Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Tux Redux and TAG!

In honor of the 2008 Premio Awards (see tag below!), today's post is dedicated to elegant and cheeky tuxedo-inspired looks!
Think ruffled blouses, tailored jackets, slim pants (maybe with satin side stripes, a la formalwear, as at Roland Mouret), bow ties, and lots of bold black and white!

On the runways (pictures via except where noted):

Roland Mouret Resort 2009; first three images courtesy


Givenchy detail, via

Temperley London, courtesy


The lovely sketch below was done by Premio Award Winner Annabel. See link at end of post!

Real Way:

The Collector, a stylish Aussie lawyer and Premio Award Winner, wears the look two different ways. See link below!

In the stores . . .

Cynthia Steffe keyhole dress.

Go to to purchase!

Alice + Olivia Tuxedo Blazer, at Bergdorf Goodman
Stella McCartney cropped tux jacket. Visit
Rachel Roy Eliza blouse. Visit the Designer Boutique at

Betsey Johnson black strapless dress, currently half off at

The following dresses are ALL at, and many of them are on sale!!

Roksanda Ilincic strapless mini dress -- CC loooooves this one!

Michael Kors contrast trim vintage-inspired zipper detail dress
Paul & Joe Sister Elysee gray ruffle placket mini dress
Thread Social bow detail dress

Marc Jacobs belted frock

RM by Roland Mouret Rhea dress
Rachel Roy sleeveless dress

American Apparel opaque two-tone hosiery - tuxlicious!
Chanel leather two-tone carousel boot. Photo via

I was given the wonderful 2008 Premio Award tag by the incomparable
Danz of
Tina of
Thanks, darlings!

The rules for passing on the award:

1) When received, you may post the premio to your blog.
2) Link to the blogger you received it from.
3) Give it to 7 blogs
4) Link to those 7 blogs
5) Leave those seven bloggers a comment about receiving the brilliant premio.

I'm tagging the seven bloggers below because they're stylish, talented, original and inspiring!
Congratulations to all! Hopefully you'll wear one of the above tux looks to the awards ceremony (j.k.)!!
Late Addition: Thanks to Danz of Fatal Attraction 2 Fashion (link in right hand column and at top of post) for pointing out that the black tie look was recently worn by none other than Miss Universe! Thanks, D!
Correction: The Collector, whose lovely self-portraits are featured in this post, is Australian, not British. CC regrets the error.


Angela said...

Love Paul and Joe dress and of course my favorite Chanel! All the looks are modern, chic with an edgy. I like!

Sharon S said...

I really love the Balenciaga dress!!

Ella Gregory said...

Wow I love the Roland Mouret. I completely missed that the first time around.

Clara Sheller said...

Thnk you so much!!!!!!!!
Should I tag more blogs? Which award should I post??

Blicious said...


EEE thanks for the tag! :) so exciting!

also, i found the pic at
i hope that works.

also, i love the tuxedo look!

Cellar Door said...

Very sexy! The perfect antidote to all those summer florals. And yes, link swap!

Pamcasso said...

great post, the similarity of balenciaga for fall and the new Roland Mouret hadn't hit me before.

Always In Style said...

I love the graphic impact of a black and white ensemble -- these are some fabulous picks!

Miss White said...

I love these, so chic! If only I had a suitable occasion...

Laura in Paris said...

I love Roland Mouret's clothes!

Shay said...

love the tux look, so good!

Cupcakes and Cashmere said...

i'm loving the cynthia vincent pretty. all are great options and i would definitely pair them with some feminine peep toe heels to take down the masculinity a notch.

Johannah said...

Temperley, London = love.
I love this post :) and your blog!
It's wonderful.

Danz said...

Oh man, this post is awesome! Tuxedo inspired looks are beyond cool and sexy! A great mix of feminine and masculine that's just confident, chic and full of attitude! I don't know if I can pick a favourite because all the items in your selection are amazing!!

Did you watch the Miss Universe pageant the other day when the winner from 2007, Riyo Mori, took her final walk in a tuxedo suit? AWESOME!! You have to get a pic of her and put it with these because it was such an unconventional choice and she looked fabulous! Here are a few i found:

Thanks for doing the tag sweetie! I'll definitely check out these other bloggers. Take care!!

Winnie said...

Oh I love the temperley dress and the origami feel of it. Great post!

Mónica said...

I love Balenciaga collection, it was awesome. Black and white are a total must

starbrained said...

I love all of these looks!

Penny said...

