Sunday, February 15, 2009

In the Trenches

Literally and figuratively! This post is in two parts: first, an interview with a fashion insider who works in the trenches and second, actual coats!
I. Through Fellow Fashionista Trixy Tran of Tutti Dolce, CC was recently introduced to Fellow Fashionista Nathan Stobezki of, a fabulous fashion site with runway videos, photos and reviews. CC is pleased to present this exclusive interview with Mr. Stobezki!
Photo credit: First two pictures in this post courtesy At right: Christian Dior Couture. Below left: Bottega Veneta.

1. What sort of educational background do you have, Nathan?
Currently, I am majoring in Communication Studies at Rowan University in New Jersey; am also an Independent Retail Analyst and Economic Forecaster and operate

2. What are your 5 favorite fashion blogs and your 5 top fashion magazines or publications?
My top 5 fashion Blogs are Couture Carrie, Fashion Toast, Style Bubble, Karla's Closet and Fashion Squad. My top 5 favorite fashion magazines are Vogue, W, GQ, Esquire and Bazaar.

3. Why did you opt for this format instead of a traditional fashion blog?
I want to collaborate complete fashion shows into one successful website. You see, life to me is all about sharing [my] knowledge about fashion, retail, designers, trends I feel everyone should enjoy it by not only reading but by viewing it as if they are at show and that's why I am glad that MyOwnRunway can serve to gurus as a fashion hub to fashionistas around the world.

4. Other than via Facebook, how did/do you get the word out about your site?
Our two forms of marketing, which have worked tremendously, are interviews and word of mouth.

5. How do you intend to compete with, and others that offer runway coverage, and how do you distinguish yourself from those sites?
Our competitors are amazing companies, we look up to them; we really do. We are providing a service for fashion designers and we intend to provide a strict confidential respectful relationship in our industry.

6. How many people currently work at and how did you/will you go about hiring?
I, Nathan Stobezki focus on marketing strategies, David I. Buryn focuses on the business behind the scenes operations, but we have our friends who are helping us out. We are showing good faith from business to business relationships. We have many plans to expand but we are extremely careful in our steps to reaching our goals.

7. Your runway photos are both gorgeous and tightly edited. Do you have your own photographer on staff?
As I mentioned, word of mouth as our marketing tool. We have freelance photographers who hear about our website and would like to join our team and want a chance to get in the fashion industry and show their talents and building their portfolios. As I said before, we like to show good faith in the industry.

8. What is your favorite aspect of your job, and what part do you find the most cumbersome/irksome?
My mentors and peers always said to me "work for something which you love to do". This is exactly what I am doing. I love what I do. Attending fashion shows and joining the ambiance and being able to share it with all the viewers on and giving the ability for viewers to learn and look forward for the new trends of the designers. Therefore, I don't find any part of my job cumbersome or even irksome; I just do what I am supposed to and enjoy it to its fullest!

9. What advice can you offer Fellow Fashionistas who are interested in emulating your incredible site or entering a career in fashion?
My message to our Fellow Fashionistas: I started so I can give back to the Fashion Industry and help others learn. If you have a dream, just get out there and do it; shoot for the stars and do what you love to do. Don't let anyone tell you can’t because if you push hard enough you will and can succeed. Do what you love and enjoy life to its fullest.

10. Which shows are you going to be seeing at Fashion Week? Of the lot, which are you most excited about?
I will only be attending like 4 fashion shows. Miss Sixty, Oscar De la Renta, Rodarte, and Abaete. I am most excited to see Rodarte because The Mulleavy sisters are extremely talented and create wonderful clothes and Oscar De la Renta… Well, it's Oscar De la Renta! He knows how to dress a woman and make her look gorgeous and polished.

