Saturday, May 9, 2009

Pick your Wedge and Tag!

I. Wedge sandals are a summer life-saver for those backyard barbecues, picnics and polo matches: you want height and sexiness but wish to avoid having your heels sinking into the lawn. Stilettos and grass don’t mix, darlings!
Runway Reminder: Dolce & Gabbana, via
Alexandra Neel pale pink Anouket strappy wedge sandals. This and next four available at
Diane von Furstenberg Moore woven crisscross wedge sandals.
Frye June sling-back ring wedge.
Jean Paul Gaultier woven ankle wrap wedge.
Joie It's a Sin t-strap blue suede wedges.
Bottega Veneta crocodile strappy wedge sandals. This and next nine at
Chloé stacked wedge heel.
Christian Louboutin black patent raffia detail Salamanca sandals.
Emilio Pucci cork strappy wedge.
Fendi woven red platform wedges.
Jimmy Choo orange patent Lawson stacked sling backs.
Roberto Cavalli patent embroidered wedge.
Sigerson Morrison leather sandals.
Stella McCartney cloud-print canvas wedges. So fun!
Tory Burch Carrie blue patent wedges.
Miss Sixty yellow twist front wedge sandal. This and next at
Terry de Haviland metallic pink wedges.
Louis Vuitton wedge t-strap sandals; this and next at
DSquared2 patent leather espadrilles.

II. Crazy Eights, darlings! Tagged by the lovely Vanessa with the 8 Things Tag!

8 Things CC is looking forward to:
1. Cocktails al fresco with my friends Nina and Aimee
2. A week at Dewey Beach in August
3. Spinning with my mom
4. Family BBQ on Sunday
5. An occasion to wear this La Petite Salope dress
6. The Barneys Warehouse Sale
7. Receiving my Fit Flops in the post – have any of my Fellow Fashionistas tried these?
8. Bikini weather!
8 Things CC did yesterday:
1. Taught Pilates
2. Celebrated my sister Mindy’s and my friend Deanna’s birthdays
3. Drank a lovely Sancerre
4. Picked lilacs
5. Collaged/doodled in my sketchbook
6. Bought this gorgeous Elle Macpherson Intimates bustier at
7. Ate fennel-crusted grilled Ahi tuna, extra rare – yum!
8. Mowed the lawn

8 Things CC wishes she could do:
1. Fashion illustrations like this one by Emily
2. Play tennis
3. Sew
4. Travel the world. Key destinations: Argentina, New Zealand, Turkey, Dubai
5. Get paid to blog
6. Get Reloxin and/or sunbathe without getting wrinkles
7. Own a vineyard and spa in Napa or Sonoma (merlot grapes at right courtesy
8. Open my own yoga studio (possibly in conjunction with #7?)

8 Shows CC Watches:
1. Gossip Girl
2. Law & Order
3. 90210
4. The Office
5. 30 Rock
7. Family Guy
8. Ab Fab reruns!

Let’s hear it, my Fellow Fashionistas – what are your crazy eights?

68 comments: said...

Amazing and comfy, really important! ;)


Leia said...

I've been eyeing fit flops but have no idea whether or not they work, or - an even greater dilemma - what to wear them with! ;)

Please let us know if they work for you :)

Brigadeiro said...

Love Gossip Girl! And that La Petite Salope dress is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!

erika sorocco said...

I think I'll choose the...Frye June Sling-Back Ring Wedge. I can never get enough of Frye. Second? Those Miss Sixty's - the color is just perfect for the warmer months!

Love the questionnaire, by the way - j'adore learning all about you! :)

♥ Cara Mia ♥ said...

i love every pair but i would have to say the dolce & gabbana's are my favorite! very 70's disco!

Laura in Paris said...

Incredible shoes! I see them all around and feel SO short!

Sara said...

Mmmmh! i love this kind of sandals!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sweetie Darling,
The La Petite Salope dress is Très Chic! The women wearing high heels at Jack's (boring) polo matches are my little guilty pleasure, always fun to see them sink deep into the grass ;)
Yes I am evil i know!
Next week i am doing a little "Fashion illustration" post especially for you!!!

