Tuesday, June 2, 2015

CC's Summer Loves...

Darlings, it's nearly summertime, so CC thought she'd share some of her summer loves with you!
Barre... so amazing for sculpting hips, glutes and thighs. Getting that body bikini ready, darlings!
Also, sometimes it's too hot to run outside (another of CC's preferred forms of exercise), so it's nice to be able to take in some AC and get a wonderful workout. CC is teaching barre now, too :)

Beautiful Bronze Skin (sans sun). 
CC adores this Michael Kors Permanent Vacation Hydrating Bronze Gel Creme.

Chic crop tops. This one is by Louis Vuitton... total covet.
Perfect way to show off those toned, taut, tan abs, darlings!

Coconut water ~ so fab for hydrating after a workout, or just staying cool on a steamy day.

Cool Cocktails like this grapefruit and mint mojito... so delicious and refreshing for summertime.

Fabulous Fresh Flowers. Such a lovely SS treat!

Marvelous Monokinis like this one from Charlie by Matthew Zink that CC just snapped up on sale!
So worth the random tan lines lol.

Posh Picnics...
CC is thinking crisp white wine, baguettes with brie and prosciutto, and good company!

Seaside Escapes, particularly when boats are involved! CC is heading down to North Carolina with her family in August. What are your vacation plans for the summer, darlings?

Soft serve vanilla ice cream with rainbow sprinkles.
Forget froyo! CC likes the real deal ;)
What are your summer loves, darlings?
How do you celebrate the season?


Erika Sorocco said...

Barre, crop tops, bronzed skin...we are so on the same wavelength, CC!


Rebecca said...

Your images got me really excited for Summmer!


Anonymous said...

It's strange that a cut-out bathing suit has more fabric than a bikini but looks SO much sexier and raunchier! I really like this particular one.

jess said...

I love the color of that swimsuit.

Panty Buns said...

You must be a fabulous Barre teacher. I could use more glutes sculpting (and waist reduction). I love that first photo. That fresh coconut with the straw looks like it's at the beach in an idyllic setting. Those tulips look beautiful. Next fall I'll have to see if I can find some bulbs for some deer-resistant ones (I love the deer but they ate my tulips this Spring). I love the colour, wavy white stripes and side ties of the Charlie by Mathew Zink Monokini you snapped up on sale. Enjoy your North Carolina vacay - the sailing and beach look nice.

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HiFashion said...

I love this summer inspiration. Crop tops are my must-haves for this summer. Love the Louis Vuitton one.