Thursday, July 31, 2008


CC has rounded up her favorite DENIM . . . The ones that made the list are notable for different reasons, so you may have to stock up!
Jeans are a woman’s best friend, after all (right after diamonds, natch!). At left, Frankie B.

(via unless otherwise noted)

Sinhastanic drainpipes
Blumarine wide-leg
Miss Sixty baggies
Charlotte Ronson high waist
Dennis Basso fur worn with MiH dark denim, via
Diesel baggy cuffed jean
Jill Stuart high-waisted black button detail jeans - CC is loving these!
Ruffian skinny zippered denim, worn with velvet!!

For rock stars and the adventurous!

At left, Jeremy Scott Loves Ksubi checkered jeans;
photo by Dean Isidro for the New York Times
CC is really drawn to these Daang Goodman for Tripp NYC stretch twill pants, available at Trash and Vaudeville, New York

So fun!
Don’t drop two hundred bucks on them, since they may be a flash in the pan, but try a pair – they might surprise you!

CC likes these grass-hued Carson skinny stretch twills, which are a mere $32.50 at
Or try these Rich & Skinny Sleek jeans, pictured here in Raging Pink (also available in Ruby, Sapphire and Aloe), at
J. Crew overdyed matchstick jean, $88.00 at

For the brave, the few, the trendsters.
CC is not on board just yet, but everyone—from Sienna Miller to my little sister—is doing it , so channel the era of the love-in! Supposedly, high-waisted jeans are incredibly slimming . . .
CC advocates these Tibi Brighton jeans, for purchase at – how adorable are the front patch pockets?

Or try the ultra-dark Notify Azalee flare jeans pictured above.
Visit to buy.

Seasoned veterans of the wide leg trend should opt for something more adventurous, with interesting design details like the Dittos Leadville wide leg jeans pictured at right (very 70s, right?).
Also at

Not just for the genetically blessed, darlings! If you wear tights, you can do skinnies. Just layer them in the same way that you would a pair of opaques!
CC’s all time fave is pictured below (left) - J Brand 10” Ankle skinny stretch jean.

You can also try a longer inseam on your skinny, allowing them to bunch around the ankle, as with these GoldSign Misfit Super Slim jeans (below right), which have a 34 inch inseam. Both at


Every woman should have a pair of ink wash straight leg jeans. They go with everything and can double as trousers.
How perfect are these Marithe + Francois Girbaud straight-leg vintage wash jeans??

As anyone who has ever watched "What Not To Wear" will tell you, this is the most universally flattering style. Try these Earnest Sewn Keaton bootcut jeans! Visit to purchase.

CC is a tad annoyed by fashionistas who declare that women shouldn’t wear torn jeans after a certain age. Phooey on them! If you are as emotionally attached to your "Trues" as CC, rock them “religiously”, just be sure the context is appropriate (clam bakes, trips to the Cape . . . )
Jessica Simpson is a devotee of these True Religion distressed Joey flare jeans, available at The curved seam and generous back pockets of these jeans make for an extremely flattering, slimming fit.
And now, for something completely different: faded Converse by John Varvatos jeans, available at Saks Fifth Avenue (photo via - these are an acceptable alternative to acid wash, which CC strongly urges her readers to avoid!


Don’t jump on the Seven and Citizens bandwagon! CC is so over these brands. Let’s turn over a new leaf, shall we?
Btw, did anyone realize that ACNE is actually an acronym for Ambition to Create Novel Expressions? Just thought you’d want to know.
The best [some up-and-comers; others tried-and-true] on the denim scene today are as follows:
18th Amendment
Adwa Cooper-Henry; visit
All Saints - wet look skinny Puck jeans with inner zip detail pictured above and available at
Anlo - Brooke Skinny Jean with zipper detail pictured at right in Arctic, via
Cheap Monday

Diesel grey skinnies on the runway, at left
Dry Aged Denim

Evisu (Japan)
G-Star Raw
Genetic Denim
Grey Ant
Hysteric Glamour - Graphic Denim pictured at right and available at
Killah - glitter skinny crop jean at left; go to
Kuyichi (Netherlands)
LTB Premium Denim
MiH - worn with fur at Dennis Basso; buy them at Barneys New York!

People's Liberation
Radcliffe (U.K.)
Rag & Bone
Red Engine Scarlett Bootcut Sliced Jean pictured below, avail. at
Rock & Republic
Sass & Bide
Sling & Stones
Small Town – try the Camaro skinnies
William Rast (Justin T-lake's denim - fab!!)

Let me know if I’ve omitted any indispensable brands here, darlings, and I will add them!



yiqin; said...

The patterned ones are AMAZING! Wow, if only I don't feel so insecure in jeans!

Style Addict said...

I love destroyed,and skinny jeans the best!

Jessie Cacciola said...

it took me a while to like the skinnies, but i think they're finally starting to grow on me. :)

Sharon Rose said...

Hi Couture Carrie-an excellent post, you've covered every style and I haven't got one favourite this time!! I'm a jean junkie-I adore them-skinny, wide leg, baggy, slim leg-your picks are really great-I suppose if I have to choose just one, then the J Brand skinnies, but then again I love the Diesel baggies too!!

xoxo Jaimie said...

I'm kinda diggin the hot pink jeans girl!

Claudia said...

When I watched this, I discovered i'm not so into jeans, what's really weird, because I have a lot of jeans, but I don't know, I think it's just because they bore me, because they are a huge musthave, even big as the t-shirt. And that forces me to like them, in a way, but I don't know, I rather have dresses... Well, the highwaisted ones are cool i guess. I just feel like i'm not so into jeans as I should be.

