Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Tips for Buying a Diamond Bracelet

Diamond bracelets are a jewelry wardrobe must-have. They are dazzling, stylish and extremely versatile. However, there are a variety of styles to choose from and many things that should be considered when buying diamond jewelry. This article will provide you with all the information you’ll need to make an informed diamond bracelet purchase.

There are so many beautiful styles of diamond bracelet available. Here are brief descriptions of the most popular ones:
Tennis Bracelet – A diamond tennis bracelet (also called a line bracelet) is simply a line of diamonds set end-to-end. It is a classic style and the one of the first styles that come to mind when people think of a diamond bracelet.
Designer Diamond Bracelet – Designer bracelets include a variety of unique elements. This type of diamond bracelet can feature vintage or modern designs, two-toned components, links, intricate details and the diamonds can be set in many different ways.
Red Carpet Bracelet – These eye-catching bracelets are a real show stopper. These aren’t just designer bracelets that can be worn day or night; these are diamond bracelets that make a statement of glamour and incredible taste. 

As always, when you are purchasing diamond jewelry, you want to consider the 4Cs; color, clarity, cut and carat weight.
Color – Refers to the absence of color in a clear diamond.
Clarity – Refers to the absence or presence of natural imperfections in the diamond that are caused as the diamond is being formed.
Cut – This does not refer to shape, instead cut refers to the proportions of the stone. A diamond that is cut to deep or too shallow can have a negative effect on the way light reflects through the stone.
Carat Weight – Refers to the weight of the stone. Diamonds are priced per carat; the larger the diamond, the rarer the stone and thus the greater the price per carat.

Budget is also something you always want to consider when purchasing diamond jewelry. If you set a budget, then it helps you decide what quality and total carat weight of diamonds you would like to have included in the diamond bracelet. You can use a budget as a starting point to make an informed decision.

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Erika @ ~TiptoeButterfly~ said...

joe and I are all about the ring right now - so many options and figuring out what's best for budget/future - we're weighing all the options to see what makes sense (we plan on baby making soon as i get the ring - which makes the ring fund an issue)

Kashaya said...

Lovely bracelets.=)

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Gosh, they are all beautiful!


Georgina said...

I think it is SO incredibly important to be educated before spending a large chunk of money on diamonds. You make an excellent point (and I love that last bracelet!) xo

HiFashion said...

Great tips. I'll definitely keep them in mind when I eventually buy diamonds.

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great tips ! I wisg I had one :)

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I really want some diamond earrings.

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beautiful... I've ALWAYS wanted a tennis bracelet


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So beautiful and stylish bracelets. Love them all.

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