Saturday, August 30, 2008

Y is for Yardage

The New York Times tried to link the longer hemlines to the tanking economy. Seems rather counter-intuitive! Why spend more money on material when you have less in the bank? Whatever the reason, the yardage of fabric on the fall runways was excessive. The result? Beautiful long lines, voluminous dresses, and skirts for miles.


Gorgeous looks from the Dolce & Gabbana Fall/Winter 2008-2009 ad campaign

At right: Christian Dior

Photo at top of post via Pulse. Other runway photos courtesy unless otherwise credited.
Emilio Pucci, via
Giambattista Valli
Jasmine di Milo, courtesy Paris Vogue
Nina Ricci, via
Marc Jacobs
Gai Mattiolo, via Vogue Paris
Carlos Miele via
Marc Jacobs
Louis Vuitton pre-fall
Ralph Lauren (above and left)
Miss Sixty, courtesy

Antonio Berardi

John Galliano, via


Antonio Berardi
A lovely variety of long frocks awaits. For the next 5 looks, visit
Trade summer’s bright maxi for something a bit more boho luxe for autumn, in richer hues and more sweeping silhouettes.
CC loves these two long frocks by Larsen Gray.
Above right, tank dress with contrast frayed ribbon fringe.
At left, tank pocket evening dress.
For evening, this Jenni Kayne handkerchief gown in gray ombré silk chiffon is divinely elegant.

Or try a comfy yet glamorous T-Bags Grecian dress in deep burgundy.

Attention big budget fashionistas:
Get this Alexander McQueen paisley kaftan gown (above).
Look at this incredible McQueen fabric detailing (left)!

This and the next two dresses at

Vera Wang draped Grecian Goddess Gown . . . For your winter wedding, perhaps?
Roksanda Ilincic Pierrot color block gown
Trousers – Just keep the top half of your look ultra-fitted, maybe a bustier and fitted blazer?

Lela Rose wide leg trouser in metallic tweed
At right:
VPL Swag pant.

Both at

Ralph Lauren
cashmere long flare,
Y’s by Yohji Yamamoto pleated skirt. Visit
f you are skeptical about floor-grazing frocks, really any below-the-knee hemline captures the chic conservative mood of the trend, like this Lida Baday Dégradé tiered skirt, available at

So go the whole nine yards, darlings - literally!


LML said...

i wish i has an excuse everyday to wear superlong, superflowy gowns :)

Dapper Kid said...

Ahh love the super long skirts and dresses, they are wonderful for fall/winter time :) And I think the whole link to the economy comes from the 1950s, where they saw a brief correlation between hemlines and the stock market. Basically when the economy was bad, women dressed more austere and dark, usually meaning longer skirts. When the stocks rose, they wore 'happier' they rose! I quite like the idea of women having a subconscious fashion-economy radar...would be quite interesting!

Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-I'm really loving the Pucci-oh, so covetable!!

charlotte said...

j'adore ton blog et les défilés que tu mets en avant.kis!

Paris Tarts said...

The fall ABC's!! I love the idea. Great work :)


HAPPY ME said...

Awesome pictures! I love them all!!!! I love the Jasmine di Milo looks for sure!!!

and MARC JACOBS is always HAUTE!!!!


Seriously Great Pictures!! You have a talent for putting things like this together!!!! I hope you are getting paid for this kind of expert advertising!!!!

i love the new Fall Fashion looks. Aren't they Dreamy & Comfortable? I love the Flowy-ness of them all. They are all Roomy and Comfortable. I am loving that!!!!

CoutureCarrie said...

Hello darlings and thanks for your wonderful remarks!!

Lml - I totally overdress - will make any excuse to wear a superflowy long gown!

DK - Thanks for your brilliant economic analysis; you are a wealth of knowledge and I so appreciate your thoughtful comments!

Sharon - the Pucci is one of my faves as well!

Charlotte: Merci!

Paris Tarts - Thanks :)

Happy Me - Your enthusiasm is rocking my world today!!

Merriane - Glad you enjoyed the pics. I WISH I were getting $ for this; but seriously the amazing comments from my fellow fashionistas are payment enough!!


Lisa said...

so chic. a black maxi. love long lengthy items like this.

perfect for a summer frolick or fall stroll.

Melissa said...

Mmmm these dresses are perfect. Link exchange, dear?

lara said...

I love the Christian Dior and Emilio Pucci dress, I wish I had the money to buy them :)!

