Friday, March 13, 2009

Truly Terrific Tights and CC Stockingirl Giveaway #2!

Darlings, as we transition from winter to spring (or vice versa, for those in the Southern Hemisphere!), fabulous legwear is a must!
CC is proud to present editorial, runway, real way and shopping options, and another CONTEST [see bottom of post]!

Fashion Flashback at left: Anna Sui
British Vogue editorial by photographer Paolo Roversi
Chinese Vogue editorial
Doo.Ri; this and other runway photos courtesy except where credited otherwise
Eley Kishimoto
Gaspard Yurchievich
Issey Miyake; this and next two via
Jean Paul Gaultier
Les Copains
Luella Bartley; this and next three via
Stella McCartney
Rick Owens
Vivienne Westwood
Alexander McQueen windmill print tights
Burnout swirl tights; this and next two available at
Chanel-esque Either Or tights
Look from London wild garden tights
Vena Cava leather leggings; this and next five at
Helmut Lang suede leggings
Kova & T grey lace leggings
Leyendecker ripped leggings
Pencey pieced leggings
Sass & Bide metallic smocked leggings

Fellow Fashionista LoveMore wearing her Stockingirl tights!

CC presents another Fash-Libs Giveaway!
Enter to win these fabulous tights from! All you need to do is enter the 10 Fash-Libs requests below in the comment box. The winner, randomly chosen tomorrow at 11 a.m., will receive a brand new pair of Stockingirl tights in the delectable “Macau Pucci” pattern, pictured below right [One Size Fits Most]! Limit one entry per blogger, please!

(1) adverb
(2) adjective
(3) adjective
(4) adjective
(5) favorite Designer
(6) least favorite Designer
(7) Handbag Designer
(8) Exclamation
(9) City
(10) Adjective

Good luck darlings, and have fun! The contest is open to everyone, including CC’s international Fellow Fashionistas!
Tune in tomorrow to see CC’s Fash-Lib completed with the winner’s responses and see who won the Stockingirl tights!


omotayo™ said...

1. amazingly
2. those
3. gorgeous
4. skinny
5. valentino
6. henry holland
7. valextra
8. not hot!
9. Milan
10. fabulous said...

1. amazingly
2. adorable
3. pretty
4- talentum
5. Chanel
6. Versace (maybe)
7. Furla
8. Coooooool!
9. Paris
10. beautiful

Anonymous said...

1. boastfully
2. vivacious
3. enchanting
4. sustainable
5. Betsey Johnson
6. Heatherette
7. Genevieve Jones
8. To Die For!
9. Mumbai
10. supercilious

style munch said...

1) craftily
(2) detailed
(3) ripped
(4) eccentric
(5) lanvin
(6) least favorite Designer
(7) balenciaga
(8) what the!?
(9) new york
(10) marvelous

Emma said...

(1) enticingly
(2) luxurious
(3) whimsical
(4) inspiring
(5) zac posen
(6) cavalli
(7) chanel
(8) shabam!
(9) amsterdam
(10) dramatic

love the blog by the way!

Anonymous said...

(1) naturally
(2) standout
(3) elaborate
(4) classic
(5) alexander wang
(6) anne klein??
(7) fendi
(8) oh mon dieu!
(9) austin
(10) current

Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

the contrasting tights are all so fabulous!

my entry:
depends on the collection really
miu miu

Fifi Flowers said...

Ooooh Good GAWD... it is too early in the morning to the morning to think... the coffee has not kicked in... what is an adverb? noun? what's my name? Does that mean I am just too old to be part of this contest?
Those leggings are sooooooooo Fifi in art school!
1. FUN
2. FUN
3. FUN
4. FUN
5. FUN
6. FUN
7. FUN
8. FUN
9. FUN
Happy Fashionable Friday!!!

Eda said...

5.John Galliano
6.Josh Goot
7.Thornton Bregazzi
8.O la la!

WendyB said...

I love looking at patterned tights and have a few pairs but rarely feel up for wearing them...I'll let someone else win the contest :-)

Nemerae said...

They are amazing!! :P
(1) extremely
(2) gorgeous
(3) funny
(4) cute
(5) Alexander McQueen
(6) Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada
(7) Prada
(8) wow!
(9) London
(10) wonderful


carolina @ patagonia gifts said...

1) absolutely
2) cheerful
3) bubbly
4) sparkling
5) RL
6) Versace
7) Fendi
8) Woo-hoo!
9) Barcelona
10) charming

Loved this, darling!

Rebirth said...

I have to win this time...........:)

1. seriously
2. beautiful
3. big
4. gorgeous
5. Chanel
6. Louis Vitton
7. Balenciaga
8. Oh!!!!!!
9. Paris
10. exotic

Baybay Mama said...

1) frivolously
(2) cute
(3) spunky
(4) funny
(5) Chloe
(6) tough but maybe jeremy scott
(7) Balenciaga
(8) Holy Cow!
(9) New York City
(10) gruesome

KillaCamilla said...

how fun!

