Monday, April 7, 2008

Get Layered!

Now that winter has come and gone, it may seem ludicrous to speak of layering as a necessity. But we live in an unpredictable age, where global warming and office cooling are at constant odds. Why do employers insist on keeping us at a chilly 60 degrees in the summer, btw? Moreover, there is no better way to look fabulously put-together than to expertly layer your best pieces.

Here’s a seasonally appropriate look at layering:

1) Blazer over dress, or vest over dress. Whether it’s for warmth or for cool points, this look is a winner! Check out the Thayer ensemble at right, available at shopbop. The look below, an army green Pencey Vest layered over a printed Karen Zambos Vintage Couture Dress, is also a winner, and available at the same fab online shop.

2) Lovely summerweight scarf with a tee or a light jacket. I adore the variety of ombré wraps out there right now, in places as low end as Old Navy and as high end as Montmartre. But any solid or patterned cotton or sheer scarf will do the trick, either with fringe or without. Look at this lovely M Missoni zig-zag wrap, available at!

3) Leggings under a skirt or dress. I know that Lindsay Lohan is coming out with a line of legwear just as everyone is saying, “We are SOOOO over that!” But perhaps the gal is onto something! (For a detailed look at Li-Lo, check out )
It is a brave soul who will go skin to the wind with pasty white legs in mid-April. A pair of chic leggings or patterned tights go a long way toward mediating between our desire to don our spring finery and our need to stay toasty at the bus stop.

4) Multiple sheer blouses. . . This is a superb way to get in on the “totally transparent” craze without being overexposed. Or try a sheer shirt or lace top under a strapless dress – bold!

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