Carolina Lange said...

So many gorgeous wedges! I love the Diane von Furstenberg and the Chloé!
Great post!

Casey O'D said...

love the shoes, and the gossip girl pic is fabulous!!


Fashion Moment said...

I am not a huge fan of Wedge, but I really LOVE the black one by Sigerson Morrison and that blue Joie wedge. And, that Elle Macpherson Intimates bustier is gorgeous! Fantastic post!
Have a great weekend, darling!


LenoreNeverM♡re said...

CC, learning new things about you...didn't know you teach Pilates darling! Your dream of Napa is just fabulous...perhaps growing grapes & gorgeous Lilacs too... ~XO*

Jadore-Fashion said...

LOVE the Sigerson Morrison pair!! it such a nice weather for wedges here!!
hope you weekend is going well

Geri Wu said...

i love wedges! gives height, yet so comfortable to walk in :)

xx, Geri

Fifi Flowers said...

FUN wedges! You have LOTS of lists... you're right I will have to put together a list... maybe a FASHIONABLE list by Friday... hummmm
Bon week-end mon amie!

Rebirth said...

u said it well...stilletos and grass dont lusting after the JPG woven wedges....trés beautiful!

been wanting to buy fit flops on the VS site and the reviews r really great...still deciding. when u try it, pls post a review!

you teach pilates? wow, thats so cool. i love pilates, gossip girl, 90210, 30 rock and FAMILY GUY! it'd be cool to have stewie as a
ur such an interesting person....xx

Luka said...

Thoose Stella McCartney cloud-print canvas wedges are gorgeous and cute!
And it's allways a pleasure to know more about you!

Fashion Personality said...

i love wedges. Omg! love every pair... They're beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Great tag !!
I also love your header, I bought Vogue Russia for my Berlin trip -even if I clearly DON'T know anything about russian xD- and it was totally worthed, just for that Magdalena shoot !

Angela said...

dying to find the perfect pair of wedge. i think louboutin will do for me.

Virgos Lounge said...

love wedges...nice post!!

Black Patent Stilettos said...

Oooh, lovely purchase from outnet!

I <3 the Alexandra Neel pink wedge.

Gabbi said...

I love the Frye sandals... I'm such a fan of their shoes. They always have a bit of cowgirl in them. I also loved your Crazy 8. My fav was the 8 things you did yesterday. Your day sounded lovely... especially the the grilled Ahi tuna, extra rare -- yum! xxoxo

Ps. Also a fan of 30 Rock!

Pau(Rox) said...

Las sandalias de roberto Cavalli son mis preferidas de esta impresionante selección que hoy presentas.
XXX Carrie, happy weekend

Megan Cassidy said...

I love the DVF ones...kinda tribal!

WendyB said...

I love wedges. They used to be very hard to find a few years back, but now I feel like they are here to stay.


ese tacon me gusta por que es comodo pero tambien te estiliza y hay muchos modelos

Julia said...

I love the first wedges; they're so glamorous! I love to watch gossip girl too. And I'm addicted to prison break!

This chick's got style said...

Thank you for your comment!
I love those patent ones by christian louboutin, wow!
I just did a post on my new wedges, they are not as amazing as those though hahah!


Rachel Follett said...

So many great pick!

Laura said...

Love the Sigerson Morrison shoes!
The combination with the black and gold is amazing.
x Laura

K.Line said...

The wedge is the optimal heel, IMO. Walkable and sexy. And I love your answers. You did so many fun things yesterday it blows my mind!

Emz said...

SHOE PORNNNNNNNNNN! Omgosh. I opened your webpage and stareeddd! That was a fun tag and I love Gossip Girl too!

Anonymous said...

I'm all about NCIS--I watch it all the time...craziness!! Loving those wedges as well; I have a huge weakness for nude wedges for some reason :-)

Gracie said...

I love the yellow ones from miss sixty :)

Hemaly said...

Pilates sounds awesome! I can imagine it requires a lot of energy and patience!

