Thursday, July 24, 2008

Fringe Benefits

Flapper Fashion!
Think less country bumpkin, more sophisticated 20s siren.

At left:
John Galliano fringed dress, courtesy
Chanel Couture, via
Chanel Couture flapper-inspired dresses

Photography credit: all runway detail images in this post are from
Comme de Garçons
The "fringe" on this Chanel Couture top is metal - the model is literally on pins and needles!!

Christian Dior, via
DKNY, via
Blue suede boots and silver fringed sleeves at Anna Sui

Fringe need not be over-the-top and colorful. It was luxuriously sedate at Gucci and Hermés:

At left:

Below: Gucci fringed sashes, boots, and logo handbag

DSquared2 black fringed skirt

Burberry Prorsum feathered frock detail and metal fringe handbag
Some girls are already living "on the fringe," to glorious
Just see these two Tokyo street style pictures from Vogue Nippon. Perfection!
Fringed Footwear:

Abandon those gladiators in favor of something a bit more refined, darlings!

CC is loving these L.A.M.B. Yoyo chain mail t-strap high-heeled sandals, available at
The fringe on these Jimmy Choo wave suede boots is understated and chic; $660 at net-a-porter

French Connection Charlston Flapper Dress; visit
This fabulous dress also comes in a white spaghetti strap version!

CC is totally enamored of this Thayer Crete miniskirt, for purchase at; it is available in black, navy (ppictured here), and gold!

Elizabeth and James fringe jacket. Go to
Foley & Corrina metal fringe jersey top, at the Intermix, New York.
The fringe on this Viktor & Rolf silk blouse is attached, for a more subdued look. Go to

LaRok metal fringe jersey halter cami. Visit

If you are skeptical about acting the flapper, ease into the trend with a handbag. Not only will it give you a small dose of this potentially OTT style, but a fringed handbag is a tad less trendy, so you will be able to use it for years to come (particularly if it's an evening bag). For those fashionistas looking to make an investment, opt for this colorful Fendi hide hair Baguette.
Jimmy Choo black fringe hobo. This and previous at
Antik Batik Juddy small bag, at shopbop.
Also available in dark brown.
For evening:
Moyna beaded fringe silk purses
Affordable fringe? Try this ASOS red leather clutch, approximately $70 at
CC leaves with you a lovely bag by one of her favorite handbag designers, the talented Ms. Monica Botkier (who has a line coming to Target in August - we can't wait!!).

This gorgeous gold Botkier Morgan small fringed satchel is available at

So live on the fringe, darlings!


Christina said...

Great Post....!!!

Aliena said...

OMG! I'd kill for that Gucci handbag!!!

Always In Style said...

I am totally on board with the fringe trend but I will have to respectfully disagree about the Gucci bag which to me looks like a part of the female anatomy that I don't want to carry around on my arm ;-)

María said...

He disfrutado mucho con este post, me encanta ver imágenes con vestidos, zapatos, bolsos, con toda la moda, aunque yo no la siga a rajatabla porque me gusta más la ropa cómoda.

Encantada de estar en tu precioso blog, y muchas gracias, de nuevo, por tu visita a mi blog.

Un beso.

Sharon S said...

ooh I love the french connection dress-gorgeous!!

Hanne said...

I'm not that fond of the fringe trend, byt the Botkier Morgan bas was really beautiful!

Karine said...

The galliano dress is pretty different,right?


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I'll start to post a story in my blog!
Hope you visit me!



Another gorgeous post, dear CC! Love fringe bags and boots!


..... said...

oh it's funny to see u can talk about Chanel and in the meantime about LAMB !!

Mimi said...

Fringes are great.I've been looking for a bag or boots so long now but without any succes.I'm thinking of getting minnetonkas.

Fastidious Babe said...

its a no-no to me.. maybe the babouskha gucci belt would do.. but that's about it x

Style Spot said...

I love fringes..especially on bags! And I am so putting the Thayer Crete miniskirt on my wishlist. Great post as always!


Diego R. Wyatt said...

