Wednesday, February 27, 2008


You know that go-to outfit you can always rely on to get noticed, no matter what? It is like solid gold! Here are my favorite "Sure Things" for getting attention when I go out.

Most Complimented Clothing & Accessories:
1) DVF dresses. This woman is GOOD. I have NEVER gone out wearing a Diane von Furstenberg wrap and NOT gotten compliments. It’s a sure thing. I have a friend named Lo-Lo who is trying to get a DVF in every color and I don’t blame her!
2) D&G heels. Shoes may not come readily to mind when Dolce and Gabbana are mentioned, but the Italian designing due really has a knack for constructing unique and sexy slingbacks and peep toes that get everyone’s attention. The secondary line is amazing as well. Get a pedicure. Go to the store in SOHO and try some on. {And as long as you’re in the neighborhood, nip into Té Casan – the amazing new footwear Mecca to which celebs and mere mortals alike are flocking}
3) Ultra-long boot-cut jeans. The best ones are Rock & Republic. They fit like a charm and have the longest inseams. Girls, don’t shy away from the 34-26” inseam, even if you are short: you can get some fab platforms and make you and your legs look a mile long. Better too long than too short, I always say. One caveat: don’t let your pants pool around your feet. You want to have a small break, and avoid letting the rear hem scrape along the sidewalk. Nothing looks sloppier than a muddy cuff. Skinny jeans are great, too . . . if you are skinny (see Stella McCartney's, courtesy Net-a-Porter).
4) Hair Extensions. Don’t scoff! These are an easy and fun way to play dress-up, and people are sure to notice your gorgeous locks, but they’ll never know that the extra length is faux as long as you match your color correctly. Err on the dark side, because the lower layers of your hair naturally have deeper tones. Ask your colorist if you’re not sure. [Btw, the best colorist in nyc is Hubert Cartier at Frederic Fekkai in Henri Bendel on Fifth Avenue. Well worth the hundreds of dollars he charges for double process color.] Back to extensions: Jessica Simpson really does have a wonderful line. Her “Hair Do” clip-ins are phenomenal and affordable. Go to They have periodic sales and you can get everything 20% off. Also, they say that the extensions can only be worn a few times but I’ve had mine for over a year and worn them to nearly a dozen events and they are still going strong. Have fun with it! The hardest part is not blurting out:”They’re extensions!!” when people comment on how amazing your hair looks tonight.

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