Friday, December 27, 2013

Sassy Swimwear

Darlings, CC is so excited to introduce you to Lala Land Swim, a fabulous line of swimwear for both men and women founded in 2010 by the lovely Shireen, whom CC was delighted to collaborate with on this post!  Here's a bit about the collection from the website:

"What makes Lala Land designs truly unique is the collaboration between the label and painters, graphic artists, illustrators and jewellery makers from the UK, Italy, Ibiza, Australia and beyond.  The artists' abstract concepts translate into detailed and intricate garments, mixing fluid patterns and stunning textures. The latest collection, Escape, came into fruition following collaboration with Italian artist and illustrator Homopatico, whose work was incorporated in the final design. There is an element of surprise and delight in each collection, so that the final result is not just swimwear but pieces of art that capture the spirit of the artists, their land and their stories, transporting the wearer to a world that is Lala Land.  Lala Land swimwear exudes an organic, effortless style, with wearable quality fabrics that are timeless, unique and individual for men and women of all ages and sizes. Quality and durability is key to the label, Lala Land favours only the finest lycra and lining imported from Italy. Garments are designed in the UK and Europe in collaboration with artists and jewellers and proudly manufactured in Australia."

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Frill bandeau top and Peep Hole bottom.

Gathered bandeau top and rabbit tie pants.

Halter bandeau and skirtini.

Multi Strap triangle bikini.

Ring bandeau and mini briefs.

Square bandeau and brief ~ CC has and adores!
The cutout is so chic and fun, and the fit, color and construction are perfection!

Warrior One monokini.
CC adores the tribal beading!
Which of these sassy suits are you smitten with?
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erika sorocco said...

OBSESSED with the Gathered bandeau top and rabbit tie pants!!


Kashaya said...

Cute swimwear.=)

Shybiker said...

So cute! I want these.

Rachella - said...

The 2nd one is really cute! X