Saturday, July 25, 2009

Tag Times Two & Contest Winner!

I. First things first, darlings! The winner of the Alex Keller Pearls and Roses necklace is the lovely Maria of Lulu Letty... Congrats, darling!
II. 10 Things You May Not Know About CC
Tagged by lovely Fellow Fashionista Le Journal de Mode to list 10 Things You May Not Know about CC:
1) I worship Vogue. I take a full day off of work when my September issue arrives. Can’t wait to see that movie, btw!
2) I have huge feet, which does not stop me from wearing fierce heels like these Balmain boots from
3) I am a rabid overdresser. Vogue, May 2004.
4) I hardly ever wear makeup. Photo courtesy Fellow Fashionista Fashion Pulse.
5) I am the eldest of five children. (No, not all girls; I just like this image from Vogue.)
6) I loves me a dirty martini with lots of olives! That’s CC on the left and gorgeous NYC pal Jamie on the right.
7) I have been engaged twice but never married. French Vogue, April 2006.
8) I love to swim. I even played water polo in college! W, July 2008.
9) I was an Art History and Spanish major as an undergraduate at Emory University. Vogue, February 2009.
10) I adore both classical architecture and bathing suits! Italian Vogue, June 2004.

III. CC is happiest when...
Tagged by the fabulous Miss Chelle to state that CC is happiest whenever...
1) the postman delivers a lovely package, like the one I just received from containing this fantastic Single abstract-print dress!
2) I get to wear a fabulous new frock!
3) my family gets together for brunch. These are my niece and nephews, Benjamin, Myles, and Teagan!
4) I have time to paint! Russian Vogue editorial courtesy Fellow Fashionista Fashion Pulse.
5) I have a steamy first kiss. Italian Vogue, September 2007.
6) I’ve just finished a strenuous Yogilates session, run, or Spinning class.
7) a new magazine arrives. CC subscribes to Vogue, W, Elle, Bazaar, Vanity Fair, Nylon, Marie Claire, Glamour and Lucky! Italian Vogue supplement, March 2008.
8) I get to enjoy ripe avocados in my salad!
9) I’ve just had a refreshing swim in the ocean or in my favorite local swimming pool. Taryn Davidson, 2007 test shot via
10) I receive fantastic comments from my fantastic Fellow Fashionistas and Followers! Vogue, July 2000.
CC is tagging all of you, darlings! Hope these two tags make you smile!


erika sorocco said...

Congratulations Maria!

I look forward to these posts each week; they're so much fun. You look like a model yourself in every photograph you take - gorgeous! :)

TheBeautyFile said...

Wow...gorgeous post! That salad looks GREAT!

Stephanie Clayton said...

excellent post and fantastic photos as usual!
i also love dirty martinis and swimming in the ocean...and ripe avocados! etc, etc!

Hunters Glory said...

love the zipped black boots


Swetha said...

hey you look great in the picture! Cool post dear! said...

Congrats to Maria!

OMG! What a lovely photos from children and U look so fab! :-)


Nemerae said...

Such interesting tags!! :)
I love salads and that one looks sooo yummy! =P

Dana (MODAna) said...

I am over zippers, even if it's balmain

Ela said...

I love learning more about you, CC! Big feet really? I never would've guessed :) And you don't need makeup you're a natural beauty!
Your nieces and nephews are sooo cute! xx

stilettolover91 said...

Congrats to the winner & those Balmain boots are HOT HOT HOT!!!

Unknown said...

You are a girl full of surprises! I think it is beyond wonderful! I admire your passion for life and fashion!Great post as usual!!!:-)))

Monica said...

Great facts. I'm minoring in Art History, and I love when packages arrive in the mail for myself as well.

Bahrain Fashion said...

All of the editorials are soooo amazing. I love the one with Kate moss in the sea. She's gorgeous!

Fab post!


Angela said...

I love yoga, avocado and my niece and nephew too. : )

Allison said...

What wonderful facts about yourself! I love little posts like this (I actually just did the one you posted a while ago about things that make me happy!).
We have so much in common - which of course, I already knew - from loving Vogue (especially the September issue!), to swimming, architecture, and yogilates...also, you look gorgeous in that picture (and your friend is lovely too), and your nephews and niece are just too precious for words!
Enjoy your weekend, darling!

C.Elizabeth and Natalia said...

