Thursday, May 29, 2008


Accessories for fall, which are reviewed and photographed extensively at, are gleaming the CUBE!

Christian Louboutin's purple suede bracelet-strap handbag (upper left) channels Rubik, as does Pierre Hardy's moiré velvet sandal with cube details.

And Hardy's leather clutch (lower right) evokes another 80s fave: the Atari classic, Q-bert!

It's hip to be cube!
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Pamcasso said...

another great post! I also have looked through a lot of your old posts and enjoyed myself immensely. You do a really great job with colors and shapes- you clearly have a really strong eye for graphics!

rohit said...

nice to read
keep it up
nice all picture

nv said...

I love the shoes and I Lol'd when you said hip to be cube...HAHA I'm still laughing *blush