Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Spectacular Swimwear by Sauvage!

Darlings, CC is so excited to (re)introduce you to Sauvage, a spectacular range of swimwear for both men and women! CC has been partnering with Sauvage for several years, and is extremely pleased with the quality, workmanship and design of their pieces! CC hopes you enjoy these beautiful beach-y items, all available at sauvagewear.com.
Luxe 30s Mosaic Bikini

Napoli Chain Crystal Bikini.

Aurora Bikini

Gingko Crossover Bikini.

Blue Hibiscus Surf Short.

Cream Vintage Retro Swimmer.

Hunter Surf Short.

Promenade Surf Short.
Darlings, treat yourself to a bodacious bikini from Sauvage for your next resort getaway (and while you're at it, snap up some sweet swim trunks for your guy)! 


Draffin Bears said...

Hi Carrie,

Fabulous swimwear and almost the weather here to start swimming.
Hope you are enjoying the week

Cloudia said...

Modern directions, CC

Idealist said...

Hi there if possible do you know the name of t his male model because he deserves recognition guaranteed!✈