5)Alice Temperley
6)Tommy Hilfiger
7)Marc Jacobs
8)Bangarang Rufio! (peter
9)San Francisco

Luka said...

(1) happily
(2) talented
(3) funny
(4) amazing
(5) Dean and Dan Caten
(6) Yohji Yamamoto
(7) D&G
(8) oh God!
(9) New York
(10) extraordinary

Wanderlusting said...

Really like anything subtle and lacey.

Not entering the contest though lol, we all know what happened last time I wore "loud" tights :)


Anonymous said...

(1) seductively
(2) stunning
(3) divine
(4) delicious
(5) Stella McCartney
(6) Wunderkind
(7) Hermes
(8) Brilliant!
(9) Paris
(10) luscious

Hemaly said...

(1) strickingly
(2) fuzzy
(3) frilly
(4) airy
(5) Karl Lagerfeld
(6) Issac Mizrahi
(7) Ferragamo
(8) Are you kidding me?!
(9) New York City
(10) Slinky

Lady Sumire said...

(1) slowly
(2) shiny
(3) free
(4) crazy
(5) Marc Jacobs
(6) Stefano Pilatti
(7) Marc By Marc Jacobs
(8) Síiiiii!
(9) Berlin
(10) magic

Thanx for your comment!

Jadore-Fashion said...

5.Chanel phat
9. St. Paul
10. powerful

this was fun, have a lovely weekend!

Miss Yaya said...

love it

nominated ya

Char Ruiz Manjarrez said...

Fun! Although I won't enter of course, I'm a guy so I don't think I would have a lot of use for those terrific tights! Loved the post very complete, my fave were the stella mccartney's


Lisa said...

Ooh fun!

1. astoundingly
2. scrumptiuos
3. divine
4. delectable
5. Oscar de la Renta
6. Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton
7. Botkier
8. Aiya!
9. Paris
10. luxurious

Syed said...

Yum gotta love patterned tights!! The Vogue UK photo is fantastic, and those Luella golden tights are so wonderful :) Oh and those Vivenne Westwoods are to die for! And I think I shall be staying out of the competition ;)

Beauty Standard Blog said...

Such amazing pair of tights in this post. They've become a huge part of winter wear, especially since the materials they were made of started to evolve.

I'm entering just for fun :)

(1) surprisingly
(2) rad
(3) fabulous
(4) fierce
(5) Alexander Wang
(6) Pucci
(7) Mulberry
(8) phew!
(9) Paris
(10) restless

Anonymous said...

(1) extremely
(2) fabulous
(3) ferocious
(4) fierce
(5) Ricardo Tisci
(6) Betsey Johnson
(7) Silvia Venturini Fendi
(8) Oh my god!
(9) Dubai

Love McQueen + McCartney!


Gigi said...

1. sexily
2. testy
3. frank
4. fearless
5. Valentina Schlee
6. Roksanda Ilincic
7. Cynthia Rowley
8. Hott Damn!!
9. Amsterdam
10. elegant

Allison said...

Darling, this is so fun :)

1. Amazingly
2. Beautiful
3. Stunning
4. Purple
5. Zac Posen
6. probably Henry Holland
7. Balenciaga
8. Wow!
9. Tokyo
10. Fabulous

Anonymous said...

Fun tights are my religion !!!

(1) mischievously
(2) lactescent
(3) intense
(4) velvet
(5) Alessandro dell'Acqua
(6) Cavalli
(7) Marc Jacobs
(8) Bummer !
(9) Rome
(10) tragic

shopinchic said...

(1) Wonderfully
(2) Ethereal
(3) Glamorous
(4) Genius
(5) Diane von Furstenberg
(6) Prada
(7) Dooney & Bourke
(8) Yeah!
(9) Tokyo
(10) Magnificent

HoneyBunny said...

I love all of those quirky looking cool!
I've never won anything when it's chosen randomly so I'll just leave this one:)) :**

Unknown said...

Yay!! I didn't miss this contest!! Gorgeous stockings by the way, I hope hotlanta weather permits this look at least for a little while!

1) quickly
(2) sweet
(3) fabulous
(4) to die for
(5) Marc Jacobs
(6) Lacoste
(7) D&G
(8) Zounds!!
(9) Paris
(10) gorgeous

erika sorocco said...

Oh my gosh! I so love that first picture. I want to paste it on my bedroom wall for inspiration!

1. Fabulously
2. Cute
3. Adorable
4. Whimsical
5. Chanel
6. Alexander McQueen
7. Balenciaga
8. Wicked!
9. London
10. Whimsical

Annabelle Rachael Taylor said...

your blog is amazing. i'm impressed :)
i loved all the tights and leggings.
so are the majority of them from stockinggirl.
i had a quick look.


Sasi said...

(1) extremely
(2) fabulous
(3) beautiful
(4) sunny
(5) Giorgio Armani
(6) Gosh, this is a tough one!
(7) Fendi
(8) Oh my Gosh!
(9) New York
(10) precious

Thanks for telling me about the contest, darling:) Love this post, spring makes me wanna show more legs eheh; Doo.Ri is definitely my fave among your picks.

