Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fashionably Restrained

Whip me, beat me, make me write bad checks!
Fashion’s naughty side is no longer behind closed doors, darlings! Brace yourselves for some stylish S&M. From chains and straps to cuffs and ties, the runways were positively littered with bondage gear. The most shocking part? This trend is (nearly) inoffensive. Indeed, CC finds most of these looks entirely wearable! So fear not, my prudish protégées, you will find something to love here that won’t require a spanking. At top left, Aminaka Wilmont's leather-wrapped legs provide a devilish counterpoint to the angelic pale shift.At right, Vivienne Westwood’s thigh-high "sandals" were left purposely undone, leaving leather straps flapping in the runway breeze. First photo via nymag.com. Other runway pictures via style.com.
Salvatore Ferragamo
Marios Schwab
At Alberta Ferretti and Dsquared2, the black double cuff toughened up some silky styles.
Maison Martin Margiela (Note: Do NOT wear this to the office.)
Even the hautest houses got in on the action: At Christian Dior, a studded collar on a tiered yellow chiffon dress.
Chanel's fingerless black leather gloves and copious chains gave traditional bouclé suits an edge.

Footwear fetish? The runway offers a dizzying array of shoe porn:
Alexander McQueen's spat-effect sandals are punctuated by a squiggly, sculptural metal heel!
Thakoon’s croc and elastic ankle cuff stilettos, at right.
Jil Sander’s shackled leather platforms
Celebs love the look! At right, Heather Graham (is she not GORgeous?) in a decidedly dominatrix-inspired dress. Photo via Glamour UK.
Even dolls wear leather and fishnets! "Sultry Barbie"
Photo courtesy thesun.co.uk.
Care for a Cuff?
These brightly colored handcuffs can be found at hiattthompson.com.

Lingerie powerhouse Kiki de Montparnasse offers a splendid variety of playful accessories . . . but be forewarned: this site is NSFW!
Left: Christian Lacroix embellished acrylic cuff. If you can swing it, buy 2 and wear one on each wrist!
Right: Miu Miu jeweled satin cuff.
Both at net-a-porter.com.
Landver studded gold bracelet; visit landver.com.
Alexis Bittar studded Lucite cuff, at net-a-porter.com.
Martin Margiela leather bracelet. Go to aloharag.com.
Sergio Rossi gray knee high suede boot with metal cuff, at net-a-porter.com.
Barbara Bui posted ankle strap hidden platform pump, at shopbop.com.

Emilio Pucci mid-calf black leather boot with tonal patent straps, at Bergdorf Goodman.
Even if these styles aren't your preferred everyday fare, you might get some Halloween inspiration... right, darlings?


WendyB said...

I love this look!

Nina said...

your site is a great place for inspiration. thanks again for posting all those great looks! and the shoes!

Jess said...

So mnay pictures - a really interestiong post, I was expecting pages and pages of comments.
I especially like the shoes, with the funky wiggle heel and the black leather cuffs.

Savvy Mode SG said...

oh my gosh, i was just thinking those pucci are so un-pucci but still so savvy.

fashion herald said...

love the Balmain and Dsquared!

miss vintage love said...

I love the pucci boots!

poeta fit, non nascitur said...

Whenever I check out your posts I always wonder how long it takes you to finish them. Very thematic and well thought off.

So how is your "time off" so far? :D


EWWWW Those shoes are making me feel...EXCITED LOL. LOVE THE BONDAGE LOOK.

Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-ooh such a sexy, fierce look-a great post my dear!!

ivoreece said...

That blog entry is definitely one of my faves! I <3 this style so much!


Oh yeah, freedom! :)
How's everything? Hope you had a nice weekend.

Nemerae said...

I love Balmain and Dsquared2 dresses :P also the shoes by Alexander McQueen, wow!!

Aliena said...

i love this look too!

stellawantstodie said...

If I have to chhose, I want the Sergio Rossi boots,
so cute!!

Tiffany said...

hehe, your comment about the Maison Martin Margiela look cracked me up!

love all the bangles/bracelets you've shown.

Capuccino B. said...

and it's sooooo cool

Dana said...

Who said fashion cant be a bit kinky? jeje.


I love the Balmain's dress and Jil Sander's leather platforms and like the idea of being naughty. I'd like to exchange links with you. How do yu feel about it?


I have afew yards of ribbons leftover from last Christmas... I'm going to 'restrained' myself today to achieve the same look...perhaps not exactly the same... you know how it is sometimes... ;)

Lisa said...

ah your comments are the sweetest cc! THANK YOU THANK YOU.

Balmain = unbeatable.

seriously pure love.

have a wonderful evening.


Zahra said...

It's the costume-y side of fashion. Unleash your inner longings through clothes. We all have our fetishes ;)

Miss Karen said...

I really love this look - and Sultry Barbie is awesome! I want one :)

goldieoldiecharms said...

very s&m inspired! hahahaha i just imagined someone wearing that outfit to work! that would definitely spark up conversation hahaha

J'Adore Fashion said...

love the jil sander boots & Salvatore Ferragamo dress--fabulouse!!!

ps:thanks for the constant love :)

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chauss said...

love this stuff. yeah..........more shoes. and boots..............ahhhhhhhhhhh.

Songy said...

I"m seeing some heart-stopping'ly gorgeous pieces in this unlikely post. Ferragamo's dress is to die for. (only wish I had such an occasion for a dress like that) and bangles.. drool...

Juliet said...

I love how rock this is.

juliet xxx

Eelie said...

You always have so much pictures to draw inspiration from its lovely to see :) What a fabulous look

Frenger. said...

looks pretty cool i think:D

Blonde hair, Blue jeans said...

cool post! very complet!

oh, and sorry, it has been a long time since i didn't write you....but something happened to my computer....it blocked when i tried to enter your blog

whatever, as you can see, now it's fixed! so i'll read all your old posts and wait for your new ones =)

kokostiletto said...

the first picture with all the ribbons coming up her thighs is awesome!

Lil Midget said...

Ooooh lovely post. All are my fav...welll except the barbie...but it's still the coolest barbie i've seen.


Talibonita said...

Holy crap! That panty hose unitard with face mask and blue bandaging is insane! Wow thank you for posting an outfit odder than the blue burqa ;)

You are too awesome!

Tani Lezama said...

i love those shoes!!!!

saludos CC

Equipo Dash and Cash said...

Very Halloweenesque! ha ha ha