Saturday, June 7, 2008



Do You Dare? Here are some fantastical and outrageous ideas for shaking up a ho-hum day or a seemingly banal wardrobe! Part of the fun of fashion is its ability to transform! Try . . .
Faux Eyelashes. I am loving these Viktor and Rolf with Shu Uemura fantastical false lashes, for purchase at Harvey Nichols. Or, if you have the means, opt for luxurious fur lashes!

A brazen new neckline, like Prada’s keyhole or Jean Paul Gaultier’s halter sweetheart from the Spring 2008 Couture (photo at left via Or go for a backless dress or tunic - see Couture Carrie's post from the other day!

Patterned thigh-highs or sporty tube socks! (coupled with a patterned dress – I double dog dare you!!) Channel the Vivienne Westwood Red Label “schoolgirl gone wild” look!
Halloweeny makeup (red eye shadow; orange nails; green lipstick – you get the idea). See Beyonce's yellow nail lacquer look at left, via

A ridiculously wide and chunky belt – maybe even studded! Couture Carrie is totally digging this Elizabeth and James elastic belt with triple buckle, for purchase at

An oversize cocktail ring – try something you would ordinarily shun and see how much attention it gets – fun! I like these arty Phuze Design glass cocktail rings, for purchase at

A flesh-tone bikini: Make them do a double take! There’s nothing more alluring than swimming in the nude! Try the Shay Todd suit pictured at right, available at


Ella Gregory said...

A flesh tone bikini?
that looks gross! I would never wear it lol

EvaAmarri said...

Hey Couture Carrie. Are you interested in a career in fashion design? If so then check my blog for info on a great contest coming up

Couture Carrie said...

Hey Coco and Fashion Ivy! Thanks for tuning in on this steamy day. Coco - - I totally hear you on the nude bikini. Rosa Cha has a couple that are less offensive but still in the flesh tone spirit :) And Ivy - YES I am dying to have a career in fashion, so I will check out your blog & enter the contest asap. Thank you!

Siobhan said...

i have fallen in love with your choices. Nude bikini with a tan is always a fantastic look & Shu Uemura is the queen of false eyelashes. I may be tempted to purcahse some of my own myself. Lovely blog

designscene said...

oh my off topic - im loving ur blog, its like i opened a mag :)
since im in ur links, added u on my blog links
keep up the good work!