Saturday, March 15, 2008


I am absolutely adoring the layered look. And I don’t mean the pseudo-homeless bulky sweater Mary-Kate vibe here. I am talking about the exquisite juxtaposition of a variety of your most fabulous pieces ALL AT ONCE.

My new “uniform” these days consists of (a) skinny jeans (so fitted that they look like hosiery; obviously, tights could be substituted here); (b) a T-Bags or Rachel Pally minidress, preferably backless and patterned; and (c) a snug blazer. If it doesn’t look too over-the-top (or for you more intermediate fashionistas out there), accessorize with a fabulous scarf and fedora. High-heeled booties or peep toe platforms are essential here, though flats work as well, as long as they aren’t sandals.

Check out Anna Sui's bold take on the multi-pattern layered look at upper right, courtesy Note her coy use of the waiscoat (see relevant commentary of 12 March by CoutureCarrie).

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