Saturday, January 28, 2012

Guest Post: Saving Local Fashion: from retail to etail, specialty stores come a long way

Since the last decade the ecommerce landscape in the fashion world continues to take the industry by storm. There is a plethora fashion ecommerce sites that feature big brands, big stores and big designers, few if any champion the smaller, independent clothing designers.

While departmental stores and big box retailers may have colossal marketing budgets, the same cannot be said about your local, independent designers: the proof is in the dwindling numbers. And yet, some of them stand tall with a survival story to tell. That’s because ecommerce isn’t ecommerce any more, it’s also a forum for buyers and sellers to individualize and interact—offering more power to the consumer.

Meinto is one such company built on this premise. An online marketplace that unites a network of independently owned boutiques—over 795 brands no less! Established in Denmark in 2008, Meinto recently opened shop in the United States in 2011 after a successful run in Denmark, Sweden and Norway. From the business standpoint, it offers specialty mom-and-pop fashion businesses an instant global platform through an integrated presence on its website and social media for a small fee.

No matter how international fashion maybe or how closely knit it is woven on the internet, connoisseurs and industry gurus insist that it has local roots. Most of the fashion blogging and social communities are strongly advocate this idea as well. As customers have more choices and more power, could the use of new technology and advanced social communication turn things around for the underdog? One can only start small and start smart.

So, the next time you’re shopping for that cocktail soiree, give your favorite local boutiques a chance. Better still, snap a picture and send it to the Meinto Facebook fan page and qualify to win a $100 Meinto gift card.

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Guest post by Jyoti (Jo) Peswani ~ thanks!


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