Saturday, June 6, 2009

Sunnies & Six Things!

Everything is new under the sun, darlings! Experiment with a new frame or sunglass shape this season, as nothing is off limits. Just check out the runways! Photos via except where noted.
Alberta Ferretti
Carolina Herrera
Christian Dior
Dolce & Gabbana
Dries van Noten
Louis Vuitton
Marc by Marc Jacobs
Marc Jacobs
Michael Kors, via
Oscar de la Renta
Vera Wang
Yohji Yamamoto
DvB tortoiseshell moulded frame sunglasses, at
Marc by Marc Jacobs Slim Line sunglasses; this and next at
Oliver Peoples Vianca sunglasses.
Karen Walker Eyewear Derby sunglasses, at
Deal of the the Day: Jeepers Peepers tiger print sunglasses, $24 at
Emilio Pucci printed oval sunglasses; this and next at
Carrera jet aviator sunglasses.
Which is your fave, darling?
Tagged by the lovely Ocean Dreams with 6 (Un)Important Things That Make CC Happy:
1) Rooftop bars
2) Perfect pedicures
3) Books
4) Green tea ice cream
5) Pretty pools
6) The photography of Sofia Sanchez and Mauro Mongiello for Numero.
What are your six things, darlings?


Jennifer Fabulous said...

Yay! I love green tea ice cream and sunglasses and fabness. Thanks for having all those things. Hehe. ;)

yusufyusuf said...

Nice blog...
Have a nice day...

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Anonymous said...

Love rooftop bars too! Your post came at the perfect time bc I'm on the hunt for some new shades. Great inspiration pics! Hope you are enjoying your weekend!!

xo, Becs

Anonymous said...

those shots of the models in water are fabulous and OH THE SHADES. love love love them. my personal favourites are the alberta ferrettis.

Hemaly said...

I really love this post! I'm going to search some turtleshell ones. Especially with the brown coloring.

Fashion Moment said...

Wonderful answers, darling! I love Gucci and Topshop hear sunglasses!


raspberry said...

I can't get enough of my red Wayfarers :D
You gotta face those sunny days in style, right?

Oh, I believe rooftop bars and pretty pools aren't considered "unimportant" ^^

Lovely photographs too!
Have a fantastic weekend, CC.

Ash Fox said...

that bathtub pic is stunning!

Anonymous said...

man i have such a fetish for sunglasses...and i rarely wear them, i just buy lots of them! i want every single pair in this post! however I'm not loaded with money so doubt that will ever happen!

Rebirth said...

wow, they do come in different shapes and sizes..... i like the Marc Jacobs one....

6 things that make me happy:

1. shoe sales
2. Books
3. John Legend Songs
4. A gorgeous dress
5. Chocolate cake
6. Shopping with someone else's money...LOL

Peter Breese said...

The Carolina Herrera sunglasses and the boat image are magnificent. I'll have to get those glasses into an illustration ASAP!

leeselooks said...

i need those karen walkers!!!


you are going to have such a glorious summer with all your favs.


Angela said...

CC we do have a brain connection. I was just going to post about my new sunglasses. and i adore green tea ice cream. yum!

WendyB said...

I have a hankering for square sunglasses.

Ashleigh said...

first row to the left...lOVE THAT <3

Seeker said...

So cool sunglasses!!!!
And gret pictures.

Have a fabulous weekend CC


Kelly said...

good luck with the giveaway my dear!

NutriGirl said...

Judging by your favourite things, you are a fabulous little chic darling.

Have a lovely weekend!


P.S. DVF sunglasses are beautiful... Timeless, too.

Pau(Rox) said...

Love Green tea Ice Cream too ;)
And all sunny glasses

Elizabeth Marie said...

Hi CC! I love the Pucci ones, might have to investigate! And the heart shaped are adorable.

Rooftop bars are my favorite!!

Thank you for the compliment on my bangs! :)
xoxo said...

Amazing sunglasses!

Have a great weekend, Honey!


Unknown said...

You have wonderful taste! I've never tried green tea ice cream, just can't imagine what it'd be like! xoxo

Deine kleine Schwester said...

A woman could never have enough sunglasses.... So do I.... I'm addicted to sunglasses ;) Just found VEEEEEEERY cool Valentino sunglasses from 2001 with rhinestones - they're fricking fabulous!
Hm, seems I'm more on the vintage sunglasses side right now :-D
Wow, the picture of model-mom and model-daughter with those stunning wigs/helmets is so funny!
I'm wishing you a relaxed and wonderful weekend!
Much love, Sofie


Lovely selection and like you I love rooftop bars, perfect place to have drinks or green tea... Have a wonderful week-end!!!

MizzJ said...

The Oscar de la Rentas are so chic!

Allison said...

