Monday, November 20, 2023

Black Friday Beauty Bonanza!

Darlings, CC is super psyched to introduce you to Veriphy Skincarea beacon of innovation in the beauty landscape! Spearheaded by women, Veriphy takes pride in its unique synergy of scientific rigor and an unwavering commitment to clean, ethical beauty. Their mission is multi-fold: offering products that radiate potency without sidelining sustainability.

Black Friday Beauty Bonanza: from today, November 20 thru November 27, 2023, save up to 75% off Veriphy Skincare’s revolutionary routine! 

All items at

Veriphy Skincare Power Trip Facial Serum

Veriphy Skincare Hit or Mist Facial Toner

Veriphy Skincare Core Trio Gift Set, at

Treat yourself and those you love to Veriphy Skincare, a testament to beauty that doesn't compromise on principles or quality. Every elixir is an ode to clean, vegan, award-winning, honest and effective skincare.

Happy shopping, darlings!



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LoveT. said...

Interesting Serum. Thank you for sharing