Sunday, August 31, 2008

Z is for . . .

Over the past several weeks, CC delighted in presenting her Fellow Fashionistas with an alphabetical fall trend primer. If you missed a few posts and need a recap, see the intro here. Taken together, the mood this autumn--brought about by a lovely cross-section of pretty paisleys, fabulous fringe, billowy fabrics, playful prints and bold color--brings CC a real ZEN feeling.
Yes, "Zen Fashion" is actually a video game! But more importantly, it’s a step on the path to enlightenment.

You know it when you find it: that perfect piece that is entirely YOU! Though zen fashion for fall is typified by boho luxe, embodied in the runway looks pictured here, you can interpret it in your own way!

Gucci’s Autumn ad campaign makes CC feel at peace…

Anna Sui
Dries van Noten

Photo credits:
Runway pictures via
For video game at top of post, visit
Just Cavalli
For some, zen fashion is quite literal: find a fabulous accessory to align your chakras. For yogis and the like-minded, there is Chakra Sky Jewelry by Shirley MacLaine. Visit for more on the “science” behind these oversize baubles.
Contrary to what its name might connote, the Gucci Hysteria tote may bring you inner peace! Available at Bergdorf Goodman. Thanks, Songy!

For most, a floaty and flattering frock is the ultimate in clothing enlightenment. CC loves this Roberto Cavalli silk chiffon halter gown. Visit to buy.
Note: CC received several comments on yesterday's
Yardage post about how unflattering long frocks are on petite ladies. CC respectfully disagrees! Have your dress tailored properly and don a killer pair of platforms and you will be surprised at how statuesque you look! Case in point: Ashley Olsen, left.
But if you don't believe CC, or if perhaps something shorter might be more liberating for you...
This JMM mini flower print silk chiffon dress with flutter sleeves is the ultimate in hippie refinement.

This and next two looks at
CC also adores the carefree chic of this T-Bags silk ruffle front print dress.
Does teal tantalize you? Get this Haute Hippie gold beaded v-neck frock!
Perhaps a pop of color in a refined print will help you chase away the blues . . . Try this Thomas Wylde printed chiffon blouse, available at

What is ZEN to you?
Darlings, this brings our ABCs of fall to a close, but do not fret! There are many scrumptious September styles on the way. Here’s a sampling of what's in store: patent bags, luscious legwear, marvelous mittens, Hitchcock heroines, peplums, blue blazes, spats, luxury, architecture in fashion, repurposing, and equestrian chic.

So stay tuned!
And in the meantime, Happy Labor Day, and enjoy this last gasp of bikini weather!
La Lohan circa 2004 at left, via Vanity Fair.


leeselooks said...

gucci hysteria please.

so sad its over... what a wonderful journey through fashion.

THANK YOU love. so much work went in to it and I just want you to know how great it was.

Hunters Glory said...

Z is for zank you for doing this a-z was fun!
I know 'zank' for 'thank' is a bit of a stretch heck with it! haha


Anonymous said...

one word-- wow

Sharon S said...

Yaay-congrats on reaching Z in stunning style couture carrie-I loved all of the series!! My faves today are the Issa dress and the Guccis!!

Miranda said...

gucci's ads are too beautiful.
wonderful a-z cc! <3

Miranda said...

hahaha clever you! he did!
you deserve a cookie ;)

Missa said...

Great series of posts and I love the concept of zen fashion! Wonderful how it sort of combines everything from A-Z :)

Kate said...

I've loved the A-Z well done. Kind of sad to see it end.

Siljesfashion said...

Cant wait for your other posts! Thank you for all the great ones so far. Love the Hysteria collection and the Gucci fall line is my favorite so far.


fantastic, Gucci is amazing!

a kiss!!!

we wear things said...

ooh fantastic prints! i'm generally a bit hesitant with prints.. but some of these are lovely!


WendyB said...

I"m loving the Hysteria bag.

hollyshambles.x said...

eeek, the gucci! i adore it :D

also how on earth have i not come across your blog before? its fantastic, i'll definitely be adding you to my blogroll (:

Jasmine said...

love bobo chic !

J'aime le bobo chic

choppyshades said...

i love the dress on pic #3. sexxy

Anonymous said...

I loved this a-z posts. Good work, CC!

Zen fashion is a philosophy (can't spell - or can I?). I love it.

Rock on!

MDS* said...

I love the Hermes suede boots. I've got a vintage pair in black a couple of weeks ago and need to find another pair in brown.

Leire said...

Great blog !!!!!

shopinchic said...

Very clever! Keep up the good work!


Good Gucci, and Cavalli!

Anonymous said...

Wow I think you saved the best post till last! I love absolutely everything here. I'm not normally a bohemian but I'm willing to make an exception!