Jill Sherman said...

love, love, love this post!! a play on the classic denim overall is also emerging. i'm doing a post next week :)

design for mankind. said...

Oh gosh--- I do love the high-waisted! Perfect for the wide-hipped [read: me!!!]. :)

fashion herald said...

i love how skinnies haven't gone away - they've just gotten skinnier! but the baggy ones, hmm, i'm liking this new proportion.

Annie said...

CC doesn't like the acid wash? That's OK, all these jeans are awesome finds. :D

Tina :) said...

I love this post! Clever title, too. :)
I absolutely love skinny jeans, since I am so petite! It's too bad they aren't as hot anymore, since the wide-leg took over.
I love colorful jeans; they are so fun!

Nic Nic said...

oooh im definitely a jeans girl.. gosh i look so stumpy in skinnys haha

Anonymous said...

i don't like jeans. and everytime i tell people that they think i'm weird. haha. =/

Anonymous said...

aww man. i don't think my comment posted. =/ i just said that i am not a fan of jeans. people tend to think i'm weird because of that. haha.

La Femme Chic said...

I love Cheap Monday jeans! They fit fantastically.

Wendiva said...

you're SO right on colored jeans, can't spend too much on them. but they look so cute! i love Levi ones...they fit like a glove :)

Annabel said...

i love that Diesel picture, the outfit is so inspirational!

mary said...

I need to get over my irrational hatred of pants.
Until then.. pencil skirts!

Lil Midget said...

cool! so many jeans..and i have a pair with buckles like in the polyvore photo. xo

sofi! said...

thanxxx! I love skinny jeans!! they fit so well!!
kisses :)

enc said...

I can't believe how many great denim looks you found. How do you do it?

we wear things said...

ah.. i haven't bought jeans inawhile.. great post!!


Material Girl said...

Hello, lovely to meet you, darling. What a behemoth of a post! Love the dungaree rainbow at the top. And just to add to the master list at the end, though I wouldn't usually go for boring old Seven jeans, their Georgia wide-leg trouser jeans are some of my all-time faves.

And what's Swingtown? I'm pretty out of the TV loop, usually, but I feel like you're not the first person I've heard talk about this....


Nay'Chelle said...

As a fellow denimn lover...great post! You can never go wrong with straight leg jeans.

♥ Marta ♥ said...

Absolutely agree... jeans are woman's best friend. I don't know how I would survive if there were no jeans... but my favorite are skinnies, but I am getting used to an idea of wearing classic cuts and I am definitely not a big fan of acid wash jeans... Awesome post.... as always :)

Aliena said...

I love jeans, just begun to attempt wearing jeans, I used to restrict myself to straights, boot cut and widelegs...

erin de la cruz said...

skinny jeans, are they still in?

Calming Corners said...

I love wide legs. The Blumarine and Dennis Bauso are HOT!


ooohmaureen said...

haha yes! i love the jeans, they're very nice! x

Anonymous said...

I like the ROYGBIV line-up of the jeans. Beautiful!

Regine said...

Oh. so many hot jeans! i love the goldsign and acne-jeans! slim jeans is my favourite.

Thanks sweetie for the nice comment. i hope it'll heal fast too, it doesnt look so nice =/

ryder said...

Sinhastanic and basso. are cool. but im always with diesel and m.sixty.

i find diesel shoes better.

but with jeans ill probably go for miss sixty.

Alya said...

Great post! So informative!

I LOVE JEANS. They're like my second skin.. Which is why I love my skinnies.

myriam said...

I don't use jeans but I think it looks very good. )

Always In Style said...

I love the jeans you chose, esp. the stripey ones. And I'm with you -- I dig a skinny jean, genetics be damned!

Héloïse J. said...

i luv that baggy diesel one!

MakeupByRenRen said...

love the title he he...i feel like i got a crash course on jeans!

LuLu124 said...

thank you for your comment CC!!! :))) love this post, denim will always be a staple of my wardrobe :D the runway ones are gorgeous!!! xoxo, lulu

Missa said...

The baggy cuffed jeans are awesome!

Songy said...

hey cc..jeans yes more jeans for me please.
I'm having a bit of problem. my levi's jeans got frail and where the back pockets is going to split open... wondered if I could get exactly the same style etc but I couldn't find it any where. Is there any Levi's jeans expert who can tell me where I could get 985?

it seems like wide leg style is in this spring in AU. I'm thinking of getting one after sticking to bootleg/skinny numbers for years.

CoutureCarrie said...

Thanks for all your comments, darlings! There were a couple of Qs regarding jeans etc. . .

Annie: CC isn't on board with acid wash just yet, but you know how a gal can be given to changing her mind!!

Farren - I totally hear you! I didn't start wearing jeans until my late 20s!

Enc - you are so sweet! I usually gather info. and pics for each post for several weeks, doing internet and actual magazine research - it's so fun :)

Erin de la C: Yes! Skinnies are still decidedly IN - thank goodness!!

Material Girl: "Swingtown" is a one hour drama about couples in a suburb of Chicago in the late 1970s . . . it is on CBS at 10 pm on Fridays - check it out!!

Songy - Just wanted to try to answer your question about the Levis:
At the bottom of this site, there's a "contact us" link - I bet someone at the company would be able to help you find your beloved 985s!

Stay stylish, dolls!


The Collector said...

Paper Denim & Cloth make wonderful jeans.
I'm glad to see so many washes and shapes. I just wish I could wear them to the office.

Mica said...

I love denim! Thank you so much for this post! Not that I need any excuse to buy more jeans, (I already have too many pairs!) but it's always nice seeing differenet styles and designers.