Thanks, Nathan!
CC looks forward to interviewing Mr. Stobezki again after Fashion Week to pick his brain on the hottest looks for Fall 2009, so stay tuned! And don’t forget to visit!
II. From traditional shapes and colors to transparent, patterned and abbreviated versions, the trench is omnipresent, and terrifically sexy!
High shine at Vivienne Westwood Red Label, via Other runway photos courtesy except where noted.
Louis Vuitton’s multiply belted, tipped patent coat is inventive and fun!
Salvatore Ferragamo’s deconstructed, cropped look; this and next via
Blumarine’s lavender half-sleeve confection – CC is enamored!
Isaac Mizrahi goes green
Paul Costelloe prefers transparency; this photo via
MaxAzria’s sheer patterned trench doubles as a dress!
Sonia Rykiel goes to great lengths
Charles Nolan does a drop-waist with a nontraditional belt
Halston is sweet as can be, offering a bow-belted nude
Nicole Farhi’s patterned trench calls “Spring”; courtesy
Tracy Reese’s ornately landscaped coat is a work of art!
Derercuny’s monochrome floral smells nice!
Blumarine lives up to its name with a short-sleeved printed version
Moschino’s short ruffled sleeves give the trench a chic makeover
At Cher Michel Klein, the trench is even more abbreviated – CC is captivated by this sleeveless floral trench; photo via

What to buy, you ask?
Certainly, a traditional take is a wardrobe staple: Gap classic trench with removable wool lining; visit
A cropped or colorful version is a welcome addition for Spring 2009:
Marc Jacobs short green trench coat, at
Brian Reyes magenta moiré trench, at Saks Fifth Avenue
Dolce & Gabbana’s yellow silk organza trench is sure to brighten the dreariest of days! At Neiman Marcus.
Try a new shape, a pattern or an embellishment!
Diane von Furstenberg lab coat, at
Soia & Kyo Lotta funnel collar trench
ASOS dip side full-skirted Mac
Last look: 3.1 Phillip Lim silk trench coat, at
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend, darlings!

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Hi CC,

I am glad about your success very much. You deserve it, 100%. I adore your blog and I wait for the fashion show reports very much. :)

Those trenches are amazing!

xoxo: Janet

hollyshambles.x said...

such an interesting interview, and i'm SO excited for your fashion show reports! :D

totally inspiring pictures :) xxx

Baybay Mama said...

It's so true what she says, you have to do what you love. I truly think that is true. It's great reading interviews with people who are doing just this. I think that is why I read so many autobiographies.

Thanks CC!

Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

what a great interview & site! the trenchs are all so gorgeous, can you believe i have no trench? i've found it hard to find one that'll fit my short frame! more luck this spring hopefully,oh and i adore that Moschino trench, it so pretty!

Camille said...

What an interview! You really went for informative questions here. Great job.
And with Paul Costelloe for a see through look, and Nicole Farhi for ladylike perfection, I'm in love.

Myriam said...

I need a nice trench badlyy!

Frankie said...

That is a great interview! Good work, CC. Also, you can't beat a good trench. They remind me of a murderess from an Agatha book! I'm so in love with Poirot, it's crazy. You are just awesome, CC x

Daniela Valdez said...

Wooow, great interview!!! I'm happy for you :)

Terence Sambo said...

love the moshino ruffled sleeved and marc jacobs cropped trench :o)

Interesting interview btw..

Marian said...

Darling this was a TERRIFIC post! adored the interview with Nathan. what great questions and he really shows that he loves what he does.their site is great! loved his advice on picking what you love and just going for it.
I adore the maxi length Sonia R trench,also the Michel Klein is gorge!It is so Carrie Bradshaw.
hope you had a lovely vals day dear.
Muah x

Míriam Juan-Torres said...

This morning I was thinking, I need a trench. And now I see these.
Great post, as always!


Thanks for the interview. I know Nathan from Facebook but we just exchanged briefly so I'm glad to know a little bit about him thanks to you. As for the trenches, I'm looking forward to wear mine, love trenches, xoxo, MG.

Angela said...

Trenches are such classic. I will pay more for classic trench because they will last years and less for fun trenches. I saw the Moschino short sleeve ruffle trench too, it's adorable.

Lauren said...

i believe trench coats will always be on the runway - every season, every year!

Gabbi said...

Great interview and lovely trenches dear CC...

I love Oscar de la Renta gowns. What a dream it must be to see his show. I look forward to reading about it. Also adore the Tracey Reese flowery trench.

So interesting. Thank you.xoxo

Fashion Moment said...

F A N T A S T I C post!!!
So many fantastic coats!


Anonymous said...

I can't survive without my trench. Actually my trenches, I just recieved another one. But the casablanca-esque one is just my love, my passe-partout, with ten under zero or 15 grades, it's always perfect, perfect, PERFECT !

And I love the itw and well... everything. As usual. I'm boring, I know ! XD

I also adore the Miu Miu ( though my favorite ever is a Viktor&Rolf 2oo6 I think ) and a mustard Burberry that you can (could?) find on net-a-porter.