Wahiba said... blog...keep up tha gd worrkk....X

LCL said...

The ad at the top is one of my favorites. I think it's Gucci? Anyway, the Russian Peasant thing looks good and I especially loved the dancing folk-y animals stitched on the sides of the hand bags

Sienna said...'s over!! :(

Tricia said...

what a great run of the alphabet! love the zen, the dries is some of my favorite.

dee said...

I love the maxi dresses and gorgeous prints. And I think, perhaps, that you're sending LiLo some good, zen-like karma with this post. Don't think I didn't notice that shot at the end, CC!

Such a great series. You kicked ass on this, mama!

Danz said...

You did an excellent job at presenting the Fall Fashion A to Z list CC! It must've taken some serious planning but you pulled it off so well. Looking forward to other A to Z lists for upcoming seasons.

I love how easy yet dramatic Zen fashion can be, the flowy clothing in particular. The long, airy dresses are relaxed and beautiful, and all the prints and colours are mesmerizing.

I hope you're enjoying your Labor Day weekend dear! Take care :)

Secretista said...

I agree with hunters glory. Zanks lovely!!

Trish Baluyot said...

Yes, I agree. I really love that scarf and I can't believe errbody's loving it too. :)
Thanks for viewing my blog. Would you like to link up? I'll link you too.

chauss said...

this was a fanastic series of threads! thanks. :)
zen for me is buying all the stuff i want on the astral plane (money is available anywhere you want it) and then being able to wear it back on third dimension...

Nancy said...

I love the Gucci ads. The tribal prints (Zen prints?) are simply amazing. I need to get a dress with such a pattern immediatelyyyy!

Sabrina Ines said...

Oh my god! It`s fantastic!!!

Thanks for U comment!


Sa! MAG!

Angela said...

CC, I totally agree with you about long frocks on petite gals. I am 5'4" but I heart long dresses. I always make sure they are not tents, rather taylor pieces and killer heels, of course. a gal at any height can look savvy.

Aliena said...

I wish I could get that Gucci look.. I actually feel totally un-zenned when looking at it, because it desestabalizes me, hehehhehe

Style Spot said...

another fabulous post yet again, you never stop to amaze me! you have really impressed me with all of these a-z posts, dear. Thank you for every single one of them!


Moder said...

Wow... me encantan estos vestidos, sobre todo los largos, podría vestirme así cada día del año, lo juro :-D

Songy said...

is this it! oh dear.. end... so I suspect CC has something else lined up for us.

Patri Jorge said...

as usual...a good notes to be consider darling!. Greetings from the canaries.

Sr Q said...

Hermés el mejor, es folk y a la vez chic y eso me encanta. Un saludo ;)

En cuanto a Gucci el gran problema es que siempre crea la misma silueta pero adapta a una tendencia diferente.

María Pilar Bernal Maya said...

Glamorous and fashionated post as always. I love your blog!!!

Marian said...

Ok i need the Gucci hysteria in my life right about now! how fab is it?!! Carrie im sad now,how am I gonna make it without CC's A-Z..
Each was fabu!Thing that needs to be published to be frank. Anyho,the Dries piece in the Zen posting is to die for.So much inspiration from it all. Thanks CC!

BuzzBuzzO said...

Wow. U have time for this kinda stuff? I cant even keep up with teen vouge! :D
PS check out my blog.

Syed said...

The prints are sooo beautiful!! And may I just say I LOVED the A-Z, it was suuuuper :)

S (formerly of Modern-Guilt) said...

One of the coolest posts yet! LOVED the A-Z thing CC, you put these things together like no one I've ever seen. Totally, totally fabulous.

Couture Carrie said...

So glad you enjoyed CC's ABCs, darlings! It was my pleasure to bring them to you :)
And maybe I will do as Danz suggested and alphabetize the next season as well?
Special should out to Detour for the feature!!


Seeker said...

You called me silly… sniff, sniff.

Daniela Valdez said...

Hi Carrie! I love these outfits... Zen is one of my favourite words.

I enjoyed it all.. from A to Z.. it was really amazing!!

Seeker said...

Humm... You made me smile, so I'm happy now :)

I loved the A to Z posts!!!!!
So full of information, great pictures and tips.
It was a remarkble work, I think it should be published in a mag or something like that.

So, my talented CC I'm with Danz and think you should do other A to Z lists for upcoming seasons.


Elizabeth said...

A perfect end to a great series of posts. Nice job, CC!

Songy said...

there goes show how *thoroughly* I read all your post. D'oh!
I even miss my own name. Blimey.
What can I say, CC. I'm thoroughly embarrassed.

Thank you so much for the shout-out!
You know I'm a CC post addict..keep it coming!

Nicole Linette said...

CC, you are a genius :]