Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Vibrant Vibe: Multicolor Fall Accessories!

Though there was a glut of gray on the runways for fall, designers have not abandoned color entirely... Accessories are splashed with multiple hues. The great news? The majority of these items can be worn year round! In the same way that CC is attempting to bring back the glove, she is trying to eradicate seasonal dressing! Of course, CC does not advocate less shopping; just more versatility in one’s wardrobe. Which of these pieces strikes your fancy??

First, fab footwear!
Above right: Manolo Blahnik striped ankle boot with lace-up back
Left: Miu Miu suede sandal with art deco detail
Manolo Blahnik multicolor skinny stripe ponyhair ankle boot with chartreuse lace-up closure

Giuseppe Zanotti tricolor pump, at net-a-porter.com
Roger Vivier Elastica beaded knee-high suede boot
Next, bejeweled brilliance!

John Galliano glass and enamel necklace - wow!!

Kenneth Jay Lane multi flower chain necklace shopbop.com

Tom Binns Swarovski crystal and rhodium double cross bracelet
Marni horn and resin floral cuff

Some extremely affordable options from Forever 21: zigzag bangle and . . .

beaded necklace, both under $10 at forever.com!

Ravishing wraps:
A Peace Treaty Rishon striped, woven cotton scarf. Go to shopbop.com to buy.
Louis Vuitton silk mousseline flower pattern scarf, at eLuxury.com

Finally: that's a handbag of a different color!!
Renaud Pellegrino leather Uma bag with cabochons
Right: Anna Sui glass beaded bag with fringe

Below right: L.A.M.B. Angel Jacquard Madeline clutch on sale at shopbop.com
CC isn't usually a fan of Le Sportsac, but this Tribeca tote has such a fun print, and comes with a removable nylon zippered pouch, for just $68 at shopbop.com! Great for the gym!!

Even easier on the wallet (and perhaps the eyes!) . . . this adorable wood frame Bahama flap bag, just $23.80 at Forever 21!

Fashion credits: photos via style.com, except where noted.


FB @ FabulouslyBroke.com said...

I am in LOVE with those Miu Miu heels

Sharon S said...

Fantastic post-I love the Kenneth Jay Lane necklace-a fabulous trend!!

MyFashionAddictions said...

Hmm. I love color so I like various of these pieces.
I am head over heels (lame jk lol) for the Miu Miu sandals!

The Manolo Blahnik lace up boots would work well with a monotonous colored ensemble which most will be wearing in fall I guess.

I love F21 stuff cause it's so cheap and versatile so I like the zig zag bangle too.

Unknown said...

is the must and the obssesion!

Myriam said...

The miu miu heels!!!

Keesean said...

the miu miu shoe in suede is redic


colorfull shoes are really fun!!

a kiss!!!

..... said...

it's funny to see the manolo looks like Rykiel heels !! oh and im lovin so much the galliano necklace !

TINA said...

Love the Miu Miu heel and the Kenneth Jay Lane necklace!
And I like the F21 bangle too - it would look so great as a pop of color to an outfit!


Love the colors and Miu Miu heels!

Carolina Lange said...

I'm in love the the Giuseppe Zanotti heels! They are amazing!

Andrea Martínez said...

I love to put some color on my clothes, great items

meowi said...

Thanks for the sweet comment{ the accessories are sooo nice{ i love the scarf

Pamcasso said...

I would probably do some illegal things to acquire those miumiu heels. not stealing them though!

annabananna said...

seriously, you always post such nice shoes. makes me want to go out and buy some asap.

Anna Shapiro said...

im not a fan of the jewelry or shoes. but the bags are amazing

Anonymous said...

The necklaces you're posting are only fueling my necklace obsession. I never wear necklaces but I've been seeing a ton that I really like! My wallet cannot afford to fuel another obsession! Haha.

And about the yellow nail polish. I love cheap nail polish. Like Jordana! Never tried NYC ones. But, I'll give it a try. I agree about the Chanel collection too! Very nice! Very expensive! =/ Haha.

meliindaa. said...

you always have neat posts. i thought the first shoe was a sock! with a really pointy high heel...

Toni Alexis said...

those miu miu heels are the bomb!!!!!

Mica said...

I love the jewlery and the scarf, but I'm not sure how I'd wear multi coloured shoes..maybe I'm just not adventurous enough!

Señorita Puri said...

My eyes went straight to the Manolo's without knowing it was him's. But, well, guess Sex and the City was right: Manolos are great!

La Ballena Elena said...

Thank you so much for your comment
Que ilusión me hace el primer comentario de una neoyorquina !

Preciosos los bolsos étnicos, tienes que ver los bolsos que venden en etsy,

un beso


thesil said...

Wow!I love the new designs of Manolo Blahnik!I´ve always thought that they were very classic, but this is a good innovation

Mariel said...

Finally some color! I mean, I love the classic blacks and grays this fall, but it gets a little drab after a while. the Giuseppe Zanotti heels and the Miu Miu sandals are amazing!


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Estudio Nuñez Couste said...

I´m in love with Galliano´s necklace!!! Let me join you.. WOW!!!!
The Miu Miu heel is to die for!!!
Thanks for visiting Discípula, hope you keep on commenting

Danz said...

Ouuuu PRETTY!! You picked some really gorgeous items to feature Carrie! I especially love the Manolo Blahnik and Miu Miu shoes, both scarves, and the Anna Sui and F21 bags!

I hope you're well and having a great day! Oh yeah, I think the magazine sounds like an excellent idea! :D

superumi said...

hi =)
thx for dropping at my blog.
since im new at fashion, your blog would be a big help =)
i love the "The Sequin Goes Glam" post. makes me wanna purchase one.

Syed said...

I looove the thin striped multicolour Manolos, they look fab!

Crave said...

ooh la la! what a great post! love all the colors!

Anonymous said...

talk about a coloriot! love it!

Da Fashionista said...

gawd, i ADORE the things your pull together. gonna have to take a day off and devour your entire site! thanks for the eye candy!