I so want the black and white tights from american apparel! I do think their stuff is overpriced though.
LOVE the second dress by Roland Mouret, especially the sculptured shoulders

SparkleQueen said...

I love your blog, its fabulous! let's link :)

Times of Glory said...

These romantic yet urban slick look are really gorgeous! I love the ruffles contrasting the slim cuts! Balenciaga is purely heaven xxxx

Ness said...

I love all those pictures, espacially the dress one the second one!

The Collector said...

Gosh CC, this is all too much for me... I am totally chuffed that you have featured my pics. Thank you so much!

About your post. I love the Chanel dress - so ladylike, the Temperley London ensemble - so sexy, the Michael Kors dress - the zips really toughen up the look and the RM dress - fresh looking.

In my opinion black and white works nearly all the time. It's slick, but subtle, it's masculine but sexy and ladylike all at the same time - what more could a girl want?

Btw I'm Australian. :)

I definitely pass on the tag once I think about it a little.

Laurel said...

Give me anything Balmain, and black and white - total simplicity and flawlessly chic.

Oh, and thank you for the wonderful congrats! You are so amazing and I'm holding steady with my LEGIT votes thanks you you, I love it!

Hope you're well, mi amore!!

Couture Carrie said...

Thanks, darlings! Your comments are witty, insightful, and thoughtful, as usual!

Danz - Good lookin' out on Miss Universe and thank you for the link - I used it and made an addition to today's post!

Collector: I am SO sorry to have mistakenly misrepresented your country of origin, and I have fixed the error in the post. Thanks again for letting me use your gorgeous photos :)

And everyone, don't foget to vote for Laurel at until 8/1/08!

xoxox CC

Danz said...

You're welcome! :D

Elizabeth said...

There are lots of great bloggers on your Premio list!

Toni Alexis said...

I heart the Rachel Roy sleeveless!

And Givency, Ruffian, and Temperly are amazing!

great post!


Songy said...

Thanks for the insightful post on tux! Love it! Congrats on getting tagged too :)

Style Maven said...

the Balmain is so sleek rocker chic. Love it.

Hanne said...

Black and white is always a classic:) So many beautiful clothes! I have added you to my bloggroll, I really love your blog, so inspiring!

Guirec Munier said...

Let's exchange links ! Thank u for ur kindness !

See u !

Myriam said...

I love everything when it comes to tuxedos!!

Sr Q said...

A mí los de b/n de Balenciaga me parecen perfectos. No sólo el color y la forma, sino como se adapta la tela a la silueta, me encanta. Son muy sofisticados.

Un saludo.

Sheryl said...

gorgeous dresses and great detailings makes me happy :)

Boho chic said...

your drawings are trés chic!

hidzume said...

Love the piece from 6267 ^^
and nice blog!


Ellie Lee said...

The Balenciaga & Chanel look is so chic! The Balmain cardigan? Is so wonderfully sparkly and the P&J dress ruffle dress is LOVELY!

erin de la cruz said...

Oh my god! Thanks for the tag, Couture Carrie! =) I am greatly flattered. Btw, I love the Givenchy details. Very intricate. I think intricacy on the outfit makes it "stand-out", in other words, chic..fab! I love it! And love you and your blog. Carry on!

lara said...

I really like this classy black and white!

Rebecca, A Clothes Horse said...

I really like these! They're classics with a twist and the slim fit looks super chic.

Couture Carrie said...

Muchas gracias a todos!!
Thanks for all your amazing remarks . . . its' so wonderful when everyone loves a trend but they all have different favorite pieces and distinct reasons for their attractions. You are such a savvy bunch of fashionistas!

Hanne & Honeymoon - I'm adding you to my blogroll :)

Boho Chic - so glad you stopped by! Those gorgeous sketches are by Annabel of

Cheers to all!

Unknown said...

Ah Chanel! :swoons: I don't think there is anything better than that Chanel in the entire universe! But then again the Balenciaga and Roland Mouret are beautiful too! All so perfect.

Syed said...

Love love love these, the Balenciaga and the Paul and Joe are lovely!

Vain and Vapid said...

Great post. I am a huge fan of tuxedo inspired looks and menswear in general.

Brian and Beth Jones said...

I love your blog, and have linked you up on my site! Would you be interested in adding my site to your blogroll?

Hunters Glory said...

Love the Chanel boot!

Da Fashionista said...

you know how i love black and white ;)

Anonymous said...

Very elegant )))

Annabel said...

oh wow!! thank you so much! its a lovely post too, im looking forward to doing the tag!

Anonymous said...

i really love balenciaga dress!