Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Three Types of Swimsuits and Why You Should Wear Them

Darlings, with summer here, there has never been a greater need for swimsuits! Chances are high that you spent much of spring preparing for your “summer” or “bikini-ready” body by hitting up the gym every morning (or night) and vigorously engaging in your challenging workout routines. Or maybe you cut back on calories in order to lose a pound or two. It’s even possible you didn’t even try this year to cut back—you’re just sexy and you know it.
Regardless, wearing a swimsuit is a big part of the summer. Think about it: there are countless pool parties to attend. There is that public pool by your community where all of your neighbors reside. There is the pool party that your hot guy crush is going to invite you to. There is the Fourth of July summer bash, complete with a—you guessed it—pool party. And, inevitably, there are countless chances of going to the beach, which involves wearing a swimsuit. Unless you live in one of the coldest places on earth, you are going to need a swimsuit of some kind this summer in order to fully enjoy the season.
So, which bathing suit should you go with? Here are three types of swimsuits and why you should wear them.

1. The Monokini
The monokini is a revolutionary fashion statement in the world of swimsuits. Have you ever seen anything like it? Let’s not forget how incredibly sexy they are as well. It’s funny: a monokini almost seems like a contradiction. How can a one-piece swimsuit be so sexy? Well, the monokini changed that perception of the one-piece. Sexy monokinis are truly perfect for the beach-y fashionista who is ready to show off her style and figure. When it comes to uniqueness and sex appeal, the monokini is a spot-on choice.

2. The Retro-Style Bikini
If you haven’t considered this style yet, then you absolutely must. The retro-style bikini is one of the most flattering swimsuits available. In case you are feeling a little self-conscious, the retro-style bikini can help cover up your stomach and sides thanks to its high-waist bottom and flattering bikini top. Plus, the retro look is here to stay, and many people will appreciate your sense of style and knowledge of vintage fashion.

3. The Cut-Out Bikini
Just when you thought that every type of swimsuit, bathing suit, and bikini could possibly be created, something new comes along: the cut-out. This cut-out bikini can really provide you with an awesome and fashionable statement which will truly impress your friends. As the title suggests, there are cut-outs in certain areas of the bikini—mainly at the upper edge of the bikini bottom. It looks outstanding and is a perfect summer choice.
These are only three out of many different swimsuit options you have for the summer. If you don’t know what to wear to the beach this year, then definitely reread this list and consider at least one of the three options. You will be happy that you did!


Midnight Cowgirl said...

The polka dots are cute!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Carrie,

Too cold and rainy for a bikini over here - love all that you have shared and will have to wait until summer here.

happy week

Sabrina said...

Cutouts look so chic, but I'm too afraid of VERY uneven tanlines!


Gracey Williams said...

The cut out bikini is interesting! I do love monokinis though, I'm going to get one at the end of the summer when swimsuits are on sale!