Unknown said...

I love the two/tone tights ...Fashlibs ...FUNNY!

Frankie said...

Ohhhh, GREAT tights CC!

(1) Cheekily
(2) Vivid
(3) Warm
(4) Effervescent
(5) Hannah Marshall
(6) Juicy Couture
(7) Mulberry
(8) Wowze!
(9) London
(10) Striking

I hopes I win!


Graça Ventura Medeiros said...

1) luckily
(2) awsome
(3) gorgeous
(4) amazing
(5) carl l
(6) prada
(7) lv
(8) wow
(9) nyc
(10) chic

muchlove said...

(1) wonderfully
(2) cute
(3) sweet
(4) whimsical
(5) Anna Sui
(6) lauren conrad
(7) Balenciaga
(8) wow!
(9) london
(10) amazing

Seeker said...

Great post CC, such gorgeous tights.

And OMG I love to do these contests, even just for the fun of doing this... so:

Alexander McQueen
Louis Vitton

Thank you lovely CC


Trish said...

Omg! I'm really jealous with thos tights! I badly want all of it! Hihi. :)

María Pilar Bernal Maya said...

6.Agata Ruiz de la Prada
8.oh my God!

I love all tights!!! kss

Miranda said...

i adore these
too bad i only wear simple black ones haha


hey sweety do you know where can i get the leggings from the dream video , check out my blog you'll see the ones i'm talking about!!kiss

Anonymous said...

Really fabulous tights you've shown here. I especially love the ones Karlie Kloss is wearing in that photo near the end.

freeteyme said...

(1) happily
(2) gorgeous
(3) spectacular
(4) lovely
(5) Prada
(6) Rick Owens
(7) Balenciaga
(8) Cool!
(9) New York
(10) fabulous

Have a great weekend CC!

Yuri said...

1. Gorgeously
2. Awesome
3. Bold
4. Fabulous
5. Valentino
6. Versace (sometimes)
7. Prada
8. OMG !!
9. Paris
10. Pretty

Tiffany said...

awesome! I hope I win! :)
(1) adverb - willingly
(2) adjective - lovely
(3) adjective - gorgeous
(4) adjective - adorable
(5) favorite Designer - Rag and Bone
(6) least favorite Designer - Baby Phat
(7) Handbag Designer - Prada
(8) Exclamation - AWESOME!
(9) City - Paris
(10) Adjective - fabulous

oniomania said...

am i too late? here is my entry anyway :)

1. aspiringly
2. colourful
3. jucy
4. exuberant
5. chanel
6. tommy hilfiger
7. oroton
8. So Fu#*ing What!!!
9. melbourne
10. melodic

Anonymous said...

love it :D

Unknown said...

Oh no! I will leave the tights to other lucky gals! The white lace tights are particularly covetable.

Anonymous said...

That is hot!

ivoreece said...

So nice tights and dresses... I would buy most of them! :P

Laura in Paris said...

I had a pair of colorful patterned tights a friend of my mother had brought me from Paris ... in 1970 ... I loved them, but people would stare at me at parties, at that time, colorful prints were not the trend in Chicago! Glad to see they're back.

Anika said...

Great minds think alike (I was thinking of doing a tights post too :). I'm more enamoured with the wide range of uber cool, eclectic, tights available these days!

Still crushing on the Rodarte ones though, but will have to make do with a New Zealand imitation of the Rodartes.

Have a lovely weekend, gorgeous

caroline said...

(1) marvelously
(2) colourful
(3) wonderful
(4) fantastic
(5) Chloé
(6) Rudy Wolff
(7) Hérmes
(8) Seriously?!
(9) Paris
(10) ladylike

Btw, the first picture is absolutely fab! Folklore / Hippie - I LOVE!

Ellie Lee said...

LOVE your post, as usual:D I love the tights featured on both British and Chinese Vogue; ESP, the fabulous ripped ones! HAHA

(1) Wonderfully
(2) Pretty
(3) Grungey
(5) Balmain
(6) Alexander McQueen
(7) PRADA!
(8) FAB!
(9) TOKYO!
(10) Adorable

gybe ♥ said...

first photo from anna sui so sweettttt !!!
i want it all :' ) so love'in it!!

T said...

Designers get so creative and imaginative with tights -- love it!

Amazing Style said...

your blog is beautiful
i hope you won't mind if, soon, i will use you as reference on my blog

Susie Bubble said...

Not entering the comp but this season has thrown up some pretty amazing hoisery....

melina said...

I want any of these tights!

Anonymous said...

Woot Woot!!!!! I hope, hope, I hope I win this time!!!

(1) Foxy
(2) Ravishing
(3) Glamorous
(4) Drop-dead gorgeous
(5) Chole
(6) Tommy Hilfiger
(7) Chole
(8) Fabulous Darling
(9) Tokyo
(10) Charming

Unknown said...

wow, gutted i missed out on this comp, but i love these tights anyways! i hope you have another one soon!