Monday, November 17, 2008

HAIR to the Throne

From glorious updos to sexy waves to spirals, trends in hair run the regal gamut! Today CC presents looks from the runways, celebs, and your fave fashion periodicals. Enjoy, darlings! Alexander McQueen’s royally perfect spiky bun and headpiece for Fall 2008 (right, via and a New York Times fashion spread featuring pin-straight locks in a clever counterpoint to an elegantly swirling white tulle McQueen dress.
Backstage at the Spring 2009 shows – the artists at work, and the models pre-catwalk. Photos courtesy
Carolina Herrera
Oscar de la Renta, right
Ohne Titel
Tim Hamilton
Patrik Ervel, right
Diane von Furstenberg
Anna Sui, right
The Straightaway
This photo courtesy Fellow Fashionista Miss Urbanita
Designer locks at Okiko Ogawa. Runway pictures via except where otherwise noted.
Donna Karan

At Maison Martin Margiela, scary beautiful? Photo via
Full & Voluptuous at Gucci, right
Celeb hair flashback: Gwyneth Paltrow as a brunette, 1999, via
Carolina Herrera does the twist
At Zac Posen, the half-up bouffant defies gravity
Louis Vuitton's low pony pouf
Malandrino, via
Fendi . . . Anyone seen my Aqua-Net??
Ashley Olsen, via
James Galanos dresses from the 1960s and some major red beehives, via U.S. Vogue
A gorgeous photograph taken at a recent shoot by Fellow Fashionista Carla
At Dior (2)
... and Lacroix
Heidi Klum wears the krimped look to glorious effect. Photo courtesy Fellow Fashionista Hunter’s Glory.
Plaits, Please
Tush Magazine displays a lovely Greek goddess look on a recent cover. Braidacious!
Left: Backstage at Lacoste.

At right: Anne Hathaway photographed by Mario Sorrenti for W.
In recent advertisements, curly (TIGI, right) is as chic as straight (left). Doesn’t the Tony & Guy list pic remind you of a certain Gossip Girl?
This last look (via is dedicated to Fellow Fashionista and curly-haired chanteuse Clara of Come What Mai, who just got engaged – congrats, darling!
In your comments today, feel free to espouse your thoughts on the best WEDDING hair!



♥ Cara Mia ♥ said...

wow i love this post cc! those james galanos dresses are amazing and gwyeneth paltrow looks awesome with dark hair.

Angela said...

CC your post is making me miss my long locks.

WendyB said...

It's about time crimping came back, dammit.

agnes said...

inspiring post! I really like Anne's hair there, it's just soo classy. I am in love with making my hair into a french twist at this moment xx

Cupcakes and Cashmere said...

this post gave me so many ideas! i've always been a fan of pin-straight hair, mainly since mine is so wavy.

Clara Sheller said...

ITS NOT ME WHOS GETTING MARRIED!!!!! But a very good friend of mine!!
Thnk u anyway!

Ive got the best hairstyles anyway, may I still vote???

The Frida Kahlo-like plaits are original and fresh. Love them.

And I find the C.Herrera twist so stylish and feminine!!!!!

Tricia said...

i'm really feeling those up-do's, love the volume up front! and the men's hair is hot.

♥ Cara Mia ♥ said... are so right! thanks for finding that for me :)


I've always loved what ws can do with long hair but short haircut suits me better.


OOooo great post, I'm inspired. Thanks for the comment deary;)

your twin,

La Belette Rouge said...

With all the hair raising options it is amazing how infrequent anything but the tamest of hairdos are ever seen in ordinary life.

Anonymous said...

Hair is one of the best seduction 'weapons' women can take advantage on :)
But I'm sure you know that, you have fantastic hair!
Gorgeous pics, btw.
Hope evrything's alright!

Lisa said...

Oh interesting question! I have a personal preference for updos but loose waves look gorgeous as well. Regardless of the hairstyle, I think it should hold up to a full day of events and look good from every angle (the photos people!).

Dana (MODAna) said...

I gotta learn how to do "full and voluptuous" pronto

Jess said...

My hair doesn't do anything. :(
Even when I backcomb or use mousse or curl it falls out in about 30 minutes.
I am so jealous off these epople - i think jodie Kidds hair is lovely.

Anonymous said...

What a really incredible and nice looks!!!! Kisses

Penny said...

ohh i love this post. i really should try out more things with my hair!

Siljesfashion said...

Love glamorous curls, like seen on the models on Gucci fall collection. I wanted my wedding hair to be wavy, soft lovely curls. Natural, but glamorous. I have never regretted that decision as I felt that I was at my most beautiful that day.

Unknown said...

ooooh love these photos.. i wish my hair wasn't so flat!

Unknown said...

oooh, that DK blonde is great ...thinking I should go back to that light. love it.

Seeker said...

Hmmm... gorgeous heads :)

Well... I'm a short hair woman...
and that's all, not many things can be done.


Pau(Rox) said...

Cómo lo haces, qué maravilla de fotos !!!
Soy fiel a mi plancha d pelo de GHD.

Anonymous said...

I love all these hairstyle. It's so hard for guys to have style or shape to their hair without having their sexuality attacked. I need to become a model or something.

Anonymous said...

Gosh I love all these hair styles! It's a pity my hair isn't as versatile :(

Elizabeth said...

Personally, I'm thrilled. It looks no matter how I style my hair, I'll be current!

please sir said...

Ohh love all the hair...the long sexy curls are HOT!

kokostiletto said...

ooooh i love the full and voluptuous!

Myriam said...

The hair at Dior! You can use it as a bag..Haha. Love it though!

Fifi Flowers said...

That was a hair raising post!

Carla said...

Carrie, you have outdone yourself. I am heading to the hairdressers as we speak... Great pics. Carla x

Sara Morante said...

Oh, sugar. I just got my hair cut so short.... so 20's... and now, watching those beautiful "melenazaaaaas" miss mine!!! :)

Marian said...

this is a stunning post darling Carrie!isnt the hair absolutely dreamy? its amazing what can be done hair wise on the catwalk.truely love the McQueen spiky bun so much! its all like art to me.the best wedding hair must suit the brides personal style and aura if not it looks contrived and for eg If shes a bohemian/hippie,hair would be gorge loose & long but in luxe way as opposed to just everyday messy.the hair must work with the lines of her gown too. this is a beautiful post sweetie.

Miss Urbanita said...

A good hairdo = successful look

Tânia N. said...

What a beautiful pictures, WOW!
We loved that!

MakeupByRenRen said...

wow some of these are truly works of art...for wedding hair i personally love something flowy and romantic

{Tara} said...

I love this post!! I am obsessed with hair...just wish I had the time and energy to do fabulous things with mine!

Sarah Edwina Rose said...

beautiful photos!

I have being thinking recently that I should do more with my hair, its very long and even day hangs about my head in a disheveled way.

I think I need an up-do, or perhaps a brush would be a start...


Fashion Moment said...

Oscar de la Renta and Gucci, of course. They are absolutely great hairstyle!


Songy said...

all very delicious.
I always get tempted to cut my hair short to have boyish look but after this I'm set. No cutting for me!

Hunters Glory said...

Sorry for the withdrawal episodes you have encountered.

When I see you use anything off my inactive blog e.g. pics/ideas/etc, I get my blog fix, truly love it as you are the standard setter...

Such a great array of following fellow bloggers you posses; quite impressive.


Angel Lust PR said...

your world is sweet brilliant and full of creativity and glamour glitz!!!