Tuesday, March 18, 2008



As we contemplate the changing seasons and swap our winter wardrobe for our spring finery, let us take care to clean and stow things properly!

1) Hand wash all your wool sweaters, scarves and gloves in Woolite at the end of the cold weather season. Let them air dry (flat, if possible). It is not necessary to dry-clean cashmere, despite what the label inside the sweater suggests. Store clean items in an air-tight container. Tupperware or Rubbermaid are perfect for short-term (months, not years) storage, but if you are packing away your wedding gown, turn to archival quality boxes.

2) Dry clean all your overcoats, even if they are not “dirty”. Then stow them in their dry-cleaning bags.

3) Never store leather or suede in air-tight containers. Remember, they come from an animal, and likewise need to breathe. Oil glove-tanned leather and polish your shoes regularly! If you are patient, that handbag that is “SO last season” will, in no time, become VINTAGE.
Care for your clothing and accessories lovingly, and they will last you a lifetime!
Image courtesy California Closets.

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I' loving the closet picture. The simplicity and the pastel color. I could just linger there forever... :p