Thursday, February 21, 2008

Intro.: Fashionista

Helllllloooooo fellow fashion devotees! I've decided that it's time to start documenting my obsession in a more public way. Having undertaken a successful ebay retail business and begun my search for a career at a top mag, I am now ready to publish. Tune in for tips, ideas, info., opinions, and elucidation of even the most obscure trends.

For starters, I want you all to know my favorite shopping websites so you'll get a sense of my tastes:

Favorite places to shop IRL:
Barney's Warehouse Sale (2x per year in nyc: late Feb. and late Aug., gals!!!)
Target (just picked up a tiny floral triangle bikini from the New Jovovich-Hawk line - adorable!)

My Top Designers these days:
Burberry Prorsum
La Petite Salope (see dress pictured above; just bought it on ebay!)
Stella McCartney

Have recently begun a quest for the best luxury lingerie and have narrowed my search down to the following purveyors:
Malizia BY La Perla
Kiki de Montparnasse [did everyone note that Lucy Liu wore an incredible bra and panty set from this collection in last night's episode of Cashmere Mafia?]
Elle MacPherson Intimates
Spoylt - delish corseted bras

TV shows I won't miss:
nyctv 25's coverage of Fashion Week
SATC reruns
Lipstick Jungle
Cashmere Mafia
Gossip Girl

I want to hear YOUR ideas and opinions about anything fashion-related, from the banal to the stupendous. Feel free to comment anytime!!

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