Thursday, January 1, 2009

Totally Transparent

Happy New Year, Darlings! In honor of our clear intentions to elucidate our plans for 2009, CC devotes this fresh first day of a brand new year to those totally transparent items for the wardrobe and home... Hope they help you think lucidly!
At left: D&G; Runway images courtesy except where noted.
Francesco Scognamiglio
Jean-Charles de Castelbajac; this and next via
Agnes B.
Proenza Schouler
Calvin Klein
Christian Siriano; this and next via
Stella McCartney lucite collar
Lucite at Lanvin
Lucite heels…not just for strippers anymore!
Chanel (right)
John Galliano (left)
Jimmy Choo yellow PVC Ramona tote at
Juicy Couture Beach Surfrider tote, at
Jimmy Choo transparent fuchsia Dylan beach bag, at
Kate Spade Nagshead Kei clear PVC tote with jellyfish motif, at
Tinted Lucite bangle, at
Hayden Harnett iPod case. Visit
Homes in Costa Rica and La Jolla, CA, via
Acrylic napkin holder at – so cute for holding mail, etc.!
Victoria Beckham in U.S. Bazaar with translucent chairs
Philippe Starck Louis Ghost Armchair, $410 at
Clearly, 2009 is going to be our best year yet, darlings!


Syed said...

Happy New Years dear :) I love the idea of transparent clothing, that concept of a garment being there physically but not being fully there visually is so wonderful. Plus it gives a whole new spin to the idea of layering.

Hek said...

Hotness all over the place! :))

Happy new year Couture Carrie!

Fashion_Girl22 said...

Hope you had a splendid New Year's Eve!

Transparency is my all time favorite trend. Complete transparency is a so daring that it's great. I think I'll leave the transparent pants on the runway, but a coat seems reasonable.
The Chanel and Galliano shoes make my heart flutter.

Amazing Post, as always. <3


Happy new year!! Thanks for your warm comment. My favorite: Calvin Klein altough transparent clothing is not one of my favorites trends

Nemerae said...

Thank you :)
Have a great 2009 you too!
Wow, those houses are amazing *.* I want one like those haha
And I love that Christian Siriano outfit!!(L)

Frieda l'écuyère said...

Happy new year, couture Carrie ! With light, colors, tranparence and fashion, fashion, fashion !

Shini said...

ohh wow, nude shoes, you have such astute eyes :D Happy happy New year, hope we can see some of you this year, you have great taste! :D

Allison said...

Happy New Year, dearest C.C.
What fantastic designs...I'm a big fan of the transparent look, and just hope I'll be able to pull it off :)

Love, love Proenza Schouler - always so fantastic and classy, while still keeping up with the styles!

And I absolutely adore Victoria Beckham - what a gorgeous picture of her :)

And those houses are tres beautiful - I love windows!

All the best for you in the new year, love. Keep blogging - I look forward to your amazing fashion sense daily ♥

thenebulosegirl said...

cuanta transparencia jajaj demasiado arriesgado
FELIZ 2009!

Seeker said...

Oh beauty CC you're always a great blogger.This post is great and unexpected.

Have a Happy 2009, my darling


Anonymous said...

ooo i love it. happy new years!

Fashion Addict said...

Happy New Year! These are all such beautiful garments and looks! Love everything you posted here!

T said...

I'm not a huge fan of transparent clothing, but I did love some the transparent-ish dresses in a Dior collection a while ago.

But awesome connection to the New Year!
Happy New Year's - I hope your year is filled with joy and tons of great fashion!


Happy New Year, Couture Carrie!!

This post totally made me miss my transparent jelly sandals. :D I'm talking about the ones I wore as a little girl -the ones that were all the rage- silently missing them now.

I love your posts. Always an inspiring read, my dear. Keep it up. :)


Anonymous said...

happy new year babes!!

Shes Dressing Up said...

Amazing images! I especially love the trousers

Ondo Lady said...

Happy New Year to you. The clear trends look interesting but I am not sure if it is for me. The shoes are cute though.