I do wish my face wasn't so tiny so I could wear some of these fabulous sunglasses without looking like a bug! I guess I'll have to stick with wayfarers and be jealous of everyone else :)

Yummm, I love green tea ice cream! And those photographs are just stunning.
Enjoy your weekend, my dear!

dee said...

I love these photos...especially the ones at the bottom. So neat and so 1950s! Your six things are definitely on my list, except I'd pick mint chocolate chip and coffee for my ice creams;) I also would pick my dogs, traveling, massages, good music, and naps with Paul on a weekend afternoon.

Make Do Style said...

Fab sunnies post so love sunglasses - must post on some too.
Love roof top gardens/bars too and green tea ice cream looks delish!

Unknown said...

Nice selection of sunnies! I currently have my eyes on a pair of vintage cutler and gross. I need to stop buying shoes so that i can stock up on other things!

Lily Clark said...

ooh I just love the more square glasses you featured.

The boat/floating photos reminds me of the painting Ophilia by Millais.

Absolutely stunning..

Gabbi said...

Awesome sunglasses and list of (un)important happy things dear CC... very much with you on the green tea ice cream and the photography of Sofia Sanchez and Mauro Mongiello. I love the photo of mother and daughter with matching hair! Such a fan of big hair... :)

Amelia said...

I adore the Lanvin ones. This is such a cool post!

OmnisLucis said...

oooh i love rooftop anything-check out kensington roof gardens in london for one of the best of this kind. the gucci glasses are glam and perfectly groomed feet are the no 1 mood lifter!

Anonymous said...

gorgeous! I definitely could always use another pair of sunnies :-)

Hunters Glory said...

...a passion for eye wear fashion...

great array of styles and the 'tude they exude!

Flashin' Fashion!
link me CC ;)

K.Line said...

Love the heart frames! And, for a minute, I thought the tea ice cream was pistachio, my absolute fave. Green tea is just as pretty, but I just can't get into it!

Mademoiselle ♥♥ said...

Stunning photos!
Yumm The green tea ice cream!! (Must get that today!)
I love the Oscar de la Renta sunglasses. I should wear sunglasses more often!


Human Racing said...

Nice post! I really like the Michael Kors and Carolina Herrera sunglasses.

erika sorocco said...

If I had limitless cash, I believe I would buy sunnies constantly - they're an addiction of mine. Those Topshop ones may be my favorites - so whimsical and fun! :)

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

Rooftop bars...Yesssssssss. We have one on the beach that we love!! Beer and grouper sandwiches and sunset. Heaven!

Anonymous said...

LOVEEE the Gucci sunnies - the look is so futuristic chic, but not overly so.

ChikitaRosemarie said...

you 6 fave things are great great great!! i love books, rooftop bars, pool, and greentea ice cream!! and summer will never be complete without some perfect sunglasses.. i have my fave one, a leopard printed jackie-o sunglasses..


Secretista said...

Love your 6 things that make you happy.

Unknown said...

green tea is my fave - ice cream specially. I love your list and love all the round frame sunnies! I hope your having a great weekend CC!

Fashion Personality said...

wow! gorgeous sunglasses, tasty greentea ice cream and mani/pedi... all i love... :)

Susan said...

oh what a sweet selection of beautiful things! love the photos :)

Vorega Badalamenti Hartoto Hardikusumo said...

i love those sunglasses
esp. agyness's glasses!


The Sydney Girl said...

ohhhh look at all these gorgeous photos!!!!

thanks for ur lovely wishes. mwa


T said...

I want a new pair for the summer!

justbecausefashion said...

wow! the pool is not too bad ;)
i love tom ford sunglasses of this season...
thanks fr ur sweet comment,
xxx G&L

Amazing Style said...

sunglasses are my weakness. i especially love those that look like a little fly.
i will try a new style i hope. something like these

Unknown said...

tnx for posting this, I "need" new sunglasses and this is very inspiring!!

Ilse said...

beautiful collection! and the lanvin jewelry is so inspiring <3

The Frenemy says ... said...

thanks for you comment, i love the photos from lanvin and michael kors!


micol zanzuri said...

wow... i guess i have to buy new glasses this jear!

caroline said...

i gotta get some new sunnies!

3 Bay B Chicks said...

How utterly fabulous are those Christian Dior sunglasses. I want them.

Strike that. I need them.

Perhaps those could be the prize for your next giveaway? :)


Anonymous said...

-your blog is verycool:)
proper interesting.

Christiana said...

The Marni hairstyle and sunnies are soooo great!!! very couture-ish blog!

Aline said...

I love sunnies!

those first Alberta Ferrettis are perfection!

Swetha said...

wow!!.. the goggles look hot and sexy!!..

and the ice cream looks yummy!

Little Bow Prep said...

Carolina Herrera and Marni sunglasses are so pretty!

That pool looks so awesome!

Anonymous said...

Never new sunnies could be so darn sexy!!!!!!! The bigger the better if you ask me.