Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Long [not Short] of It

The Standout Long Dresses for Spring and Summer 2008

So as not to confound dress and gown, let us define each and then proceed from most to least dressy, shall we? A gown is for evening. It is long and formal. A long dress, on the other hand, can be worn during the day OR at night and is less dressy; sometimes even casual.

First, I must profess my love for Peter Jensen's delicate light sea foam green strapless gown for Spring 2008. The fine silk taffeta almost has an ombré quality, and the front fold and bustle detail is exquisite -- unlike anything I've seen on the runways of late. The sweetheart neckline is universally flattering. Furthermore, the close-hugging tailoring, complete with gathering at the bust and ingeniously placed darts throughout, completes the look. A+!

Slightly less formal, but equally as stunning is this gorgeous Vera Wang Lavender Label textured silk gown. The details on this dress are incredible, such as pleated banding at the scoop neck and contrast square appliqué at the bust. The jewel detail is so refined and unique! There is a contrast tie at the waist and chiffon lining – yum! This dress seems versatile to me as well . . . perfect for a black tie wedding, or an afternoon party on your friend’s yacht. And who doesn’t look good in this color? Marine...

Finally, the long dress, executed perfectly by Diane Von Furstenberg, in her signature silk jersey in a playful wave pattern. I know from personal experience how divinely comfortable DVF's creations are, so I safely state that this lovely frock would suit an afternoon brunch al fresco on a picnic blanket in the sun. It would also, however, be delightful for a night at the opera. Be not daunted by going to great lengths in the warmer months, my darlings.

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