Krissy said...

i love that vera wang grecian dress! i was a grecian princess for halloween in sixth grade;)

Nature Grafitti said...

i wish that i could pull off pieces with more volume, however i am very petit, and everything looks like it is about to drown me :-P
i still have to keep experimenting

J'Adore Fashion said...

love floor length outfit, wish i have reasons to wear gorgeous gowns everyday. great pictures. love the first 3 pictures--tres chic!

Clara Sheller said...

unflattering for petite women!!!!!!

ready, set, go. said...

I love floor length dresses! Unfortunately they look absolutely terrible on me! I'm yet to find one that looks half decent

BHH said...

My favourite from these lovelies would be the Dolce & Gabbana ones.

Maeva said...

I'm not the perfect person who can wear this kind of long skirts but some creations are so amazing !

strikeapose said...

Loving the dolce add campaign!

Nicole Linette said...

Ahhh absolutely everything Dolce & Gabbanna has done this year has made me swoon. Those dresses -- amazing!!

These A-Z posts are so fab. Once you're finished, you should definitely make a review post for those who haven't quite kept up ;)


sydneydoll said...

ive heard that to.
actually taught it when studying

i agree with dapper kid
would be interesting if it were actually true.

Miss Karen said...

wow some of these shapes are really interesting! As a complete and utter short person I can't wear too much fabric because I look silly but hey, these pictures are great to look at instead :D

Wendy said...

I love the first three looks you displayed.

Farren said...

oooh. the paisley mcqueen.... <3 i am in love.

Miranda said...

long skirts and dresses really make you look taller... but i just feel more comfortable in shorter skirts lol :)
i've seen women in maxi dresses and i find them so attractive but i'm afraid i would trip and fall on my face if i wore one!

Songy said...

'sound of me drooling'
yep it's usually - tanking economy and mini skirts.. that's the convention isn't it? sometimes media are idiotic. make things up as they go.

I would love to have a super long coat or trench just like the one Neo's leather coat....yum

Hunters Glory said...

Y is for WhY not?

You are reading them so that is all I need to know...posted or not.


miss vintage love said...

I love that Alexander McQueen gown!

Hailey @ said...

That Christian Dior dress - wow!

Ann da Pandaaaaaaaa said...

The Dior dresses are on fire. Now I have to build the perfect stair case to sashay down in these gowns and shirts.

kokostiletto said...

wow! that's an interesting formula to fathom!! regardless of whether it's true or not - i still love the "Long" trend! great blog! very in depth!

Aliena said...

I love the extra long skirts, dresses, and trousers... but with my scarce 160 cm (i'm sorry, can't do feet and inches)everything but be trailing behind me...

brittraninc said...

Your blog just makes me realize how poor I am. lol but I still do love dreamin about the stuff you have on here :)

myriam said...

If you just had dresses like these in your wardrobe..eee

WendyB said...

I love that Pucci print.

Ike said...

I think some people would argue that that much fabric is impractical, but if they were to buy the dress they would find themselves wearing it quite a bit.
I love the second picture!


How decadent are those floor grazing garments?! They make me think of the maxi length jumpsuits and lurex dresses of the seventies disco era.
Yes like the recession skirt lines lengthened as things were more serious and austere.So guessing the long lengths is fashion's way of showing how serious things are.Although would it not be interesting for the to rather flip it and go all short body con on us to liven the diving economy up?

p.s the Pucci dress makes me want to dance in it for days! What a happy print looking dress.I'm dizzy in love with it!

detour said...

hi Carrie, just wanted to pop by your website to say that today because it's the blog's day, we decided to show our 5 favourites blogs. And your is defenitely one my favourite!take a look:

enc said...

Linking hemlines with the economy is an old trick, and a tired one, but I think the NYT would be remiss if they didn't mention it.

You're almost done with the alphabet!

Nemerae said...

Long dresses are so nice...! =)
I love the first by Cavalli, and that shoot of D&G campaign, and so on haha, great outfits the ones you choose!

Fifi Flowers said...

LOVE many of these gowns! FUN! The second photo... those three gowns... WOW!

Vanessa said...


I nominated you for the "Brilliant Blog Award" on my blog...

I always love your blog!

Little Bow Prep said...

I adore the second picture and Giambattista Valli is awesome.

The RL pic looks so military chic!

Lovely picks!

Diabolina 3.1 said...

loving all those shop bop pieces. how often do you read the nytimes style section? i am down to once every two weeks. used to read it every day. think their editorial direction really veered off track a year or so ago.

Trendy Gourmandise said...

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