Monday, December 9, 2013

‘THE GATSBY’ Collection by MARK / GIUSTI

Mark Farhat is the creative director behind the MARK / GIUSTI brand. He founded the luxury brand in 2009 to reiterate the meaning of the term luxury after it was mass-marketed and overused within the fashion industry. MARK / GIUSTI specialises in luxury leather bags and accessories that cater for men and women who want style and practicality within their wardrobe.
“The Gatsby” collection by MARK / GIUSTI was inspired by F. Scott Fitzgerald’s infamous book The Great Gatsby. This collection captures the essence of 1920s fashion with the addition of a modern taste. The 1920s had a profound influence on men’s fashion and style throughout the years.
The cars were also as luxurious as the style it seems. When it comes to Weddings, most brides and grooms like to be escorted in a vintage style car that dates back to the roaring twenties.
When you think of the 1920s, you visualise ladies in elegant gowns being courted by gentleman in tailored attire that exuded class. Men dressed to impress, and took pride in their wardrobe.
Men have become increasingly conscious of their image in recent years. The MARK / GIUSTI brand understands men’s awareness of their own personal appearance, and as a result, it has produced a range of leather products that are stylish and functional to fit the needs of the men who are once again embracing fashion.
The essence of  haute couture style that was once so evident in men’s fashion is certainly still apparent in this collection, but it is still rich in modern taste too. The silk accessories combined with the “Milano” leather briefcase are a beautiful addition to this suit.
Each MARK / GIUSTI product is carefully handcrafted by Italian Artisans to achieve the exceptionally high standard of quality and attention to detail expected from a luxury leather brand.
The idea of these luxury leather products is to provide men with the versatility they need in their daily lives. These accessories can be worn for formal or casual attire and work beautifully with any style.
Sophisticated and stylish office accessories to add some life to formal attire for the working gentleman.
There is a range of collections each as versatile as the other. They are the perfect accessories to add some spice to casual attire as well as to your luggage.
With Christmas just around the corner, a MARK / GIUSTI bag is the perfect gift this Christmas! Everyone wants a Christmas present that they love but they also want it to be something they can use.  Well a Mark / GIUSTI leather bag or an elegant silk accessory embodies all the style and functionality a man could need.


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This collection looks amazing. Love how sophisticated it is.


I love these images, and of course anything Gatsby inspired. xx/M

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