Friday, August 15, 2008

J is for Jumpsuit!

CC promises this trend is not as horrifying as it sounds!
Perhaps it's the recent superhero obsession, but it seems as if nearly every designer sent at least one union suit down the runway, so this is not a mere blip on the radar!
Even the best-dressed celebs are jumping for this trend!!
At right: Blake Lively via
Pretty patterned (and pretty skimpy!) at Betsey Johnson

Runway photos courtesy

Skin-tight 80s inspiration, also Betsey Johnson
Obi-belted at Daughters by Obedient Sons
Velvet and frills at Derek Lam

Tweed perfection at Dolce & Gabbana
Dries van Noten -
the Ikat Catwoman?
Orange you glad that Hermés has a jumpsuit, too? And in a a pretty paisley print, no less!
Cropped, hooded and houndstooth at Jaeger London
Jens Laugsen's Star Trek chic!
Jill Stuart sequined sleeveless jumpsuit - disco IS back!
Postmodern angles at Maison Martin Margiela
Taking the sexy plunge at Marchesa;
CC love the tuxedo vibe here!
Return to the Blue Lagoon at Martin Grant
(and no offense, but: Is it CC or is that model like, 90?)
Strapless and sassy at Missoni
Miu Miu’s surfer-inspired perforated jumpsuit
Lovely lace at Naeem Khan
Blue-collar inspiration at Preen
Roksanda Ilincic’s perfect pouf
Sexy navy silk at Salvatore Ferragamo
Diaphanous billows at Stella McCartney
A “Sprockets” turtleneck unionsuit at Veronique Branquinho
VPL's take, with a zip front and bold blocks of color
Nicole Miller
Nice and neutral - a short jumpsuit, winterized by opaque tights and long underwear-esque layering
Sonia Rykiel's striped romper, with matching cardi - it's playtime, kids!

As you can see, jumpsuits ranged from miniscule to voluminous and the same variety can be found in the shops!
In the following WHAT TO BUY AND WHERE, looks proceed from short to long!
The Lake & Stars Genius jersey romper with satin front panel
Anna Sui Abstract Zinnias romper
Both at
Above right:
Mint Jodi Arnold collarless slate gray playsuit. Visit to buy.
Karen Zambos Vintage Couture jumper dress, at
Topshop sequin playsuit
Paul & Joe Sister Kenya silk playsuit, at
Tara Matthews Zigzag silk jumpsuit, also at net-a-porter
This ASOS zip front utility jumpsuit is a sweet deal, approx. $60 at

Alexander McQueen all-in-one strapless black suit, at
See by Chloe tie front plunging sleeveless jumpsuit, at
Bebe knotted "nude" halter jumpsuit.
Karen Millen satin jumpsuit, at

Note the styling of these suits by the online purveyors:
The suggestion (and CC rather likes it!) is that we can wear these babies in the evening!
Alexander McQueen tailored all-in-one suit, currently on sale at!
Stella McCartney open back jumpsuit, at net-a-porter

If you’re saying: I wouldn’t wear one of these, even if I were a sky diver – think again!

They are chic layering pieces!!
Try one and you’ll be hooked:
Just add a belt and fabulous topper and you're ready to jump around!!


jess said...

I really want a jumpsuit. I like the sequined one,it looks like the one from Fiest's 1234 video

Christina said...

Great Post... thanks for pointing out how many jumpsuits are in right now. Loving the Betsey Johnson ones, the sequin one and Blake Lively looks amazing in hers.

S (formerly of Modern-Guilt) said...

You truly never fail to impress!
I personally LOVE jumpsuits, rompers, whatever they're called they are awesome! The Anna Sui & Chloe ones here need to get themselves into my closet like NOW :)

Seeker said...

I've been wishing a jsuit since this trend come back in S/S 08, but I never found "The One" :(

Even Enc from OM gave up ;)

Well let's see if the new season brings something to me.

Thanks for posting about.


Unknown said...

I can't choose, some of them I couldn't wear, but there's a few I'd like to have..the Marchesa for a start. The Jaeger also appealed. Very nice selection you've posted.

Unknown said...

Forgot to mention I came by way of Hunter Glory's site.

Chantelle said...

I'm loving the jumpsuit trend! Can't wait to find the perfect one for myself <3

IRIS and PIETER said...

lovely pictures!
seriously adore the outfit of the 4th photo.
the shoes match perfectly!
whoe thanks for the inspiration!

Reena Rai said...

