Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Breaking Tradition: Alternative Ideas for an Unconventional Wedding

Darlings: The big day. Wedding Day.
There is a lot of money that goes into planning and production. Most estimate that couples may spend anywhere from $5,000 to over $30,000 for their big day. This includes items like the reception, location, photography, gifts, and of course … the rings.
Nowadays engaged couples are looking at alternative ideas. They’re willing to break from the tradition. By doing so they create a unique experience at a greatly reduced cost.
Here are some of those ideas for an unconventional wedding.
A Different Theme
People today, however, are beginning to explore their imagination. They no longer feel the “need” to pander to the wedding industry. This has given to the rise of unique themes for weddings.
In recent years we have seen:
·  Zombie themed weddings
·  “White Trash” weddings
·  Masquerade Ball weddings
·  Hello Kitty themed wedding
A different wedding theme may be unconventional but it is most certainly entertaining for guests and memorable for all parties involved.
The choice in a different theme can greatly reduce the costs associated with weddings. These alternative options generally include ideas that allow participants to play around with the format. It could include BYOB, pets, entertainment, and other items. This mitigation of the cost allows the couple to place more effort and budget into going all out with their theme.
A Different Image
The white dress. The tuxedos. The church (or elaborate outdoor location). Even the jewelry and, of course, the wedding bands. All items you will see at a traditional wedding but these too have begun to see an unconventional angle.
·  Vintage, turn-of-the-century Gothic outfits
·  Hippie-inspired dresses and garb
The locations are starting to be quite different, as well, from having the reception at music festivals to one’s done online or within virtual games.
The traditional rings are starting to see a bit of unconventional flair, too. Couples wanting something different have the choice of many different colors of diamonds and other precious stones. They can choose from long-standing providers or those crafted by an individual.
A Different Entertainment
Entertainment has changed quite a bit since the old days.
You’re still going to generally see DJ’s and other receptionists but these roles are beginning to blur when the party-goers get involved.
The reception could include:
·  Giving out video cameras to each guest to create a compilation video
·  Doing “awkward” photos (think: lazer graphics)
·  Adding board games to each table for some additional fun
·  Having a round of video games
The wedding need not be boring any longer. It’s tiring sitting through an entire reception at a church. Instead of doing the boring, traditional routine – a wedding should be seen like a grande party and celebration and with it comes any imaginative way to add to the fun.
Darlings, f you’re about to tie the knot (or even considering doing so) then what alternative ideas have piqued your interest to create an unconventional wedding?  Please share your thoughts!


Cloudia said...

I perform a simple wedding ceremony,
right here on a lagoon in Waikiki.
No muss - no fuss. Grab your friends, fly over, get a marriage license - be married this week!

ALOHA from Honolulu
Comfort Spiral


Blond Duck said...

I think a Buffy wedding would be hilarious!

Rebecca said...

These ideas look like a lot of fun CC....thanks for cooking them up!!


Rachella - flourishingfit.com said...

Great ideas for an unvoncentional wedding. However, I think I'm old-fashioned since I totally love the tuxedo + white dress part of weddings haha xxx

Kashaya said...

Fun ideas.=)