Sunday, February 24, 2008

THE GOOD, Part Deux

A. I've got High Fashion in Low Places
Now we all love couture, and of course are all waiting with baited breath for the Academy Awards Red Carpet to begin in a few hours, but let us try to economize from time to time, shall we? Here's how to look fab without breaking the bank. And don't shy away from a high/low mix a la Sienna Miller. Keep everyone guessing!

Great Finds at:
  • Old Navy (hello bikinis and scarves, layering tanks)

  • Forever 21 (j’adorable boy briefs and cocktail rings; the occasional fab dress)

  • Loehmann’s for high-end, obscure designer pieces. It's hit-or-miss, but you can stumble upon a Roberto Cavalli gown or a great pair of Michael Kors shades.

  • Kohl’s [gulp!]: Vera Wang has some nice pieces there – but not everything is passable, so shop skeptically, as you always should anyway.

  • Target (Isaac is leaving at the end of the year, but there are still other second lines, from Jovovich-Hawk and Loeffler Randall, for example)

B. Sometimes it's rather enjoyable to remind oneself of life's pleasures. So here are A Few of My Favorite Things:
- Starbucks triple lattes
- The Times crossword
- Free samples [kinerase will actually FedEx you a bunch if you make a request via their website – what dolls!]
- Virgin magazines (unopened, untouched, glossy and hot off the press! Just got my Spring Issue of the Bible, aka VOGUE, yesterday – every page a delight!)
- McDonald’s black & white shakes
- Warm Brie & Granny Smith Apples
- Anything by Designer La Petite Salope – delish corset tops and dresses, ideal for all little strumpets!!
- My frozen yogurt guy at 90 NUTS on Broadway
- The Sunday Styles
- Good plastic surgery
- The new Macbook Air
- J Brand skinny jeans
- Throw pillows
- B&W photography
- Positive Feedback on ebay
- Fresh strawberries, preferably with crème fraiche
- Dressing up!
- Picnics (even in the winter – have you tried using one of those reflective lightweight metal “blankets” favored by hikers? You can actually picnic in the snow!!)
- Wrapping presents
- Luxe lingerie [see the A-list from March, above]

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