They're scary!! There are so many different styles, I think the easiest to pull off are short ones though. I love the Nicole Miller jumpsuit

Guapóloga said...

I can't help it! Some of them reminds me the Ghostbusters costume :S ha ha ha!

But i recognize Blake looks beautiful!

Un beso!!


Anonymous said...

i wasn't sure about jumpsuit..but..i really like the short grey and black one thanks

Aliena said...

You are right, it sound horrifying, but some of the styles are beautiful. The tuxedo from Marchesa is awesome!

Unknown said...

ah, jumpsuits! I love them but it's hard to find one that looks great and suits your body without breaking the bank! great post!

Miranda said...

i really can't decide whether or not i love it or not...
they seem uber comfortable though!
there are definitely a few i would never don. haha.

Sienna said...

I'm not a big fan of the jumpsuit thing.. I'm way too short to pull it off..but that Dolce one is pretty fab..!

Annie Spandex said...

The space print romper is so fun!

Little Bow Prep said...

Oh, I've definitely seen this trend!

Sadly, it doesn't look very good on me.

Hunters Glory said...

definitley some jump start jump suits!

J is for Jubilant!

Anonymous said...

I like this look on ceratin people. Blake looks AHMAZING! I haven't tried on a jumper in years. I don't know how they'd look on me! =/ Heheh.

Lil' Puch said...

Why do you do this to me!!
Now I'm so desperate to get a JUMPSUIT!!

Cammila said...

I just adore jumpsuits -- I always wanted a crazy silver sci-fi one but I don't know where I'd ever wear it.

WendyB said...

I like the giant ruffles at the bottom of one!

the.ramonas said...

yaiiiiii! they're back! We would like to borrow your picts later on... we want to sell this amazing vintage jumpsuit that we have, we'll let you know...


Kylie said...

Wow, that's quite the collection of jumpsuits! I like rompers most of the time, but they look like they're give mad wedgies 24/7. Just me? okay...

oh ya, about my outift bubbles. I just use paint to draw little pics (clouds, speach bubbles, hearts, ect) and then type the list inside. I match the backround of the shape to my blog's backround to get the illuuuusion of a floating image. Just to do something different than a boring ol' list.

Lil Midget said...

I've never really been a fan of jumpsuits...

Anonymous said...

I love the Betsey Johnson jumpsuits, although I think jumpsuits make me look very young!

Sharon S said...

Hi couture carrie-a really great post, as you've picked out the best here!! I love Betsey Johnsons ones and Marchesa, plus Blake looks really nice in hers!!

Claudia said...

I wanted to tell you my fave's, but god, I love them al!
Who won't jump for this trend?

Siru said...

I'm not the biggest fan of this trend, though I have been looking for a one that would be quite close to skin and sexy.

juliet xxx

Unknown said...

I'm really into the longer length jumpsuits, the lace one is amazing. Probably impractical though, until I become famous!

Lucy said...

maggie's stella mccartney jumpsuit at the batman premier mad me so happy! and blake's is so summery i love it, although it probably only works on girls (like her) who have miles of legs!!

Style Spot said...

I really do love jumpsuits! You have chosen great photos that show the true elegance of jumpsuits! I especially love the Paul & Joe Sister Kenya silk playsuit!

Great post xxx

clareassiral said...

thanks for the lovely comment on my blog. Oh those jumpsuits are awesome, i couldn't keep track on which ones i like!

So Stylish So Sassy said...

OH DEAR...I recently went to a vintage shop and they had one but it was too big on me...I'm still disappointed!

Jadore-Fashion said...

great post, love jumpsuits, love the Naeem Khan, Betsey Johnson, Sonia Rikyel--love the whole 80s thing. till searching for the perfect one :)

ZEPETIT said...

The jumpsuit it´s a very difficult suit. It makes a very short legs... but I want one!


yiqin; said...

Ah I have always wanted a floral jumpsuit!!! But they are all so pricey! :(

james said...

xyreeey :)

Fifi Flowers said...

Worst thing about jumpsuits... Difficult "meetings in the ladies rooms"... forget about "being back real soon"... LOL

Hanne said...

I love the short jumpsuits, but I still haven't bought one... But I'm going to Greece next week, so maybe I should get one for the trip:)

Anonymous said...

oh goodness. i love jumpsuits so much, and you've just presented such a delectable assortment

Myriam said...

I wish I could wear a jumpsuit, haha!

LuLu124 said...

great!!! i've been seeing alot of this trend going around lately and i must say i really must buy a jumpsuit myself!!! :D xoxo, lulu