I always enjoy reading more about you. There's always something I didn't expect! ;)

I worship "Vogue" as well. I really miss the American one!

You look very beautiful as always!



Congrats to Maria!

Do enter my Current/Elliott jeans giveaway here ( Simply write your own "petite novella" (or short fashion fiction) about the outfit you/a character would wear incorporating those jeans & leave it in the comments! Have fun, be creative - you have a week! It can be a sentence long, or a few paragraphs!

La C.

K.Line said...

Gorgeous family! Love that name Teagan.

Nicole Linette said...

I loved all your answers to this tag! You and your friend are beautiful! I horde magazines, and having a new issue arrive always makes me happy :)

Have a marvelous weekend, CC!

Terence Sambo said...

God Bless Balmain for those boots, i'd knock off d heels and rock em :o]

Love ur new blog header :o] have a pleasant weekend CC

Elizabeth Marie said...

I love when we learn more about you! You are SO gorgeous you don't even need makeup, and dirty martinis, avocados, steamy first kisses, THE SEPTEMBER love love!

Congratulations to Maria as well! XO

Natalia | Look-A-Porter said...

It's always so interesting to learn more about you, CC. Great answers and beautiful images (Love that Italian Vogue with Nata V editorial). The little ones are sooooooooo cute, especially your niece, she is simply adorable.
Have a lovely weekend, darling! xxx

Maria Confer said...

I'm so excited that I won!! Thanks so much for doing the giveaway!

So many gorgeous photos!! And you are equally gorgeous!!

. said...

Great list and pictures!

T said...

You are so pretty! And I love that you take a full day off of work when September Vogue arrives -- that is TRUE fashionista dedication!

Dana Yartin said...

The kids are adorable!
And you are soo cute CC. :)

Gabbi said...

Wonderful tag and photographs dear CC!♥ I love the photographs of our nieces and nephews. It must be awesome to have such a big family. I also love the photograph of you with a dirty martini (yum!) and that gorgeous gown you just got, très elegant!

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend.♥♥xo

(Ps. More awards have been passed on to you today, though I'm certain you already have them!)

CallMeDorothy said...

you take a full day off for the sept issue..that is great!

Fashion Cappuccino said...

Such a beautiful and fun post! You subscribe to so many magazines! That's so cool! Those zipper boots are amazing! xxoxoxoxo

Unknown said...

Love the boots!

vicki archer said...

CC, I love your lists..I could do with those Balmain boots and a martini...Enjoy the rest of your weekend, xv.

Verdigris Vie said...

you're so lovely! Thanks for sharing all these wonderful things about you - i love a dirty martini too..


Iva Messy said...

Congratulations to Maria!

you are so so beautiful. seriously.

Such cute little ones!! Your niece and nephews are lucky to have such a stylish auntie!!

Love the new header!

that salad looks delish! Hope you are having a great weekend!

lp said...

how fabulous!

Anonymous said...

I loved all of your answers and need to make up my own lists! The photos all went so well with your answers! Hope you're having a fabulous weekend!

Heather said...

OMG I love those Balmain boots too! To die for...

Midtown Girl said...

Fashion as works of art - love the pics CC!

Sending you a virtual extra dirty & extra dry martini - XOXO MG

Gєммα;∂ιℓєммα. said...

All of these pictures are great! x

Sharon S said...

Fabulous post my dear, love your new dress and that photo of your nephews and niece is adorable!!

Arushi Khosla said...

Hey, congrats M, you totally deserve it.
CC,you are my soul sister. I barely found anything that I could disagree with on that list.
Mail packages containing fab surprises and Vogue FTW.
Gorg post..can't wait to do my own!

Imogen said...

Beautiful post and interesting tags:)

Anonymous said...

I always love coming to your blog because the fashionable and trendy pictures are like a beautiful collage of style! Lovely post!

Katarina Kühl ~ PencilFashion said...

thanks for having me on your site, very exciting :)
this is a great post, again!

alexkeller said...

thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway! the prize goes out tomorrow!
(and now i'm craving avocados)

kadler said...

One of five children? Holy moley! Did they all get your fashion sense? :)

Lady Thirty said...

nice reading!
great post as always!

lady thirty

Aline said...

I love a good dirty martini, along with so many of the other things you do too!

always love learning more about you!

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

I love learning about you Carrie! Yesssssssss to avocados and the fun in receiving a new fashion mag!