Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Zip it good!

We knew it was going to be major (thanks, Vicky Becks) when we saw Christian Louboutin’s zippered platform sandals, in both black and white, splashed all over the pages of Nylon, Vogue, etc. this spring. Now it’s official: the zipper is no longer merely functional, but an adornment indispensable to designers. It may even take center stage, an objet in itself, as with this Toyme necklace, at

First up on the zipping block: dresses. What Couture Carrie appreciates most about this exposed zipper trend is its edginess: it gives potentially fussy frocks a more casual vibe.
This cobalt blue McQ by Alexander McQueen bubble hem dress is a summer stunner! Go to to buy.

Another delicious bright is this raspberry-hued Development dress with zippered front pockets and cowl neck, for purchase at online fashion mecca Net-a-Porter. The drawstring hem lends a cosy feel, yes?

There is never a shortage of LBDs out there, but these ones are made interesting by their zipper details.
At right, Donna Karan's sexy chiffon-sleeve sheath, available at Neiman Marcus.
At left, Jay Godfrey's zipper shift dress. Go to to buy.

On the runways, the recent zip-happy standouts were Givenchy and Wunderkind. The Givenchy Couture Spring 2008 show was awash with white. The asymmetrical fitted jacket at left encapsulates the chic, tailored vibe. Minus the feathers, this elegant topper could happily go from runway to real life, paired with a lovely full skirt and strappy sandals.

The asymmetrical zip in a totally different incarnation? At right, the quilted jacket gets a punk makeover, with Wunderkind's comfy car coat.
The exposed zipper can be a bit more subtle . . . but still intentional. Rather than using an invisible side zip or a blending black, Domenico and Stefano chose sparkling silver, with a black-accented pull for the D&G ruched top (shown at right and available at
If you prefer the zippers on your clothes to be merely functional and safely "behind the seams" but still want to partake of the trend, there are myriad options in accessories.

Couture Carrie did a double-take on seeing this Emporio Armani leather and brass cuff . . . at first it just looked like a bunch of Mary-Kate silver bangles, but on closer inspection, CC realized: it's actually the guts of a handful of zippers - brills! Photo via

Up the wearability factor on neon leggings by opting for a zippered-ankle pair. Couture Carrie is loving these LNA tights (left), available in a barrage of brights at
If you prefer to leave the 80s behind but still want the look, go for the slate gray version at right, for purchase at

Zippers leave mere functionality by the wayside with this chocolate leather and suede Jimmy Choo Mona tote. Go to

Laces and elastic are SO last season. Zipper-closing booties are the way to go. Just check out the biker-chick chic of the aptly named Christian Louboutin Zipette! These open-toe platform hybrids are available for purchase at Barneys New York.
Boots get a zip-tastic makeover as well. Couture Carrie is positively smitten with these hidden platform patent leather Betsey Johnson boots. Photo at right courtesy
In conclusion... what gives fashion zip is making the banal breathtaking. Just switch the context or placement of something as seemingly boring as the zipper (invented by Whitcomb Judson in 1893) and you have a fabulous new aesthetic!


Angela said...

I have seen quite a bit of zipper on everything recently. You are right, this is a trend!

Fastidious Babe said...

oh yeah zippers are on sergio rossi and jimmy choos too!

Miss at la Playa said...

I love a zipper dress Edie Sedgwick wore once

queengilda said...

oooooh i love zips!!! i once made a dress made entire out of zips, and this lady offered to buy it from me.. for a good price too! so i totally sold it! maybe i should make another one to go with this trend eh? and i love those shoes with the zips on the heel.

Seeker said...

I like zipper trend. I have a skirt that I've made some time ago... who knows it could be a piece to be worn.

There're some pretty stuff with zipers.

Couture Carrie said...

Thanks, Savvy Gal!
Fastidious & Miss ALP - astutely observed! My readers are right on top of this trend :)
Gilda, yes you simply MUST make another zipper dress, and be sure to photograph it ...
Smooches to all, CC

Anonymous said...

Wow, I LOVE the Donna Karan's dress! It's so sexy!

Pamcasso said...

those last boots are incredible.

Laurel said...

That Choo tote is killing me - along with the zip leggings in grey, so hot. Especially on that model! (Want want want!)

Thank you for the wonderful comment and for the vote! I would love to link w/ you!


Couture Carrie said...

Agreed, Ras & Pam!
Laurel (aka antm!) ~ added you!

hannah said...

i love exposed zippers. so hot.

Fashion Is Poison said...

i NEED that zippered bracelet

Dana (MODAna) said...

I like the zipper thing/
I have these black patent flats with a rosette made entirely of an intertwined zipper... if you can imagine.

Siobhan said...

the zip is definitely making a come-back and i'm glad!

Sr Q said...

Un beso ;)

Julia said...

I love that McQ dress. I saw it on a woman in the meatpacking district and I literally stopped and stared at it's fabulousness.

Annabel said...

yeah im loving the exposed zipper trend!! i love your blog, looks like you put alot of time into posts!

Songy said...
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