Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Beautiful Braids

Darlings, CC is super smitten with this trend in haute hairstyles!

All images via couturecarrie on Pinterest.

The half-up style is gorgeous, either with straight hair...

or chic curls.

CC adores this double braid!

And of course, the braid and bun combo has become uber-popular.

You can either braid the sides or underneath ~ so cool!

A messy fishtail braid is perfect for the beach.

If you want something a bit more edgy, go for an asymmetric style

... or zany zig-zags!

Swirly twirls are fun, too!

Which beautiful braid do you find most bodacious?




stilettolover91 said...

I love it!!!!


Samantha Elisabeth said...

Oh I love the braids that are in messy looking hair, it looks so cool.

Miss Margaret Cruzemark said...

What an amazing and ispiring collection of images!!! Well done!!!
Sending you kisses and hugs.
Best Regards
Miss Margaret Cruzemark

The Picture of Mary ♥ said...

Hey Darling<3
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HiFashion said...

I love braids. They have such a cool summer look.

Theonlyfashionprincess said...

Amazing! I'm going to add this post to my favorites and I'll try them all :D X

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

These are so crazy!! In a good way, of course! I wish I knew how to recreate these looks :)

Paulina said...

So awesome! I love it <3

lorenabr said...

Now these images make me want to have long hair again!- not working with a bob! LOL :))


Kathleen Lisson said...

I like the braid that ends in the bun. Very textured-looking.

Hannah said...

I love braided hair! Or plaits as we normally call them in the UK! I wish I could do complicated ones but I'm no good with fiddly hairstyles



Georgi said...

omggosh these are BEAUTIFUL. If only I could figure out how to get my hair to do this! haha

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cloudia charters said...

sacre bleu! something new! criss-cross!

Aloha from Honolulu,
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GirlieBlogger@Beauty Fashion Blog Seattle said...

Wow. They look like art.

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Beauty and Fashion Blog Seattle

FashionGeek said...

love the first one!
can't wait to see you on my blog again!

FashionGeek said...

love the first one!
can't wait to see you on my blog again!

WendyB said...

Holy cow! these are amazing.

dimitri said...

Everything is so pretty. It's a great style.
It's a very nice selection.

Stefania B. said...

love so much all this braids!!!!

md said...

Me encantan las trenzas, tengo una carpeta con algunas en Pinspire.
Saludos y buen día.