Sunday, October 20, 2013

Pretty Pin Ups

 Darlings, CC is so excited to introduce you to Punkabilly Clothing, a fabulous online site stocking the most amazing retro-inspired clothing and accessories!  Here's a bit about the shop from the website:
"Our peachy little online store has a short, but sweet history. Tom had passion for punk rock and rockabilly music ever since he was a teenager. When he was 21, he decided to take a trip around the world, but somehow his road trip ended earlier than he planned. When he came to Japan in early 2000, he met Naomi, who was high rated model scouting in Tokyo. Naomi actually always had a dream to become a fashion designer one day. That's the story how a punk and a fashion designer dreamer found each other and how the Punkabilly Clothing idea was born.
We opened our store in 2009 and it is located in Bangkok, Thailand.  At first it was a small online shop, but it was slowly growing, as we were expanding our collections. We offer a lot of different kinds of clothes and accessories and we work directly with manufacturers to design and produce the clothes exactly as we want them to be. The key ingredient in every of our models is love for the rockabilly and pin up style. We also offer some of the major Thailand brands like Six Bunnies, Liquor Brand and Eight Ball.
"Explore the variety of our site's offer and we are sure you will fall in love with this style. We ship all over the globe and today we have both the retail and the wholesale. We are looking forward to your orders and we are more than happy for sharing the punkabilly love with you!"

CC hopes you enjoy these perfect pin up pieces, all available at!
Leopard Tote Bag.

Pin Up Rockabilly Dress.

Rockabilly Cherry Dress.

Rockabilly Leopard Mini Dress.

Punk Rock Black and Red Skirt.

Checked Rockabilly Bikini.

Vintage Retro Pin Up Swimsuit.
Which of these pretty pinup pieces are you loving?
CC is smitten with the bikini!


Chrisy said...

Oh the top two dresses and the last swimsuit....just glorious...and timeless...great website find Miss CC!

md said...

Bonito ese bañador vintage.

Saludos y buenas noches.