Monday, December 22, 2008

Prints? Charming!

Patterned dresses are here to stay, darlings! And CC couldn’t be more pleased about it!
At right, a stunning Melvin Sokolsky photo, courtesy
At left, Marc Jacobs Spring 2009, via Other runway pics courtesy except where noted.
At right, Street Style at the same Marc Jacobs show, from The Sartorialist
Erdem in U.S. Vogue
Agnes b.,
Basso & Brooke
Giles’ clever Pac-Man frock

Right: Pollini
Left: Ruffian
Rachel Roy pre-fall
Zac Posen pre-fall – CC adores!
Gossip Girl: Jenny’s dress at; Blair’s dress at; photo via
Patterned Scoopneck Dress; this and next at
Flirty little drop waist bell sleeve dress
Hanii Y floral silk dress. Visit
Gucci, at

Miss Milne retro square print chiffon sleeve shift, at
Nanette Lepore Bouquet dress, at Neiman Marcus
Tibi dress, Pollini booties and Vanessa Bruno bag, all at
Emilio Pucci Miri print wrap dress; this and next 4 at
Just Cavalli madras pencil dress
McQ graphic print dress
Oscar de la Renta Cruise tweed print dress
Diane von Furstenberg Neera dress
Beyond the Valley jumper dress, at
Fellow Fashionista Silje of Silje’s Fashion looking fabulous in a periwinkle printed dress.
Deal of the Day: Thakoon for Target printed tie-waist dress; photographed via and available at beginning December 28, 2008.
Prints charming, non?

50 comments: said...

I love prints dresses. I am Basso & Brooke fan!

Oh Silje! Haha! :) Great post! :)

xoxo: Janet

Cupcakes and Cashmere said...

i always shy away from prints, but these are all so lovely!

Aliena said...

love it, love it, love it!!!

Diane said...

i love prints! the bolder and wilder the better!!!

Frankie said...

That Zac Posen dress is WOW! You are the best at finding amazing images x

Gia said...

ohhh...this post is amazing!
i love dresses and those with prints are so great:)
wonderful post happy!

La Belette Rouge said...

I LOVE that dress with the ribcage and that photo of the gal buying Popsicles is a great one.

3anooda said...

loving the tibi dress with the long sleeves (same pic as the booties and the bag) - never heard of tibi before.

Anonymous said...

oo wow, nice compilation! i'm excited, love prints!

Baybay Mama said...

I am more of a solid type of gal. Sometimes when I pick up dresses that have paterns I think to myself, is it going to look dates in a couple of months? BUT your post convinced me that I should really just buy one:)

Unknown said...

i usually lean towards solids.. but love these!

Angela said...

oh my gosh, i love prints.... i am digging agnes b....

yiqin; said...

I love love love print dresses too! They are so good for to go outfits!

Some Like it said...

Divine, just divine!

p.s. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog re: Christmas wish list. Somehow I don't think I'll get the piano....but that's why it's a wish :-)


I love prints. Charming? YES! :)


Trendology said...

I'm really into prints so I loved this post and that Basso & Brooke dress. yummy

WendyB said...

I'm loving the Gucci. I never wore prints before I got into Ossie Clark a few years ago -- now I love them.

Lisa said...

Prints charming indeed!

I rewatched that episode of Gossip Girl recently and was also struck by how lovely Jenny and Blair's dresses were. :-)

caroline said...

i love the outfits of the girls at the marc jacobs show. i actually made a post about it some months ago!

Fashion Moment said...

Darling, this is fantastic!
Especialy Giles’ clever Pac-Man frock. :)


Vera said...

goodness, I love every single dress, adore every print..

The Djulus Family said...

I love me a printed dress!
Fabulous finds and I LOVE the Zac Posen dress!!

T said...

Love everything! Especially Zac Posen's Pre-Fall!


Love the pun! And prints even if I mostly wear grey and black nowadays. xoxo: MG

Penny said...

i adore that Melvin Sokolsky photo, it's so fantastic!

Unknown said...

I must admit I'm loving the new Gucci prints.

Siljesfashion said...

Thank you so much for including me in one of your amazing posts, CC! Its an honor. I love this dress, it was a steal at Goodwill!

Holly said...

these are done so well. love the GG shot of blair's dress!

leeselooks said...

those teen vogue editors are so chic it is crazzzytown!

i love prints and do not wear them enough!

new years resolution be more bold :)


Jasnaaa said...

I really liked the Gossip Girl dresses. :)


Guapóloga said...

I love the Gossip Girl dresses, charming!

Feliz Navidad, CC!!

Seeker said...

Great that prints are to stay.
But maybe more grafics than florals or brushstrokes, what do you think???


Nemerae said...

Wow, that Melvin Sokolsky photo is stunning, yep!! *.*
I love that Zac Posen fabulous dress and the 'Miss Milne' one from Asos =P

SOS! said...

Giles is amazing.. I love this ribcage/chains/pacman print.. I have a thing about ribcage prints that started after going to med school! But I also loved his bambi print before..

xx-LJ from SOS!

Countrybelle said...

i LOVE patterned dresses, yay! they are especially fun to buy vintage. i may have bought ones that didn't fit at all before, just to admire them in my closet. gorgeous post, CC!
(and chloe at
p.s. thanks again for always commenting back! it never ceases to amaze me!

Allison said...

I have been digging the Marc Jacobs printed dresses, and eying them all season on Gossip Girl!!

They're gorgeous, and as always, you picked beautiful examples :)

Míriam Juan-Torres said...

Amazing pictures, as always. Love the prints, specially this last summer I developed and addicion to printed shirts LoL

hy said...

great visual!
i'm all about the Basso & Brooke

Anonymous said...

That pac man dress is awesome! Love print, not my forte but would like to be more daring and invest in more printed dresses. Would love a Pucci print dress that's for sure xx

Anonymous said...

The prints you featured here are so fabulous - I love the Beyond the Valley picture the best!

ellie said...

Great title for a post. I'm not sure I'm a big fan of print though..perhaps not so bold in some of the patterns.

Happy Holidays!

& thanks for visiting my blog & the feedback.

Amelia said...

I adore the Zac Posen pre-fall collection, too! I looove prints. It seems like I hardly wear an outfit without them. Jenny's dress is pretty.

Eeli said...

Not only CC but Eelie too. They hide a multitude of sins and make an otherwise basic cut of dress into something quirky and fabulous!

Anonymous said...

i love all the prints!!
all i ever think of is.."makie it work!"

Anonymous said...

As always .. you find the most chic, fabulous finds.. serious eye candy..

I wanted to wish you and you family a joyous Holiday this season..

thenebulosegirl said...

nice photos, like always!
xo :)

Noemi Sunshine Ferst said...

Am completely in love with the Giles Deacon Pacman dress!

Syed said...

:O The dresses in that first photo are stunning! Lovely prints :)

Girl Next Blog said...

Oh, I love these prints! They're so colorful and full of life.

And thank you for adding me to you blogroll!


Nicole Linette said...

Haha, of course Gossip Girl would be on top of the trend already. The first picture is amazing!