Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Spectacular Swimwear

Aloha, darlings!  CC is so excited to introduce you to Kate Swim, a unique and fabulous line of swimwear designed in fabulous Las Vegas!  CC is completely smitten with Kate Swim's new Kapa Kala Collection, a number of pieces from which are pictured below.  Kapa Kala means "a forbidden or sacred color", and this collection is bold, beautiful and bright, with feature colors such a teal, magenta, lime and orange.  Each of the bikinis in this collection has its own personality, and each one is designed to make the woman wearing it feel individualistic and empowered.  Enjoy, darlings!  
All items at kateswim.com.
Chic and sleek, with just a hint of sexy!

Fabulous fringe!

Fun and feminine!

Playful and unique!

How luxe are these jewel embellishments?

A statement-maker for sure!

CC has this bikini in lime green and absolutely adores it!
The adjustable double string ties make for the perfect fit!
What is more, the package arrived quickly, and the suit was beautifully wrapped and adorned with a rhinestone-embellished KateSwim keychain - such a nice touch!

So fierce, and beautifully crafted!

Fierce, due to the crossover neckline and chic cutouts!

Which of these spectacular suits is your favorite?
CC is super smitten with the bandage effects on the Tasha bikini... so sultry and alluring!
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xoxox and Mahalo,


Unknown said...

I love the Jennifer!

Unknown said...

reminds me of a lot of other designers / Vix, Vitamin A, etc ..

md said...

Totalmente espectaculares. Me quedo con el primero que es bastante sencillo.


Rachella - flourishingfit.com said...

Wow they are so unique! I really like strapless bikinis but the last one captured my attention as well! X

Seeking Style said...

The last one is amazing!

xo Jennifer


Panty Buns said...

Wow! I LOVE the colours of the suits from Kate Swim's new Kapa Kala Collection in these photos! All of the comments you made under the photos are right on the mark! I love the colour of the Melika the Jennifer and the Tasha, the "Fabulous fringe" of the Angela, the flowers on the Holly, the ruffles, tie sides and fringe on the Jessica. I think I like the Tasha best for the shade, But haven't decided which tan-lines I'd prefer amongst the others yet. The colours are fabulous!


Cammila said...

Take this in the spirit it's intended: I love how bangin' and crazy these are! Tons of color and texture and cutouts and wild crisscrossed straps. Super perfect for Vegas too. Or uh, at least the Vegas that I picture in my mind, based on The Hangover and movies about gangsters. Gangsters with hot, rich women lounging by the pool.

Chicago Chic said...

LOVE the hot pink suits!

Sara said...

All these looks are so amazing! LOVE this post!


Blair said...

qué originales!!!

Kashaya said...

Love the first one!

Unknown said...

awesome : i love the purple one !!!

Anonymous said...

Loe these swimsuits, amazing colours! :)

nice blog btw. :)

hugs from Denmark

poetsie said...

wow I love the designs

Bionica said...

I love the Jessica & Tasha swimsuits best!!!
they are so fab =)


HiFashion said...

I love how unique some of these look.

Unknown said...

I could not wait to enjoy the sun and the sun! Summer, where art thou?

The Boyfriend Project

Alexandra Danielle said...

I'm very honored to be the model of Kate Swims Kapa Kala Collection and be on your Blog!! Mahalo!! <3
-Alexandra Danielle