Monday, September 23, 2013

Having Bridesmaid Dress Measurements Taken Profesionally

Darlings, lucky you, the bridesmaids! It is an honor to be asked, and it is fine, except for that dress... You may never want to wear your bridesmaids dress again, but you still need to do a measurement for it!
Since always the bridesmaids will provide their sizes from a long distances, it is easy to get wrong,each dress shop has their own size system, which has no relation to the the normal sizes, so just say your regular size is not enough, it will be critical to be measured properly. You will need the style and make of your Bridesmaid Dresses and a cloth tape. It is better for you to get some help, sometimes, the dress consultant may can not measure your sizes correctly, then it is important for you to get help and have your dress measurements taken professionally, if you can’t get a bridal shop tailor, you need to ask someone else for help, you just won’t do it yourself accurately, the professional knows where to start. 
Measure the bust, your bra size is not your bust size, bust size is the fullest part of your bust, bust size should be measured differently. Firstly, stand naturally with your feet together, and let your arms rest at the side of your body, using a new cloth tape, position the tape at the right part of your back, straight across the top at the fullest part of your bust, do not measure under the bust line, it is very important to wear the same type of bra that you will wear on the wedding,bra style can make a significant difference on your bust measurement.
Measure the waist, position the cloth tape on the natural and most slim part of your waist, leave a little room,one figure inside the tape, the smallest of your finger. Don’t pull the tape too tight, it will always make the dress smaller than your imagination.
If you bend your body, it will be easier for you to identify your waist, which is a curve part, the tape should be placed next to your body as close as possible, since you don’t want your dress too large.
Measure the hips, stand naturally with your heels together, and measure the largest part of your hips, it is about nine inches down from your natural waist line, position the tape on the fullest of your bottom, and again, leave a room on the inside of the tape, do not pull the tape tight,you are going to move your tape enough around your body. The hips definitely should be at the center of your bottom.
When you are going to purchase online,and take a measurement, that would be quite helpful,and it would be fine if you could take the measurements from home with your best friends, therefore, you also could save your money, at the same time, you will get your best Bridesmaid Dresses. If you are taller with a pair of shoes, it is strongly recommended you should wear an extra length dress, typically, it will be five inches longer than the standard dress, most designer will leave extra more for the length of the dress.
Whatever color and style you are going to wear, remember, it’s not your wedding, it’s the bride and groom’s day, so what they want that really matters, have fun and enjoy the party!

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