Sunday, April 14, 2013

Architectural Inspiration: Divine DVF

Diane von Furstenberg's NYC apartment, pictured via

Acne Baby cotton-blend twill dress; this and next at

Charlotte Olympia Love Dolly twill and calf hair pumps.

Whiting & Davis minaudiere; this and next at 
Fallon Jewelry extra large stud swag necklace.
Darlings, what do you think of this divine designer's space and the look it inspired?


Ann said...

Beautiful pieces...
and love the couch on DVF's NY apartment and I like her personality too.

Erika said...

I want Diane's apartment. Not to mention that Acne dress and Fallon Jewelry necklace. Gorgeous CC!! :)

Amanda Chic said...

What a cool post!! :)

A chic kiss ;)

Hannah Layford said...

love the apartment photo

Hannah xx

judith said...

Los zapatos preciosos!!

Panty Buns said...

I suspect this will be considered heresy, but I don't think of Ms Furstenberg's taste as divine at all, though I do like a few of her designs. I love the lips shaped couch though I'd be concerned about getting too wild on it with those glass tables next to it. I think yellow flowers would be a nice touch in the vase. The painting and drawings on the wall behind the couch are amusing. I guess she has a sense of humour. The rug is definitely not my taste. It makes me thing of creepy-crawly things.

I like the dress because of the colour. That's one thing I really like very much both about DVF's space and the dress - pink is my favourite colour. I love the look of the Whiting & Davis minaudiere from Shopbop. Heavy gold necklaces are pretty and the one from Fallon jewelry would be perfect with more modern outfits. I feel like it's not quite a match in era for the dress though.

Perhaps the incongruity is the point. The lips shaped sofa is modern whilst the lavatory in the painting behind it is decidedly vintage. The modern necklace has that same incongruity with the more traditional dress. Then again it could be that I'm subconsciously annoyed at DVF for not doing more to promote awareness eating disorders and trying to avoid promoting them.

md said...

El vestido rosa es precioso. Me gusta.

Buen día.