I love the reinvention of the flapper, especially the Chanel Couture collection with all of the pieces and accessories inspired from that era. Now, only if menswear could be this creative lol

Vain and Vapid said...

I like those fringed boots, I just got some myself.

PS: Sure, I'd be happy to trade links ....

Tinsley said...

this is my favourite era of style...
i love the viktor & rolf blouse and the elizabeth and james jacket
great post!

Kate said...

Hmmm...not so into fringe but you make some pretty compelling arguments. Love the heels and scarves as belts. Great post.

shopinchic said...

Love! My personal fave? The black
Foley + Corinna fringe blouse.
Perfect for parties,casual

Angela said...

i am trying to stay away from fringe fashion but it seens i can't escape. then maybe if i can't beat them, i shall join?

Nikki said...

I like the rose pink fringed bag! I love fringe, but sadly can't find a lot of variations here in the philippines. great post carrie, as always =)

Cupcakes and Cashmere said...

i've always been wildly drawn to fringe dresses and i think when paired with some flat boots, creates a fabulous look (that never looks like a flapper).

Cammila said...

Very cool post -- I like how things look so romantic but also unabashedly sexy in a lot of ways.

Oh and thanks for the add! I have totally linked you as well! :)

laura said...

I love the Jimmy Choos, perfect for fall and will go with just about anything. Great collection of pictures.

Dana (MODAna) said...

I love feathers.
So much.
And fringe.
And couture.

elysia mann said...

yay i love fringe!

Pamela Tan said...

ive been wanting a fringe dress for soooo long... i shud learn DIY! :):)

J said...

I like the anna sui blue fringe boots! gahhh.

Annie Spandex said...

I like the French Connection dress. It's like a muppet and a baseball tee combined to make a funky cool dress! lol...

WendyB said...

Did you do this just to torment me with wonderful fringe options?

Anonymous said...

Great post!!

Grayburn said...

That's great, I can go shop in my mom's closet and dig out pieces like these to wear this year!

x Grayburn

Ella Gregory said...

That Galliano dress was an amazing way to start this post. I also loved the DKNY dress, so pretty!

Songy said...

Hermes gear is classic. I'm digging the whole look. I'll have to see where I could score similar stuff!
Ta muchly for the round up on fringe.

gros bisous
xx ^^ songy

Blonde hair, Blue jeans said...

ohh! i really love all that finged clothes! so elegant and fashionable!

Debbie Shiamay said...

These photos are great. You have an eye for trend spotting!!!

Ida said...

Very stylish and put together post as usual, CC! Loved it.

Sr Q said...

Que bonito te ha quedado hoy con los flecos, te habrá llevado un montón buscar las fotos. A mí me encanta el primer pase de Galliano, me parece precioso.

Un saludo.

Seeker said...

Great post at usual CC
I'm so into the fringe look, but I've seen a thing to buy :(


Crave said...

As always, wonderful post!! I love this trend and am glad it's here and in full force!

Ana said...

Thanks for the comment. Coincidentially I just posted an outfit with a fringed bag.

Anonymous said...

though i don't love all those designs. i do adore the flapper inspiried dresses and as well the tokyo street style - vogue ones. =) another brilliant post. ^_^

Economy of Style said...

Oh yes. I especially love fringe on shoes and bags.

Siljesfashion said...

Great post! Love those fringes. The Gucci fall collection is a favorite of mine.

Myriam said...

Lovee the fringes!! Wonder if it would look good on me though..haha! I think I'd like to have a fringe skirt!

Shay said...

wow, some very sophisticated usage of fringe here!

Julia said...

My mom tried to get me into fringe with a 3.1 phillip lim dress and I just couldn't do it [even though it looked great on!] it's one of those trends that keeps coming back and I'm going to have to keep ignoring because I think it's silly on 90% of people.

LuLu124 said...

absolutely gorgeous!!!!! amazing items :) xoxo, lulu

Elizabeth said...

I've never seen so many fascinating examples of fringe in my life. I love this.

trishie said...

Fringes on boots look like so much fun to wear!