Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Well, gals, if you looooove looking fabulous IRL, then you must make an effort to do the same IGL (in gym life). Looking cute while working out can be a challenge, but ultimately, it will help you on your way to your fitness goal. Wearing a snazzy spinning outfit or rocking the hottest new Nike Dri-Fit hoodie on your run can (a) get you motivated to work out; (b) give you added confidence during the workout; and (c) enable you to exercise longer and more efficiently. Here’s how.

Motivation. First off, in the same way that purchasing a new party frock can make dressing for a cocktail hour an event in itself, having a fantastic pair of running shoes or a lovely, flattering pair of yoga pants will make you revved up to hit the gym! Plan your outfit in advance; this will save you time and angst in preparing for a workout, and deprive you of any excuse to skip the gym for lack of appropriate attire. If your sports bra is looking tattered, toss it and buy a new one, not just for the sake of presentation, but because it will give you the appropriate support!

Confidence: If you go to the Reebok Sports Club wearing beat-up sweats and a pit-stained tee, people won’t (necessarily) look at you askance, but you will FEEL as if they are. All you gorgeous gals know that when you LOOK good, it radiates out, affecting all of your interactions and making your best efforts even better! This applies not only at the office, but in your Bodypump class! There are oodles of fun and flattering workout clothes out there, and they need not cost you as much as your Kooba bag! See below for ideas…

Efficiency: No, I am not a scientist, nor do I play one on TV. I am, however, an athlete and a fashionista. I can tell you with confidence that the woman wearing a sports bra and fitted, Coolmax tank and compression pants will be able to run far longer and faster than her counterpart on the next treadmill in the old gym shorts and oversize cotton tee. While natural fabrics are wonderful under certain circumstances, they are totally impractical for the gym. The innovations in wicking fabrics and comfortable body-hugging clothes have been tremendous! Avail yourself of form-fitting fitness attire. Oversize outfits will add both weight and bulk. You are not fooling anyone by wearing that sweatshirt on the Stairmaster. Take it off, and work harder and longer in a slimming, breathable ensemble by Avia, Reebok, Adidas, etc.

Where to Buy: For yoga gear, I like Christy Turlington’s collaborations with Puma. Also, try the Athleta catalog. The best places to find performance fitness gear at a discount are Marshall’s, Filene’s Basement and the like. Or, for fab deals all the time, try Target! Their C9 by Champion line is quite impressive, and very affordable!
Photo of Stella McCartney's fitness looks at right courtesy nymag.com.

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