Sunday, December 21, 2008


Feeling crafty? Here’s some Do-It-Yourself inspiration for this snowy Sunday!
Vera Wang bow back dress
Louis Vuitton beaded sandals
Here are some more items CC feels are totally DIY-able:
Escama Studio flip-top flower, made with recycled pull tabs, at
Lizzie Fortunato vintage ribbon and rosette necklace, at
Left: Candace Ang necklace, at
Right: Wear and Tear weaving necklace, at
A similar concept is at work at Emilio Pucci, where scarf weaving punctuates a basic white tank dress. CC loves this effect!
Marni acrylic and ribbon necklace, at
Ka Pow Wow jersey braid scarf, at CC is sooooo going to recreate this look using a 3-pack of jersey scarves from American Apparel!
Adia Kibur bead and fabric necklace; this and next at
Adia Kibur wrapped button bracelet
Banana carton chandelier; this and next via pointclickhom.ecom.
Coffee stirrer chandelier
Fendi paint-your-own Baguette, at
A picture constructed from junk mail and old greeting cards, Les Notes Apres Le Pluie at
Last look: Fellow Fashionista Fashion Chalet in her DIY torn jeans – fabulous!
Other lovely links: Fellow Fashionista Koko Stiletto has a superb idea for vamping up those shoes: check out her post on couture-y clips
here. If you are Singer-savvy, check out this site for sewing inspiration!
Feeling creative? Let’s hear it!!


Lindsay said...

Ohh great inspiration! Shredded jeans would be easy to do, but difficult to pull off!

janettaylor said...

Hi CC,

Great inspiration! :)))) I love post!

kisses: Janet

Anonymous said...

oo lovely necklaces

Blan said...

love louis vitton's shoes, it's so original!

Susanna-Cole said...

Oh I love D.I.Y, and goodness I am all inspired and fired up to do some D.I.Y now! Well, if I can find some tie! :P Oh and by the way, the banner box logo chandellier (sp) thing is my favorite! <3


HEK said...

Great post! i know a girl who made shoes out of the small openers on the sodacans:) They were high heeled platform shoes, and she has worn them!

Merily said...

I got some great inspiration here. Thank you!

The Seeker said...

Wow, such cool ideas. I like DIY but I'm always lack of time....
Or if I don't blog... :(


A Thousand Clapping Hands said...

What a fun post! Love that Banana Chandelier. Happy Holidays dear CC.

Swell Vintage - Frankie said...

Dearest Carrie,

You are amazing.

Much love,



* Fashion Dreamer * said...

Great post, I'm rather rubbish at DIYing...I'm too scared to try shredding my jeans cause I think I'll mess it up!

RP said...

I wish I would be more creative! The DIY is wonderfull but I make few. :X although that is a beautiful post to inspire!

La Clocharde said...

Hi darling!
I haven't been around here for a while, and now I have so much to read here in your (as always) fabulous blog). So that what I'm gonna do right now.
I looooooove the new header!

Countrybelle said...

fabulous! i love buttons and bows. and who knew sarah silverman could look so chic!

Rosanna said...

i love those necklaces!

Anonymous said...

I love these DIY ideas - I love the bows and Lizzie Fortunato necklace. :D

Dooder City said...

Carrie, I am really trying to get better at being more crafty. I think my favorite is the grey shirt with the braid. I like how you also put this post during the holiday season because it shows you can save money and make presents:)


Fashionstyle said...

lovely inspiration !!

Anonymous said...

ha! i love them diy's buh sometimes ppl think they are soo creative they go and mess up an already creatively subtle

Siljesfashion said...

Great ideas and perfect for the holidays! I am doing the shredded jeans look for sure.

allaboutattitude said...

ooh! I love the ideas, time to get those creative juices flowing

allaboutattitude said...

can I link you to my page? visit me at

Cursed♪♫ said...

Aww..all your posts are sooo nice !!
I couldn't view everything cause my nets somehow slow today ! But yea, great post ! Glad you liked my poem :)

Frieda l'écuyère said...

Fabulous red and blue flower ! I like recycling !

Miss Urbanita said...

Love all necklaces!!! Kisses ;)

Songy said...

plastic chandelier should be the best. umm I'm thinking of taking up sewing again soon. Nothing exciting.

btw, CC. I'm so humbled that you listed my little blog in your side bar as a must see item.. I don't know what to say... maybe I should thank you for a start?

♥ fashion chalet said...

I love all of the diy ideas here, Carrie. Wonderful post. And thanks for (including me!?) wow. I'm speechless. LOVE YOU.


atelier said...

I'd be very happy to see more colour on the streets! great inspiration;)


diy rocks and all those collections thatr have a diy/artisan feel to them get my vote any inspiring.
muah x

Dana said...

What a lovely post!
I wish I was that talented jeje.

I´m lovin prints too, on Friday I'm off to the beach and I can't wait to get a printed colorful dress!

Merry Xmas dear! Have a great time!