Dream Sequins said...

Hi Carrie. I'm on the hunt for some amazing wedges to wear this summer, too. I like the Bottega and Terry de Haviland ones. I love how they give you the extra height and are cushy.

Laura Trevey said...

LOVE your blog!! 30 Rock and the Office are my faves.

Have a great weekend :)

Stacy said...

i have a pair of wedges that are very similar to the first brown ones! great choices
and opening a yoga studio? sweet idea

zoe aka drinkupthefashion said...

this entry was so fun to read, like all of your other entries. i love the roberto cavalli embroidered wedges.

paanie said...

i'm a total sucker for sigerson morrisons.

Jennifer Fabulous said...

Oh, wedges...the most comfy kind of height for me. ;)
And yes, I am also addicted to Ab Fab reruns. One of the Best Shows Ever.

Anika said...

Ahhhh, I've come to appreciate you. I used to be iffy about them, but since I indulged in a few pairs and most recently in the Tristan Blair pair...I'm a convert!

Love them!

And I love the tag :)
p.s. do the fitflops actually work? I'm too put off by their look to actually consider them. Do let us know if they're worth it :)

have a lovely weekend bella

Elizabeth Marie said...

Those Cavallis are calling my name!
You teach yoga?! How fun! I just started and it's making me feel so much better!

Have a great Sunday CC! xoxo

Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

wedges are the only way to go in the summer for me! easy to walk in & extends my short legs by another 3 inches :)

love the Stella McCartney cloud one!

HiFashion said...

Wedges are truely the perfect shoe. I need to go out and buy a nice pair now...

herecomesthesun said...

Woohoo yes come to New Zealand (where i live). Guarantee you will love it.

chalortte said...

thank for you comment !
nice images !!!

caroline said...

oh, i love the Christian Louboutin black sandals! i'm so looking forward to the summer, and walk in high-heels sandals!

Yuri said...

These shoes are all gorgeous, i love almost every one of it! ^__^
Great pics!

yiqin; said...

I love the pink ones! I adore wedges because they are so much easier ot walk in!

Mónica said...

I am absolutely in love with Gossip Girl's princesses wardrobes!

Raquel said...

<3 wedges and <3 gossip girl!

ZEPETIT said...

You have really amazing photos!


Annabel Wendt (LoveMore) said...

oh wedge happy!! i love Frye June sling-back ring wedge :) pretty pretty.

and loved your tag! wine = yum. and i wish i could draw fashion pics too..sigh!

hope you had a wonderful weekend gorgeous xxxxxxxxxxxxx love bel

Flashes of Style said...

Ooo I love the really strappy wedges. I just bought some yesterday and this is making me really excited to wear them.

Bradford said...

I'm most surprised to learn you're a Family Guy fan!

T said...

These wedges look delicious. YES, DELICIOUS.

Karafina said...

OMG looooove the john paul gaultier wedges!!! uhh, too bad i probably can't afford them.

ronald said...

I'm gonna buy like 69 pairs of wedges! wear them twice each. double sixty nine :)

Anonymous said...

Haha AB FAB i loved that show! Though Eddy and Patsy are such terrible role models!

Anonymous said...

So wonderful!! A feast of pictures... :) My favorite is the fashion sketch!


lookrichbitch said...

eep! i would sooooo go to your yoga studio if you open one in napa/sonoma! and you teach pilates?? *sigh* you're too good to be true.

Unknown said...

FIT flops? I dare not. Love learning about CC!

Anonymous said...

Wow,,,really a lots Amazing shoes on your page!
You can travel all over the world with them!!

Also me,,,i wanna travel to Istanble again.

Aline said...

I love all of those shoes, but am totally going to check out the frye's...thanks!

let us know how the fit flops work, I have been thinking about getting a pair!

You're Welcome said...

I can never get into wedges but i starting to feel like i must own a pair. I shall start looking.

Unknown said...

Can't live without the DVF wedge. I have the Moore wedge in red suede and they are totally comfortable. Glad I stumbled across your sight. Very nice!