Thursday, April 3, 2008


As former Supreme Court Justice Stewart once said in a concurring opinion about obscenity : "I know it when I see it." We can all spot a Sex & the City-inspired piece a block away, for better or worse!

Or, a
s Karen’s maid, Rosario, put it in an episode of Will & Grace (on rejecting a pair of pumps at Bergdorf Goodman): “Nah, too Sex & the City”.

Whether it’s a compliment or an insult, we can’t help but reference the Patricia Field-esque fashions in our midst. And with the SATC movie coming out in just a few months (yay! I am first in line for that one!), I simply must take note of Carrie's Fashion Legacy. She is my namesake, after all!

Here are some of Carrie's Signature Looks:

  • The Poncho. Not a great look (and far too referential now that it’s been abused on Ugly Betty), but Carrie wore it quite swimmingly in several episodes. I guess you have to be rail thin and absolutely undaunted by large swaths of striped fabric. See shopbop photo at right of Elizabeth & James' Woven Tee Blouse.

  • Anything with a huge flower or a floral motif. See Loeffler Randall's Bunny Metallic Rosette Mini Bag at right, available at Of course, this look is featured prominently in the upcoming movie (see still at upper left).

  • Multiple necklaces – what Carrie termed “Ghetto Gold”, which is rather offensive – many gold chains, of differing lengths, preferably one of which bears the wearer’s name.

  • Fabulous IT Bags (though they have now gone the way of the dodo, the Status Bag – at once beloved and maligned – was featured prominently on Carrie’s arm, whether it was the Dior Saddle Bag or the Fendi Baguette, we could always count on out girl to somehow afford luxury handbags on a staff writer’s budget!)

  • Inappropriately short skirts and dresses. Remember the green satin bunny-tail skirt Carrie wore to dinner with Big? Or the “naked dress”? Risque, but somehow inoffensive!

  • Absurd Hair Accessories, such as the Aunt Jemima Bandana and the Fabric Headband across the forehead. Also, note variety of adorable hats . . .

  • Mismatching. Carrie was forever wearing multiple patterns and clashing colors, but it worked!

  • Crazy buns (the hair, not the derriere). I believe that these beehive-like monstrosities owe something to hair extensions. Their girth is impressive nonetheless. Remember Carrie’s updo at Charlotte’s wedding?

  • Oversize bows. For a modern [Spring 2008] take, refer to the lovely See by Chloe Sleeveless Bow Pleat Top pictured at top right (also for purchase at shopbop).

Check out this Classic Carrie Combo. at left, from Episode 34: Asymmetircal Minidress, High-Heeled Boots, Huge Flower Pin . . . need I say more??

And see the left hand column of CoutureCarrie for more still shots of SJP in character, courtesy HBO.

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