Saturday, February 23, 2008


This being one of the gorgeous Northeastern snowy mornings, I thought I'd devote today's entries to other things that are uplifting.

A. Genius Ideas that we wish we had thought of or really delight in:
* Bra strap extenders (if you just HAD to have that Kiki de Montparnasse bra but it's a tad snug around the midsection, adjust the band for a mere $1.39 with Dritz® Bra Back Extenders, on
* You love your sexy kitten heel mules but they slip off and make a wretched slapping noise when you walk down the stairs or try to tiptoe out of your office on a Friday afternoon unnoticed. Then you need Heelstraps! They are ingenious little contraptions that wrap around your shoes and your foot, binding them together in a comfortable, temporary manner. And they're just 2 for $9.99 at They come in a variety of colors, including clear. So no one will be the wiser and nothing will detract from the innate beauty of your Jimmy Choos!
* The Infinity Scarf. Hello! We all look so silly searching for the end of our Paul Smith wool neck wrap after dinner, struggling to put it back on just so before heading back out into the brisk evening air. So why not have a neverending scarf: a big circle of fabric that has no beginning and no end. Kind of like an wedding band for the unwed. Enjoy (see Alexander Wang's modal and silk version, e.g.).

B. Awesome Websites
* A guide to all that is chic and fabulous in major cities across the globe. If you haven't discovered it yet, you simply must subscribe. And btw, dear Readers, I am not on the payroll of any of the brands I endorse here on CoutureCarrie, just an avid shopper and reader. As Dailycandy says, "No Pay for Play". Although no one has offered me any money yet, so I reserve the right to change my mind!
* - Doesn't pretend to be anything more than what it is: a website dedicated to photographing celebrities. The descriptions are less offensive than those on tmz, and there is never any white "graffiti" littering the pages a la perezhilton.
* - For the whereabouts of my favorite celebs in the Big Apple. NOT because I want to follow them around [hello Jack stalking Kevin Bacon on Will & Grace!], but because I do enjoy learning about how the better half lives. I am not saying that I am dying to get into Butter, but I have been to Bungalow 8 and it really is nothing to sneeze at. There is a reason that rich people frequent the places that they do, and it's not simply because they are highfalutin. Although I would avoid Sarafina and the Meatpacking on the weekend. If I see one more actress having Sunday brunch at Pastis and acting shocked to be photographed, I think I am going to hurl.
* I don't exclusively prowl celeb sites. I also luuuuurve to shop, and I am truly in ecstasy when I can get my favorite designer duds (a) immediately and/or (b) cheaply. This online store has an excellent and varied stock, ranging from low-end items like hanky panky low-rise thongs (which are the BEST, you simply must pick up a few pairs) to Designer lovelies from Derek Lam and Proenza Schouler. What is more, at the end of each season [read: 2x per year], shopbop does the most amazing thing, putting thousands of items on sale for up to 70% off! Last year, I got a $900 Karl Lagerfeld long tuxedo coat for a few hundred bucks - incredible! And this year, I picked up a few backless T-Bags dresses for a mere $52.80 each. See the photo here on my blog of the bright, unique patterns which are now the intellectual property of the L.A.-based designer. Furthermore, the customer service reps are knowledgable and get back to you promptly when you have requests or product questions. The only downside: they do not (YET, hopefully) carry size 41/11 shoes . . .
* Even though it's offensive that they call themselves the BIG O, there really are some sweet finds if you check often enough, particularly in housewares.

This entry is to be continued, and of course it will be followed, in time, with THE BAD and THE UGLY, because I just can't help myself. Would LOVE your feedback, blogophiles. Any other genius ideas out there that we should enumerate? xoxo, Gossip Girl (oh wait, just kidding)

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