Trench in love !

Theresa said...

wow! I adore the first dress and the Salvatore Ferragamo trench!!

Eri said...

Dear CC,
Today I have given you an award and tagged you my blog.
You deserve, your blog is fabulous!!!!

erika sorocco said...

I want a trench with every fiber of my being. In fact, I think I'm especially loving the Soia & Kyo Lotta funnel collar trench - and my passion for it certainly has nothing to do with the fact that the model wearing it reminds me of my favorite sixties fashion icon Twiggy. :)


The yellow jaquet :P

oniomania said...

interesting post./ love the interview

Allison said...

Great interview, CC! You asked awesome questions :)
I'm excited for your fashion show reports - especially since I won't be able to make it there myself this year!

Seeker said...

What a great interview my dear.
I didn't know the site and I must check it.

Oh trenches.... I love them!!!!


SparkleQueen said...

Congrats! :)

I love trenches, they are so classic and very feminine. I love the whole belted waist look.


Fifi Flowers said...

LOVE the pink gown/second photo... to die for!

preppy little dress AKA "PLD" said...

Awesome blog! This was my 1st visit!

Graça Ventura Medeiros said...

This year i got one in purple! love it. kiss

Elena said...

Wow! You did a great job! Amazing post!

Anonymous said...

Lovely interview! I love trench coats. I got my first trench coat when I went to New York for the first time back in 2008.

Anonymous said...

Lovely interview! I love trench coats. I got my first trench coat when I went to New York for the first time back in 2008.

Anonymous said...

what a great interview! Thanks for posting that, I'll def check out the website. Love the trenches, of course...such a necessary staple!

Lisa said...

Great interview! And I love that you featured Montreal Label Soia & Kyo in your round-up of trenches.

Cammila said...

It's so nice to hear about people who find success by doing what they love! You're a talented interviewer.:)

shopinchic said...

I enjoyed the interview. And I loved the trenchcoats too!

Tiffany said...

fantastic interview! thank you for introducing me to this site!

and as always fantastic selection of pictures. I'm such a trench coat girl, I love them!

Sienna said...

I LOVE trenches. I just got a Burberry trench for Christmas and am completely in love with it. Great survey too:)

Little Bow Prep said...

Intersting interview!

The Blumarine’s lavender one and the green Isaac Mizrahi one are terrific!

Oh, and I am absolutely swooning over the Tracy Reese and Moschino ones!

Anonymous said...

A trend that never seems to go out of style! I love the blumarine and halston versions best xx

T said...

Questions 8 and 9 are my favorite! They're so inspiring (:

AND I LOVE THIS POST ABOUT TRENCH COATS. I think the Blumarine lavender coat is really cute!

maggie said...

that was a great interview! and good lord i love that sonia rykiel trench D:

Laura in Paris said...

Oh, my, when I see the pictures of our post and read you, my Burberry seems so sol fashioned!

Pratishtha Durga said...

Wow. Insightful interview. Will definitely wait for the next one. Lovely trenches, too. I regert the fact that Mumbai fashion has no place for them.

Unknown said...

These coats are perfect for the coming winter here!

Kati said...

Great interview and nice trenches! I like the asos one the most!

Sharon S said...

Hi there-fabulous interview my dear!! I adore the trench picks, my faves are the Sonia Rykiel and Halston, I'd love these!

Narumi said...

Great post and nice interview ! I love the green trench..

Songy said...

that's what I need - really long trench!

Anika said...

Love the interview, CC :)

And one more thing....Sonia Rykiel, let me tell you that I love you. That trench is divine. Forget the rest, I want yours (nuff sucking up? ;)

I die.

Haha, have a lovely week gorgeous!

leeselooks said...

crazzzy awesome interview cc!

love this.

ooo and i just bought a new trench in nyc.

love your picks


Molly said...

thanks so much for this you lucky girl :)

ivoreece said...

Very interesting interview!

And one of the last oufits (picture with a blue coat on it) is amazing...

Anonymous said...

great interview :> I have 0 trench coat :<< how shameful :/ maybe I should get one...

Hemaly said...

I love the interview, It's nice to read about people in the industry.
The trenches are so cute!

Anonymous said...

Great interview & those trenches rock :)

Anonymous said...

I have 2 of that!:D