Thursday, May 22, 2008


The fashion-fabulous fifties are alive and well, 50 years hence! In today's post, Couture Carrie references both classic and modern takes on the pin-up theme.
First, recall one of the “originals”: Brigitte Bardot! Go to
Hollywood’s interpretation, in a recent issue of Vanity Fair? This playful soft-serve ice cream dream, the lovely Transformers star Rachael Taylor. Visit:
Of course, the way to channel this eternally sexy look is with a suitably vamped-up bikini, like this Victoria's Secret retro bandeau top and ultra high waist bottom (at left), complete with adorable front patch pockets. This and many other gorgeous suits are on sale right now at! If you prefer a maillot, try the Chio Roma yellow halter suit pictured above, available at Gorgeous gams deserve to be showcased this summer, in retrolicious style!

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Vintage rocks! :D