said...

heck yah i'm all for slimming!

The Seeker said...

Wow, cool stipes!!


miss cavendish said...

I'm glad you showed Paul Smith. I love his stripe-y accessories. And although Viv Westwood's hat isn't striped, it's delicious!

Señor Quinquillero said...

Me encantan las rayas, por mucho que sea un estampado de lo más explotado son tan bonitas que ni te importa. Un saludo ;)

Miss V. said...

I used to love pinstripes, but they just don't look right on me haha. I love that striped clutch right at the end, adorable!

Absolutely Unique said...

I'm a great fan of stripes! But you're right, only vertical. Lovely post as usual!

Tiffany said...

as usual, great finds! i love the sequin stripe dress and that prada bag!

Missa said...

Loving the sportmax dress and also the combos with horizontal on top and vertical on the bottom!

Lil Midget said...

Love them! They're a great design for the not so lean and short creatures like me!

Rebecca said...

All of these looks are stunning but I just can't get over the Cavalli - incredible!

enc said...

I can really dig vertical stripes.

Lisa said...

i am a stripe lover for life!

these was wonderful.


Krissy said...

ahh i definitely need to wear vertical stripes, i'm very tiny and anything that makes me look tall is a plus!

Miranda said...

love it.
slimmmingggg! :)
cc, are we ever going to see a picture of you?!

kokostiletto said...

i'm not going to lie i've never been a fan of pin striped suits! but those striped bags are very very cool...

Stompface said...

oh my so many gorgeous clothes, I can't take it all in at once.

Oh its hurting, I want them.

WendyB said...

I'm not a home-decor person but I LOVE that chest!

Fashion_Girl22 said...

I Love, Love, Love vertical stripes on pants! On blazers it's just as good. A striped blazer and simple pair of pants can go an extremly long way. It's so chic, smart, and alittle quirky. <3

Songy said...

I always thought stripes made me too sharp but I do see some feminine style here. Good stuff.

A World in a PAN said...

Oh, that Hermes dress ... simple, elegant, perfect.

chuckles said...

I really like the top right dress the most.


bye horizontal! Vertical it is!
Charmed as always CC! U r sort of my style 'dictator' u see...hee*

U have a lovely weekend dear...

izzydore said...

ah that charles nolan look.. must recreate..

Anthea said...

I love the miu miu purse! I don't understand how you have the time to produce these detailed and magnificent posts! Always fun to read :)


Tanta ralla marea!


See U,


Fashion Moment said...


Bella said...

Another stunning selection but seriously, Luella is topping the charts... and quite possibly all of the handbags!!!!

EMS said...

love the lulla striped jacket

fashion herald said...

love the manly vertical stripes best! and the bags are amazing!

Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-fabulous post my dear-I love how stripes never go out of fashion!!

Susanna-Cole said...

Absolutely love some of these looks! And if you like stripes, I think vertical is always the way to go, because horizontal will often make any person look wide, were vertical stripes are more flattering to the figure :)


Fifi Flowers said...

Love the stripe fashions... veritical the best for a slimming affect! Cute bureau too!

Little Bow Prep said...

The orange Tommy dress is quite fab. Oooh, and I adore the Bottega Veneta one! I like the clutch too!