LiPs said...

Happy New Years to You!!!

Question is, will you be going t=ransparent this speing summer. I tell you something about this post makes me want to invest in a stripper heel you know - all see through and trashy *sigh*

Love the blog, and thanks for checking us out!

MM x

Baybay Mama said...

Happy New Years! I am in the middle about transparent. It looks so fabulous on the runaway but if I wore it on the street, I would fear I would look like a homeless woman:) I wouldn't mind those grandois windows!
Happy New Year Darling!
xo ,

Lucky Strike Louboutin said...

Happy New year my lovely!! FAB blog!! I'm loving it!! The pics of the shoes are too die for....I sooo can't wait for AW09 fashion week in Feb/Mar xx

Anonymous said...

Hey There Carrie.. did the holiday treat you well!!!?

I scrolled down and had to take a screeching halt at the pink Transparent.. And The GHOST chair... I really wanted this.... but went with Panton = ) I love your picks..

WendyB said...

"Your slip is showing!" said...

Great post, CC!

Thanks, dear!

Happy New Year!

_+*Ælitis*+_ said...

Thanks for your visit! do you understand Portuguese ?

A Elite

Marian said...

darling your first post of the year rocks! love the transparent trend for accessories as I think it makes for very interesting accessories.

JW said...

WOW! Love Francesco's design. Sexy!!

Thu said...

sheer pieces are nice. plastic? not so much. and i liked your puns! haha. hope you had a lovely new year, too!

Nicole Linette said...

Happy New Year, CC! Best wishes and good luck :)


chauss said...

happy new year cc! the best of 2009 to you. thanks for great blog reading in 2008.
xx chauss

Amanda said...

Lovelove your blog! I can't wait to see transparent bags again!

Lisa said...

The Chanel shoe just boggles my mind.

Happy 2009! I hope you had a great time last night, CC.

MizzJ said...

Ooh I like the architecture shots, it's so clean and sparse. I wouldn't do those transparent handbags though, no need for everyone to know what junk I carry around on a daily basis!

Fifi Flowers said...

If I am to wear transparent clothing... ooh la la... I will have to add weight loss to new year resolution... sigh!
Happy New Year! ENJOY!

Annabel Wendt (LoveMore) said...

ha, well i got a little sleep thanks, ended up being 630am and rising at not enough, have already done so much today, and let me tell you my face is paying for it. beauty sleep is def in order...but will be disregarded us usual..

great post! love the Stella McCartney number! that is HOTTTTT!!!

Thanks CC! xxxx LM

Danz said...

Hey darlin CC! Happy New Years to you! I know I've been MIA for quite a while but I've had a lot to deal with these past weeks. I hope everything is great with you!

When it comes to sheer clothing, I tend to lean more towards the softer, more flowy fabrics rather than the see-through plastic type. I'm totally loving those transparent heels though!

Have a great day tomorrow and I hope you enjoy your weekend as well. All the best sweetie :)

Songy said...

Happy New Year, CC. I hope you had a blast. I was thinking that I should get those chairs.. P. Stark probably? Maybe...

Bombchell said...

wow the clothes are so lovely!!!!!!

Meg said...

I love the gorgeous views. So pretty!

Amelia said...

Nice connection to the new year! I'm not sure I'm ready for this trend, though.

LenoreNeverM♡re said...

The raincoats remind me of Bladerunner...

Aliena said...

Happy New Year!! I'll have to think about this transparency thing...not sure about it as yet, but who knows?

Pratishtha Durga said...

Hey, happy new year. And I see that you started it with yet another awesome post. Great going!

Frankie said...

That collar is insanely beautiful! Another inspiring post, lovely lady! x

giggleness said...

happy new years :)

im not to big on the transparent thing, but i do love some of the looks. nothing i would wear but it surely is fantastic to look at. :)

Shay said...

I just did a sheer post too, there are some lovely examples in collections for the upcoming season

Anonymous said...

I loved these pictures. Thanks a lot - they remind me of Registry cleaner reviews