Saturday, July 19, 2008

Pocket Protector

Continuing her obsession-with-detail series of posts, CC takes a look at POCKETS on this steamy Saturday. No longer are they simply slim, functional patches of fabric. Now, pockets are design elements in themselves. Where once pockets were reserved for casual wear, they are cropping up on couture!
CC adores pockets . . . they make every outfit, even a floor-length gown, more cosy and approachable. See how the pocket is treated on the runway!

Amaya Arzuaga pocket madness, via Spanish Vogue online
Christian Lacroix Couture pocketed gown
The pocket is nearly naked at Givenchy! This picture via
Givenchy exposed lace pocket detail
Chanel Couture

Fendi kangaroo pouch
Jean Paul Gaultier fan pockets, Spring 2008

Richard Nicoll pocketed tunic pantsuit, via

Temperley London
Zippered pockets at Rodarte; photo courtesy

Michael Kors pocketed gold brocade gown
The resort vibe is all the more evident in these pocketed frocks!

Roberto Cavalli Resort 2009

Gucci Resort 2009
Hidden on-seam pockets at Rachel Roy Resort 2009
Even sweaters get the pocket treatment, as at Rebecca Taylor
In the stores . . .
Pockets are lots of fun when they pop up in unexpected places, as with this Vera Wang Lavender cropped faille jacket.
Visit to buy.

Where dresses once were streamlined and straightlaced, they are now imbued with a more casual feel . . .
Happie Loves It bow back pocket zebra dress, at
Side pocket v-neck tank dress, at

Marc by Marc Jacobs heart print dress, at Neiman Marcus
Mulberry mixed panel dress with multiple zippered pockets and patch pockets! At
T-Bags print off shoulder dress with rounded hip pockets. Visit

For the truly daring, who aren't afraid of making the pocket an architectural, attention-grabbing element, there is this lovely Chloe side pocket dress. Go to
American Apparel striped pocket front dress $41.00

Fashion credits: Runway photos in this post, including detail shots, courtesy except where otherwise credited.


Lady Thirty said...

lots of pockets ;)
I like pockets and I like your blog!

Gloria said...

lovely post! I didn't even notice how many pockets were on the runway. the cheer/transparent ones really fascinate me... I hope noone sticks their hands into those Vera Wang pockets!

Paris Tarts said...

I like the pics!


Tricia said...

yay, finally, pockets everywhere!

Estudio Nuñez Couste said...

I totally agree!!! Pockets make a more relaxed look. I´ve loved them ever since Sandra Bullock appeared at an Oscar Red Carpet wearing a gown with pockets.
For myself I prefer them in summer short dresses... so flirty!!!

Since you´re fluent in spanish, let me thank you in my mother tongue: Gracias por tu comentario, a mí también me encanta el pinup look! Te agrego a mis links.


Sharon S said...

The Givenchy lace pocket is really lovely!!!

elysia mann said...

yay i love pockets!

Bombchell said...

wow you just reminded me of how much i love pockets. you don't understand how comfortable pockets make me happy.

my hand have a place to stay, other than fidgeting with my blackberry.

some of these are so lovely!

Mónica said...

I like your capacity to guess trends. it's very cool. I tried yesterday that American Apparel dress -it doesn't fit well-.

michelle said...

tehe so cute! I love pockets x)

Winnie said...

I've got to say, I love it when dresses have pockets. It just always seems like an extra bonus (as weird as that may sound!)

Seeker said...

wow, I love pockets :)
I just feel fear of pockets when I think they enlarge my hips :(

Thank you so much dear CC for the great tips you gave me about what to look for fall.


S (formerly of Modern-Guilt) said...

I am ALL about the two magnificent G's; Givenchy and Gucci!
Yet another fantastic post :)

WendyB said...

Professional models look great on the runway with their hands in their pockets (after all, they're showing off the dresses' features) but I see so many regular people posing awkwardly with their hands crammed in their pockets -- totally ruining the line of the dress!

La Clocharde said...

Yes!! I love pockets too, especially in long dresses.
Your blog is amazing, as always. I love reading are like a fashion intellectual, so reflexive and inspirational. You do a great work here, so congrats!


Cammila said...

Wow, what an observation. They're everywhere! I'm glad to see them showing up everywhere -- I'm always carrying lipstick with me at the office with nowhere to hide it.

T said...

I love the pockets on the Chanel dress! Pockets are amazing - they make everything casual and they're always handy (:

Terren said...

the givency pockets are the best. hands down! :]

Shopaholic D said...

i love pockets! there are some great looks here, too!

:) D

Elizabeth said...

Every girl needs pockets.

Songy said...

Loooove the long black dress with the details. I would love to get my hands on that! Thanks for the good collection of pics. enjoyed them a lot.

Human Racing said...

Pocket skirts are a must for me!

Really l.ike the black lace at Givenchy

Fabianna (H.Finn Jewelry) said...

Adore the Givenchy with the see-through pockets, so fab!

Bang Bang Starz said...

this is perfect for me, i need pockets i never know what to do with my hands.

emsydo said...

i love that even the most decadent ball gown has pockets. functional! lol
I seriously can't live without having pockets in my dresses.

J said...

YAYY, put your hands inside your pocket, just like i love~~ cool


Nikki said...

Pockets make everything so much more relaxed and effortless! I had forever been on the hunt for dresses with pockets. Great post Carrie ;)

lara said...

haha I didn't even know that there were so many kinds of different pockets :)
Great post!

Syed said...

I love how the pockets can change the entire shape and dynamic of the look. And those dresses are so beautiful!

Lucy said...

love the silhouettes created by oversized pockets! great images.

Blonde hair, Blue jeans said...

i want the whole Temperley London outfit!!

♥ Marta ♥ said...

Pockets makes every outfit more fun... especially when it comes to skirts and dresses :)

Kate said...

I love pockets and am so happy they are turning up more often. They just look cool. Well, it's not that the pockets are cool (though they can be), it's the way you can stand in the clothes that looks cool. The pose they create communicates casual confidence. Love it.

Crave said...

I heart pockets!! Such a simple element to any dress or shirt...I especially love them on the formal evening gowns - the ironic contrast between glam and causual is fantastic.

Thank you for adding me to your blogroll! I love your blog as well and you're definitly on my daily reads!